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  1. Climbing Lanyard

    I don't climb professionally any longer and not doing huge trees. Selling 18' steel cable core lanyard by Yale. It's 5/8" Very good shape. Didn't get a lot of use, no saw nicks. $40 call or text Rich 253 670 7940 I'm in Des Moines
  2. Crampons

    14 pt stepins by Black Diamond. I can email pics. In good shape with carry bag. Call or text Rich 253 670 7940 $40 Im in Des Moines
  3. FS: OR Pro Alti Gloves $50

  4. FS: OR Pro Alti Gloves $50

    I really need gas money. will sell for $20 today or tomorrow, (March 13th or 14th)
  5. FS: OR Pro Alti Gloves $50

    Men's Large, in good shape. Call or text Rich 253 320 4506 I'm in Des Moines. Prefer FTF.
  6. Koflach verticals, plenty of tread left. Size 12. I'm located in Des Moines and will only do FTF. I can email a pic, too lazy to figure out how to post. Call or text Rich 253 320 4506
  7. FS: Plastic Boots

    Need money, make me an offer.
  8. FS: Sleeping bag

  9. FS: Plastic Boots

    Sold the liners, make offer on boots. Rich
  10. FS: Sleeping bag

    REI hooded sleeping bag. Excellent condition. Don't remember what model but I think it is 800 down fill Have stuff sack for it. Rich 253 320 4506 Have pics turley.rich@gmail.com
  11. FS; Ice Axe

  12. FS; Ice Axe

    Black Diamond, Raven Pro. $40 I'm in Des Moines Excelent condition Call or text Rich 253 320 4506
  13. FS: Bibler Eldorado tent

  14. FS: Two harnesses

    Black Diamond Alpine Bod xlg $15 REI Onsight large $10 Both in great shape Call or text Rich 253 320 4506
  15. FS: Gregory Denali Pro

    Pack is in good shape, all straps and buckles are original and nothing is missing or torn. It's a large. $225 I'm in Des Moines. email for pic turley.rich@gmail.com Call or text 253 320 4506