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  1. Where oh where did all my sprayers go?

    Longing for the good old days.
  2. Winter is on the way! $500 Very good condition Black Diamond Justice Skis with Diamir Fritschi Freeride Plus touring bindings--175 cm. Skis and binding show very little wear. I only used these skis once. I believe skis and bindings are the 2009 models. These skis show normal wear in the form of some superficial scratching (see photos). Ski bases are in particularly good condition; binding are in excellent condition. Text (425-312-1784) or PM me. Thanks!
  3. New, in the box; never used. 2013/14 model. Retails for $599; asking $400.
  4. Trip: North Early Winters Spire - West Face Date: 7/17/2010 Trip Report: Good route. The 5.11 section (soft) is short with good rests; actually felt the 5.10 pitch above it was a bit more strenuous. Near the top of the 5.11 crack, you are forced to traverse left past a bolt into a different crack system--although some guides suggest setting a belay higher in this crack system, the pro and position are better for belaying (IMHO) from the point at which the system is entered, as opposed to higher up--just a thought. FYI, right now, if descending via single raps, you'll need a 70 meter rope to avoid having to down-climb snow gullies. I believe I lost my driver's license (due to a faulty pocket, and, perhaps, inadequately caffeinated brain) somewhere between the TH and the second pitch of the climb--if you happen to find it I'd be grateful for its return. Gear Notes: Medium rack to 3 inches; I found RPs and C3s to work well for protecting the crux pitch. Approach Notes: Snow free.
  5. I'd be surprised if you got any pictures of James where he wasn't either flipping off or mooning someone.
  6. I climbed Squamish Buttress for the first time the same day as you (although I ran up a very wet Diedre instead of Calculus). I was actually quite surprised by the crux pitch—I expected it to be of the character of the pitches below it; i.e., soft; however, it was anything but—a solid .10c. Arrived at that pitch around 11:45 AM I think—it was still in the shade and substantially wet. I onsighted the pitch, but it definitely had me worried; while the crack does have a couple of good finger-locks, between those locks I felt rather insecure. Overall, I didn’t think that pitch was as special as I’d heard folks claim it to be—it’s okay (and is probably the best pitch on the climb), but not “classic” as I define the term. What’s your take?
  7. Name our server

  8. shrinking ball disease

    I've lead SBD a few times--I think it protects fine up to the bolt. One of my favorite Vantage routes. The bolt that remains isn't really necessary (but is nice, I always clip it). The route certainly doesn't need another bolt--completely adequate natural protection exists.
  9. Ice tools for sale

    Two Axar ice tools with Black Diamond Android leashes for sale--one hammer, one adze; very good condition. Comes with an extra (unused) pick. $250 obo (shipping not included). Cheers!
  10. Attorneys On This Site

    Yes. Feel free to PM me; happy to point you in the right direction.
  11. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    Climbed Skookum yesterday--done in 2 rope stretching pitches. Good times. Ice slightly funky, but decent pro is achievable. No wading required (this year); river easily cross-able via a few rocks and a butt-scoot across a log. Climb won't last long--go get it. First pitch:
  12. 10 TCU = $275

    x2- 00 (gray) x2- 0 (purple) x2- 1 (blue) x2- 2 (yellow) x1- 3 (orange) x1- 4 (red) $275
  13. North Cascades Climbing Accident

    From the PI: The Skagit Valley Herald identified two of the dead as Mark Harrison of Bellevue and Jo Backus of Tacoma. The Herald also identified the uninjured climbers as Michael Hannam of Olympia and Janel Fox of Seattle. Their ages were not available.
  14. Partner unable to clean it from the third pitch crux traverse on Outer Space. Please return if you are able to remove; will buy you beer. Thanks.
  15. A First Banning

    Ok, here are your answers: >And the million dollar question: is [AlpineK] banned ? He is not banned; nor was he ever banned. For one reason or another, I blocked a series of IP addresses with wildcards (i.e., an IP blocking method that blocks IP addresses that begin with a certain sequence of numbers); AlpineK could not post due to the fact that the IP address he posts from was included in the sequence of numbers I blocked. He thinks I’m full of shit—maybe you could enlighten him NOLSe; at one time you PMed me on a.com asking why you were banned; if you remember, I told you that you should not be banned, and quickly fixed the problem (the problem being exactly the same IP blocking problem I’ve described above). >It costs some money and even more time to start a BBS site. If you have either one of those wouldn’t you, as a mod (someone who feels so strongly about cc that they donate time to keep things running) on cc.com, want to donate one or both to cc.com? If that is not the case why are you still a mod? There has been discussion of giving a mod admin rights so that he/she could contribute his/her programming skills to the board. I have volunteered a couple of times to help out with programming, but nothing has come of it. >People don’t understand why you chose to start this site especially when you are already a mod on this site. To date I haven’t seen any type of purpose statement for a.com… what to you hope to accomplish with a.com? what is your vision for a.com? what will a.com offer that cc.com can’t? My motivation for beginning the site has changed several times. Originally, I kind of just wanted a place where the banned could post because several of them are my friends; missed their commentary whether or not cc.com acceptable. After dumping a bunch of money in the site, decided I to really work to make the site something worthwhile; my ultimate goal was/is to appeal to a wider audience than cc.com (i.e., bring to the site more than just a (predominately) NW perspective). > [W]hy can’t you merge these ideas with cc.com? Because I’d like to try to accomplish these goals w/out banning and w/out any, or at least very little, moderation. I like the idea of giving people a forum where they are free to speak as they please. It’s inherently hard for one to moderate w/out their personal opinions getting in the way of their moderating decisions; not impossible, just difficult, and some are better at it than others. When at cc.com, I play by cc.com’s rules--at a.com the rules and board goals are different; because of these differences cc.com and a.com cannot merge.
  16. A First Banning

    I'm not “undercover”. I’ve never been anything but forthcoming with any who’ve asked about who I am. There’s at least one post at Ascensionist.com where straight-out I admit to moderating both boards--it has never been a secret and so I’m sorry to disappoint, but, as far as “blowing my cover” you have succeeded in absolutely nothing. If you have not been trying to be a prick, then perhaps I’ve misinterpreted some of your responses—I’ve just taken some of your posts/PMs as a bit hostile. Perhaps this is my misunderstanding.
  17. A First Banning

    Nope, you are wrong Kurt--never did I ban your username. Know you'd like this to be a big and exciting event; i.e., that you were "banned!", but it simply isn't.
  18. A First Banning

    Perhaps Iceguy can shed some light into the matter... Iceguy: any comments? Sure, I have some comments: (1) I did not ban anyone; no one is banned. (2) You're a very odd guy Nolse--no matter how nice I am to you, you still act like a prick; strange. You act no better than those you eschew at Ascensionist.com. Odd your disdain for me; the only thing I’ve ever done to you was to invite you to my site and been complely nice to you. (3) Here’s an interesting comment from Chirp (no offense Chirp): In sentence #1 he states with regard to “profanity”: “Pretty lame site actually, basically a bunch of children getting their chance to use profanity and crudeness without parents around.” In sentence #2, he, who apparently is appalled by those using profanity, choses some very interesting adjectives: “I have no use for that kind of fucking bullshit.” Interesting….
  19. Static Point - Online

    Looking for someone from the party of three (the group with the guy how broke his finger) who, on October 2, 2004, was climbing Online at Static Point. If you’re out there, I retrieved your gear and would be happy to return it to you. Send me a private message and we’ll set something up. iceguy
  20. Merv and Lambone booted?

    In Gotter's defense, my experience with him off this board is opposite of the impression you’ve expressed. Not trying to take sides, but since he isn’t here to defend himself, wanted to give a different perspective.
  21. Bulk citric acid source?

    Most brew shops I've visited here in Seattle sell it in bulk.
  22. Light boots on Rainier

    I've used the Trango Ice on Rainier (and a bunch of other mountains)--love them. I find the boots quite comfortable, and the weight just can’t be beat. Also, the boots are superb for alpine routes (and of course are a great ice climbing boot). The Trango Ice are not quite as warm as I’d like (my feet get cold in them at around 15 to 20 degrees), and they’re not very waterproof (although, after applying some seem sealant, and silicon based water repellant, the boots were completely dry for me on my last trip (which involved 3 days of glacier travel)). Overall I give them two thumbs up.
  23. lazy idiots

  24. lazy idiots

    Yeah, I !
  25. lazy idiots

    No shit! Whatever happened to biking? Running? Walking?!! Am always abhorred by peoples’ laziness. Two things that drive me absolutely nuts are (1) people who just leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot; how lazy can you be?!! Stores supply multiple areas throughout the lot for you to place your cart in, but people persist, nevertheless, in just leaving their carts strewn throughout the lot! Lazy bastards; (2) I can’t believe that people will wait 5 minutes for a parking space near a store’s entrance, rather than parking a short distance away? What’s wrong with these people? Never fails, each time I go to the supermarket, there’s some lazy person just sitting in their running car, waiting for a space to open up near the store’s entrance. Unless they’re handicapped, do they think walking an extra 10 feet’s going to kill them? Also, wtf is the deal with people coming to the gym to walk on the treadmill??! I workout every night, and every night I observe the same thing—people walking reeeealllly slowly on the mill reading a book. These people have not a bead of sweat on their bodies. I just don’t get it!!