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  1. Used a few times but in great shape. I bought a slightly larger pack and never use this one anymore. $120obo. PACK IS SOLD [ 03-13-2002: Message edited by: kweb ]
  2. Mt. Daniel in winter

    They never plow all the way to the trail head. They stop about 1/2mi short of the turn off to the dirt road. Once on the dirt road, the trail head is another 8-10 miles in. If you want to do a winter climb you better have a snowmobile to get you there.
  3. Im selling my used Jansport Nisqually. Its a frameless top loader. 3,000ci, beaver tail,hydration pocket, wand/h2o bottle pockets, 2 ice axe loops. Made of 430 & 500 Denier Textured HexStop fabric. Black with Red trim & grey straps.Stated weight is 2lbs 15oz. Retail $109.99 selling for $50 Its designed to carry up to 35lbs. I have used it for two Rainier climbs with 45lbs.
  4. 3,000ci Lightweight Backpack

  5. TNF Nuptse Down Jacket

    Red/Black size Large. Only worn 3-4 times.......basically brand new! I have two down jackets and no longer need this one. $108obo. I will cover shipping if need be.
  6. TNF Nuptse Down Jacket

    $25 for the jacket and a $60 delivery charge to Western State Hospital.
  7. TNF Nuptse Down Jacket

    DAMN you guys are ruff.........Because of the ass kicking the price is now $85 (shipping included).
  8. 3,000ci Lightweight Backpack

    OKAY....... How about this Pack and a FREE pair of roller blades!!!!! Thats right, for $50 you can have this backpack and a pair of old but good roller blades (size 10.5). Or Blades for $20, pack for $40.
  9. WTB: Damaged Down Bag

    Im looking to convert a regular length down bag onto a half bag. If you have a bag with some minor damage or a bag you want to sell for cheap please let me know. I prefer a 0-15 bag. Down only please, nylon or dryloft. Thanks
  10. Wanted: Down Jacket

    I use a down jacket and a down bag in the cascades and have never had a problem. If you will be doing most of your climbing/camping at higher elevations (in the snow) there isen't to much to worry about. The shells are usually treated with some kind of water repellant. I have also noticed that if the water just sits on the top of the shell, it wont penetrate to the down. In other words, you would have to sit or lay in some water. I have woken up to some condinsation from my tents walls that has gotten the bag a little damp, but thats not enough to cause any harm. With proper care, down will easily outlast synthetic.

    I just received a tent that I bought on e-bay. The seller said he never used it...that I believe. What I don't believe is the smell of nasty funk when I crawled in it. I washed the stuff sack and nylon ground cloth in the washer (hung to dry), those smell April fresh. What im wondering is....would it do any harm to soak the tent in the tub with some laundry detergent then rinse it off?? Its a single wall if that makes a difference. Kinda smells like this guy-
  12. Paclite?

    I had the same conserns with my paclite jacket. After a long seaded glissade I realized I was sitting on the tail of the jacket......no problems. I don't worry about it as much now.
  13. altimeter/watches

    I have the Alta altimeter that tomdav just spoke of. Had it for two years now. I like it. Once you learn it, its very easy to use and read. you can pick them up on e-bay for about $70.
  14. TNF Nuptse Jacket

    I have a large Red/Black Nuptse down jacket I no longer need. Only wore it twice. $100
  15. TNF Nuptse Jacket

    Jacket is SOLD
  16. Check out e-bay before this afternoon if your looking for the I tent. It includes the vestible and ground cloth. Bidding is up to $460 and it closes at 12:54pm. Item number 1058529161. No, Im not selling it. Just hoping to save some fellow climbers some cash. I e-mailed the seller, he said it comes complete and is in perfect condition.
  17. Single Wall Tents??

    Im looking at getting a single wall. Since I have never used one before, thought I'd ask.....are they worth it here in the PNW? Will be using it only on snow (Hood, Rainier, Daniel etc.) How about Garuda tents??
  18. Single Wall Tents??

    OKAY!! I get the picture. Thanks to everyone for responding. I had to make a quick decision because there was a brand new Garuda tent on e-bay. I just picked it up for $250. I was looking at the I-tent but because my partner is 6'3" I quickly changed my mind. The way I read it, Bibler kicks ass but this Garuda tents carry weight is 5lbs. 11oz. and it has 31s.f. of floor space. And my behemith partner wont be touching the front and back walls.
  19. WTB: ice axe & crampons

    Looking to buy a spare 75cm ice axe and 12 point crampons. These will be used for my friends that don't have gear already therefor, don't want to pay full price. thanks
  20. WTB: ice axe & crampons

    They are pretty tall......... Ok 65-75cm
  21. I have seen a few on e-bay but those are going for $100+. Im looking for an old wooden ice axe, does not have to be in excellent condition. Its just going to hang on my wall. Please let me know if you have or know where I can get one for a far price. Thanx