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  1. 7 finger, maude, fernow beta

    there is a thead titled "Fernow -> 7FJ -> Maude" just below your post in the north cascades route reports section. it's exactly what you are looking for!
  2. Two Tool or Not???

    are tools necessary to get over the 'scrund on liberty ridge? any opinions would be appreciated.
  3. Recent N Face Dragontail Photo

    josh, that's a bummer you guys got rained out on stuart...as if dragontail and colchuck weren't enough for one weekend.
  4. what ya'll doing over spring break?

    the same options i'm debating!
  5. BCA Tracker Avy Beacon for sale!!

    the beacon has been sold!
  6. I have a BCA Tracker avalanche beacon for sale. It's brand new, still in the box, and it's never been used. I'd like $225 for it. The retail price is 299.95 + tax. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  7. Recent Conditions

    anyone know how long the gate at longmire is open on saturdays?
  8. Hyalite Conditions

    lambone, where did ya stay?
  9. N. Ridge of Baker

    i'm interested in current conditions on the route as well. the rangers had a report from the 22nd of july, but it didn't give any details on the glacier. all the report said was that the ice was good.
  10. Scarpa Alpha Ice Boots for Sale

    Boots have been sold!
  11. I am selling a brand new pair of Alpha Ice boots for $240. They are 9.5 U.K. 10-10.5 U.S. If you are intersted let me know.