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  1. Overheard on the way to Certain Doom

    we were up ta the Tooth last summer and we just got donw from the raps and were eating and luonging and this guy with just sneakers comes up and says hi and starts climbing right up the South Face route. He didnt have anyone belaying him or not even any buddies there to help if he got hurt! The guy started skething before the first crux a little and we just finished our food real quick and got out of there. We couldn't see where he was when we left. I doubt he fell off bvecause we never heard about anything later.
  2. cc.com Duel

    beating up kids sexw ith dogs what a cool dude! tell us some more stories
  3. Let's Avoid Certain Garbage

    poeple who dont like threats get driven away and Muffy necro and Trask I'm sure you guys drive away people too in your own way. And why would someone go to the Pub to meet a bunch of peopel they dont know if they thought they might end up getting spit on? yea I know whiner tool whatever. I'll bet allison was realy happy to see Caveman at the pub last night huh?
  4. Let's Avoid Certain Garbage

    caveman is a bully pure and simple. He drives people away form this board and now hes keeping people away from pubclub by threatening to spit on them. No one does anything about it because their scared. now maybe some of you know a little of what its like to be iraqi.

  6. No follow-thru by Police

    no follow thru kind of like the anthrax thing
  7. give him a cuple more days catbirdseat whats youre hurry?
  8. State of the Nation Address

    so whats the deal with this hydrogen car thing. Sounds like a good idea if its not just a fairy tale like star wars i liked how bush said he was going to get everybody emplyed. thats a good thing dont you think.
  9. to all of the anti axis of evil sooth sayers

    i am having a hard time figuring out what problem a total letch like you would have with sluts in the white house or anywhere
  10. aarrggg

    the minute mommy and daddy cut you off youd be spponging off the state like all the other scared hungry folks with no security net.
  11. Chossiest High Peaks in Washington?

    all you choss toguhguys should climb the true summit of the middle chief up by chinmey rock
  12. TR: Lundin Peak 10.15.02

    went up and climbed Lundin Peak yesterday. we went up over Cave ridge from Alpental parkin glot and dropped down into the basin south of Lundin. Everything was coverd with snow (just an inch or two) and in the fog down by Alpental but once we got over Cave ridge it was sunny and there was very little snow. The west ridge was a blast. Actually warm sunny rock up there. the traverses on the north side are not too iced up. We went down the death slabs (E ridge) and over the little bumps to commonwealth basin trail, then out that way. Walking back up the Aplental road sucked everything down low is snowcoverd, while up high there is very little snow. All the trails we walked on were groomed. That is lots of people have packed them in.
  13. Grammar and Spelling Advisory

  14. Alpine buddy of the week

    quote: Originally posted by icegirl: unconditional love for a belly scratch... can't beat that.... you sound lonely [ 11-08-2002, 12:22 AM: Message edited by: DLunkman ]
  15. Orizaba Trip

    quote: Originally posted by pindude: To bring your body down if you die, gringo!