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  1. randonee gear

    do you still have bindings for sale...how much mula
  2. Ice Fest

    c-man you don't work...howw many post have you done?? wheres your little seceret...it seems all the ice at mt baker is buried...and from recent lillooet photos that I saw the ice up there is finally forming up from all the early season sends Perhaps you know of a place out east..hmmmmm
  3. Bham Ice?

    brodyo check out the North Twin Sister...climbed some ice between the north and west ridges--approx. 1.5 pitches up...potential for more lines though as the ice covered a large rock band low on the mountain visible from the road that leads to the olivine(?)mine described in Beckey's book...use approach (also described in book) for the west ridge, which also make a great mixed climb.
  4. Ice Fest

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: and what about the Rockies, man, Grotto Falls is Grade 2 not 3, same with This House of Sky. [ 01-29-2002: Message edited by: Dru ] Did you make it to the very end of this house of sky??? A few years back, climbed a pitch (60' or so) that had huge mushrooms at the top that overhung way beyond any WI 2 or 3 rating for that matter...also started outa cave...the pitch was what seemed like miles above all the rambling soloable 2-3 ice...unfortunatley the daylight prevented us from ever making it to the end of that damn climb...IS there an end??
  5. yo rat

    Remember cappellini mommy says no goofing off thurs