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  1. Cortisone shots and low back

    From what I learned after having low back pain for 8 years, doing everything possible, then finally getting my pain taken care of with surgery.........Cortisone is basically a super strong anti inflamatory. It can provide "long term" relief but if the cause of the pain is not corrected, the pain will return. I had two cortisone injections. Neither gave me any refief. I did get some relief with acupuncture but it took appointments once or twice a week for a number of weeks. And once I got back to strenous exercise, the pain (sciatica) returned. The source of my pain was from many things combined. I had some mis shaped foramen, 3 herniated disks, and some torn ligaments. There was a ton of inflamation and scar tissue. I had a three level laminectomy with diskectomy less then a year ago. Although full recovery is likly to take 1-2 years, I have been feeling better then I have in many years. I would recommend that your friend try everything possible and give each treatment time. Because I was able to do just that, and recieved only little if any, short term relief, I have no regrets of the surgery. Thats just my opinon.....
  2. down jacket question

    Do yourself a favor and check out http://www.featheredfriends.com/Default.aspx
  3. Found GPS Procter Creek

    Are you able to turn it on? Most people I know enter their house as a way point
  4. akula half bag

    I use a Feathered Friends Vireo which is the same idea. My Vireo is 68" long (I'm 5' 10") and comes up to the top of my rib cage. This length for me is great when lying down and provides just enough coverage when sitting up. I personaly would not go any shorter myself. They tapper the down towards the top so it does not interfere with your jacket. I use the FF Volant jacket with it.This combo has been fine for me in temps just below freezing. The Akula half bag is designed to use with the heavy, full length Torre parka. I don't believe the WM Meltdown would be long enough even with the long version of the Akula. IMHO, looking at the specs, the combo of the Akula and the Meltdown (17ozs total down) would be colder then my combo (21ozs total down). If you already own the meltdown, I'd go for a longer "half bag". I do like using a half bag. Saves some weight and makes doing chores while tucked in a piece of cake. Its very versital. In warmer weather I just open up my jacket and lay it on top of me. In most cases (frezzing temps) I wear a balaclava, gloves, the jacket & hood while sleeping. I sometimes use an extra piece of clothing to cover my face. The only negative for me is just that you never get that really cozy feeling of being completly snuggled up like you do in a mummy bag. BTW, the temp rating (20F or -7C) of the Akula is when used in combination with the Torre parka. The bag alone is more like 45F.
  5. Just curious as to how others define the word attempt. I’ve had my share of times when the planned summit was not reached, but can I really say it was even attempted? If you didn’t make the summit, at what point do you say it was attempted? Please chose one.
  6. Define the word "attempt"

    I'm wondering if those that voted "An hour after leaving camp" are RMI guides or clients?
  7. training when exhausted?

    Hey Layton I think the key is to back off your training at first to let your body adjust to your workload. Just like working out, your body will slowing adapt. When I first started working 10-14 hours 5 days a week for 8 years, I scaled back my training for the first month or so and gradually increased the duration and intensity. I was able to motivate myself to work out 3 times a week after work and or on my lunch break. I would occasionaly work out before work but found I wasn't fully awake until the last few minutes of the work out (plus I always went to bed after 10:30pm). Now I only work 42hrs/week. I work out during lunch for an hour 4-5/week. BTW, thanks for answering my PM.
  8. GPS Recommendations

    There was a similar post on another board about GPS. This was the clear favorite: http://www.rei.com/product/735607
  9. Damn you Crackers!! I already have 7 packs. Thanks to this discount I will soon have 8! Kyle Webster
  10. Trango S Evo for Rainier

    Hey Ben Try posting this as a seperate question rather than highjacking this post. You should get more responces that way. I would start by finding a brand that fits you well. Then chose how much insulation you need.
  11. Trango S Evo for Rainier

    I have worn mine on Rainier and Baker. I use the Smartwool Mountaineer socks. My toes start to get cold only if I stop. Great boots
  12. Question about Bibler Big Wall tent

    Never hurts to try selling here. Pictures will help if possible.
  13. I have an unused pair of Gold Club tickets for a past game. I was told that you can trade in unused tickets for upcoming games. I have not looked into it because I probably wouldnt go anyway. Each Gold Club ticket includes beverages and snacks. Free to whomever wants them. No, I won't drive halfway to give them to you. Sec RB19 Row 2 Seats 3&4
  14. Stove Hanger & Insulator...

    I like that it can be used with most any canister stove. I have been using the crap out of my MSR hanging stove. I was dreeding the day that it finally falls apart. It looks like the Ortik system could be somewhat combersome when opening and closing frequently to remove the pot lid (like when melting snow). But, thats just from looking at it. Can't wait to read a real field report.
  15. Favorite Sunscreen

    Yep, my 1st Rainier climb. Its never happend again.

    These? http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/8448698/c/764.html
  17. Osprey Exposure 66

    I don't own the pack but it looks like (if you can't stuff it inside) the middle straps are the logical choice. Whats wrong with covering your tools?
  18. Rainier with 11 yr old?

    Hey Bug A few years back I did the SS of Hood with my buddy and his 9 year old son. He carried most his own gear and never complained. I carried a video camera and got a good portion of it on film. Every time I watch the video of my buddy hugging his son on the summit I get excited and hope one day my child will ask to do the same. His son still talks about the climb. They have switched to rock climbing since then. Last I heard, his son was climbing 5.10. Whoever tells you not to do it, obviously doesn't have a child capable of doing it.
  19. I've got two sets for sale. One set consists of Hex dumbbells with comfortable contoured handles. Weights included are 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40lbs. The set comes with the matching rack. The second set consists of pro style dumbbells also with the contoured grips. These have the standard weight plates fixed to the handles (just like what you see in the gym). Weights included are 50, 60, 70 and 80lbs. Asking price for the hex set w/ rack is $400. The pro style set is $450. Or $800 for both sets. I do have photo's if you need em. Just reply or PM with your email address.
  20. moutaineering boots/backpack

    The packs from Cilo gear are a solid choice: http://www.cilogear.com/60lws.html I like the La Sportiva Trango S Evo Gtx boots. But only for summer climbs. What type of climbing and what time of year are you planning on doing most of your climbing?
  21. Whats wrong with aspartame aka nutrasweet? http://www.aspartame.net/news/FDA_Reconfirms_Aspartame_Safety.asp And yes Layton, Desinger can be found unflavored: http://www.designerwhey.com/life-changing-products/our-products.php
  22. Lizard Brain You can find plenty at GNC or Super Suplements.