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  1. Are you kidding me? Fire department: Did your mommy and daddy tell you not to play with matches Little kid: Yes sir Fire department: Sorry kid, we're going to have to leave you in the buring house. We're not authorized to resucue you. You should have listened to your mommy and daddy. Its called search and rescue. Not locate a signal and rescue. PhilA- Thank you for providing some facts to the media.
  2. Its a "no" for me. On a side note, If you read the news reports about the hunter that just lost his life in Spokane, the comments from the public mention nothing about sending a bill to the family, or him going out "in this kind of weather", or that he did not have a locator device...... I just read a bit of the Oregon SAR annual report for 2008: http://www.oregon.gov/OMD/OEM/tech_resp/sar_docs/annual_sar_report_2008.pdf Pages 32-35 break down total hours paid (and other info) for each activity (climbing, hunting, fishing, mushroom picking, etc.). Interesting to see that hours paid in: Motor Vehicles Other Water Non Power Boat Wandering Swimming Hunting Fishing Suicide All out number hours paid in climbing. Where do we draw the line? Should every person that wanders out their front door be required to carry a locator device?
  3. memorial for the fallen cc.comers?

    I thought the other day that a memorial thread would be a great way to remember any fallen climbers (cc.comers and otherwise). I like the idea.
  4. My climbing partner and I are thinking of doing this. Thought is day 1 up to Schurman. Day 2 overnight on summit. Day three descend via DC to Paradise. I will be meeting him at White River. Thats his start/finish point for the Wonderland. So reversing the climb is not really an option. Plan is for either June, July or August. I know some here have done similar. Any tips?
  5. Up Emmons, down DC. Your thoughts?

    I have been up via both routes. I'm not to worried about finding the exit out of the crater. Our thought is to start climbing out of White River as early as possible. Take our time up to Camp Schurman or the flats. Sleep in a bit and get a "late" start up to the summit. Top out by noon. Set up camp, nap and explore. Watch the sunrise, eat breakfast, head down. What can we expect for overnight temps? I'm guessing my regular sleeping set up won't be enough.... FF Vireo / Volant combo with closed cell and short Prolight 4. Should I bring my 5degree bag instead? Where is a good place to pitch the tent? Do we have any options for transportation or should we plan on having cars at both WR and Paradise. Any special permits needed for an overnight on the summit?
  6. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/lbg/1068828899.html
  7. climbing & drugs-- your stories wanted

    I once forgot to take out the "do not eat" packet in my freeze dried dinner. Had about 3 bites left when I noticed it. I was solo on a winter St. Helen's climb. That night I had some crazy hallucinations
  8. http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/spo/886803531.html Im on vaction from 10/25 - 11/4. I can meet or ship the pack any day before the 25th.
  9. PRICE DROP.....$120 SIZE: LARGE COLOR: CRIMSON NEW WITH TAGS! http://www.golite.com/Product/proddetail.aspx?p=PA5258&s=1
  10. DC route on Rainier?

    I did the Emmons last weekend. Given the above route conditions (suncaps, 12" wide cattle path) I'd say the emmons conditions arent any better then DC. For the emmons, the 12" wide cattle path is really your only option for much of the upper route. Double bummer is that it was the only path both up and down.
  11. An Agenda to limit access on Rainier?

    What survey? I climbed last weekend. Just went through the regular permit stuff.
  12. Summer Climb

    For my summer climbs up Rainier, I wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt (Railriders Eco-Mesh), fleece jacket (Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man), soft shell jacket (Marmot DriClime Stretch). And pack a down jacket. For my legs..... mid weight tights, nylon shorts (or zip off pants) shell pants. I use LaSportiva EVO GTX boots. Have never worn plastics.
  13. Props to Cascade Designs/MSR

    I have walked into MSR Seattle on two occasions with broken gear and no receipt in hand. Both times walked out with new or repaired gear, no questions asked. MSR is AWESOME!!
  14. What are your thoughts? I need to upgrade from my old plastic one. Was going to get the voile XLM but came across the Komperdell. With a longer handle then the XLM it sure would save my back. Would be carried in avy conditions but probably only get use when digging a platform. http://www.snewsnet.com/cgi-bin/snews/04634.html?id=r4AneBUy:
  15. good 1-day summits this time of year!?

    Granite and Mailbox are good staples.
  16. Will mail to you if you can identify. Found Sunday morning, May 18th.
  17. And you all thought I was joking. Went up this moring. Down by 11:30am. Conditions were great. Everything was consolidated. Solid steps all the way up. The glissade down was better then ever.
  18. I found it for $110. Price isn't a factor for me. I took almost 2 years off from climbing so my climbing funds have just been building up.
  19. Desperate plea: Rainier 5/26-31

    Just be prepared to get an earfull from any ranger that sees you climbing up to Shurman solo.
  20. Screw it, anybody want to meet me at Granite? Must have beacon and shovel.
  21. http://www.backpacking.net/forums/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=154161&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1 I have the MK1 Lite. Awesome tent.
  22. Cilogear?

    Did any of you miss this? Give the guy a fucking break. Your pack is the last thing on his mind right now. Be happy your able to get out and enjoy the outdoors, unlike his wife. Graham has shown time and time again that he goes above and beyond what most companies will do. Have a little heart and class while he is going through these tough times.
  23. avalance schools

    http://www.mountainsavvy.com/index.html I took the above class a few years back. Glenn was full of knowledge and made it a point for everyone to learn what he was teaching. Looks like its all booked this time around though.....
  24. Fibraplex carbon fibre tent poles

    I bought a set for my BD lighthouse but have not used them yet. The weight savings are worth the price IMHO. I bought mine on ebay directly from Fibraplex. If I remember correctly, it was a few bucks cheaper that way.
  25. http://www.biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=4262%20