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  1. Yesterday I was kicking steps up the chute that drops from below the summit to the north, and what do I see? Yep, a golf ball. It was about 1/4 of the way up, where it's kinda steepish. I'm not sure if you can claim a hole-in-one, but it was balanced nicely on a little rock at the bottom of a sun cup. If you can identify the color, type and number, I'll make sure you and the magic ball are reunited. ...what I really want to know, however, is what club you used and where did you hit from. I mean, balanced on a little rock on the side of steep snow chute? Nice shot.
  2. Sounds like a great adventure, bummer about the stomach. In 91 or thereabouts, skied from Watson Lakes to Thorton Lakes TH via Mystery Ridge in 9 or 10 days. Climbed regular routes up a number of peaks along the way. Highly recommend going back in there.
  3. congrats young fellas. i see you found (and used) our pins from last year;) glad you made it up n down ok, and in great form too.
  4. [TR] Nooksack Tower - North Face 8/24/2009

    glad you fellers made it back ok. see a pin w/a white sling on it up high in the steeps? from a fellow summiter, albeit solo.
  5. rainier in winter

    Check out Kearney's new guide book.
  6. N Pickets/Crooked Thumb?

    Climbed a route on the East Face of Crooked Thumb in 94. We started at about the lowest rock on the face in the obvious chimney. Near the top of the chimney was the 5.10 crux. Generally going straight up and keeping left (South) of the overhangs, our route finished just below the summit with a short northerly traverse to the upper north ridge. The rock was generally solid with the usual (for the Pickets) slabbiness. There was loose rock, but nothing out of the ordinary for the area. Helmets recommended. Took us all day to summit (22 pitches) and we bivied just below the top. Rapping the east face took all the next day. In 10 days we climbed Whatcom, Challenger and Crooked Thumb but fell short of our goal to also climb Phantom.