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  1. Moab or SLC???

    so, heading out this week. looks like i am going to just "truck" it for a little while, then check out SLC...Layton i here you are the source for all things SLC, pm me sometime and let's chat
  2. Moab or SLC???

    Sounds Energy related nope, wilderness program
  3. Rock and Roll

    wow, k-man that sounds like a response more appropriate for cafe sensitivo. get in touch with your inner Yanni.
  4. Dirtbag resources - The List

    i understand your concern and I think this is a forum for climbers to resource. if you are a true dirtbag living on the road, poaching caves in Y, and grubbing on leftovers at the pizza deck in J-hole then you are not likely wasting you time on this site anyway..you are actually out climbing and living. i don't think any real secrets are being exposed here and I really doubt too many "regular people" even know of CC.com..they are too busy googling for the results of Amirikan Idol. let's use this forum for what i think it is designed for...a climber's resource. besides it is pathetic for sure, and it makes me smile when i think i got away with something like stealing a $2 shower, call me childish....i know and i don't care
  5. Moab or SLC???

    yeah, thanks for all the input. keep weighing in. I will be working in the Hunington area for 8 ons and 6 offs so i have lots of down time. I've lived down valley from T'ride (Mancos--yeah, and Cortez--shithole)so am fairly familiar with the Moab-Monticello-Tellride-La Sals area.I've only driven through SLC. know lots of folks that have moved there in the last couple of years and they seem to love it. it'd be nice to live in a place with choices for sure. and it would be nice to live near somewhere i can do some climbing all winter. skiing does not weigh in nearly as much as rock. my guess is the local climbing is pretty much shut out in the winter in SLC and relegates you to road trips and plastic (if one can tolerate that)...been living 30 minutes from smith for 2.5 years so not getting outside year round..hmmm again thanks for all the ops.
  6. Moab or SLC???

    i'm taking off to the bee-have state. weigh in on which is better to get a place. sell me on why you think one should be chosen, something more than the city vs small, small town criteria. I will actually be working near Hunington so any moderate Joe's recommendations are welcome too. looking forward to the sunshine and desert and getting a break from the Pac NW deary-ass winter clime. thanks ahead of time for your inputs.
  7. Smith Rock Spring Thing 08, this Sat. May 3...come out do some trail and stabilization work, climb a few hours and then come to the volunteer BBQ. give a little back, have some fun, do a little work. registration starts at 8 a.m. Gloves, tools, some snacks provided. bring your water and a friend.
  8. Smith Rock Spring Thing 08

    oops the date might be helpful...this Sat. May 3, 2008
  9. Smith Rock Spring Thing 08

    volunteer for a few hours trail work. registration at 8 a.m., tools, gloves, etc supplied---then climb for a few hours and attend the evening barbeque good work, good people
  10. Dirtbag resources - The List

    Smith-- showers at the bivy site are easily poachable; camping free a the grasslands, cheap mexican at la burrita in redmond (first gas station on north of town)..if you wish to be somewhat legit, camping at the bivouck site is $4 and that includes a day pass (normally $3, and showers) Bishop -- $2 per night at the pit; Schatt's bakery 1/2 off day old rack; thrift store near Galen Rowell's gallery..real thrift prices (.50 t-shirts, $2 hoodie) Moab -- free water (gearheads; spring on river road); lots of free breakfast for guests bars--just don't go in the off season, the tend to know you are poaching when there are only 3 guest in the entire hotel.... showers at lazy lizard $3? and you can stay there for as cheap as ~$7; free internet at library (yeah, i know at most of them...)
  11. Which is more dangerous?

    just put us out of our misery and tell us what you wanted us to say
  12. Route name at Vantage?

    sounds like criminally insane..look it up on mountainproject too. fun climb,climbed it a month ago..definitely did not think it was 10b. i think its listed as 10a and i thought it could be a 9sih. fun though so who cares.
  13. Fridays at Smith

    Steve O, i have fridays off too and often am looking for a partner. drop me a line(a pm).
  14. FS: BD betamid

    Used 3 times, excellent shape, do not have the floor,grey and gold, will sell for $65. great for spring backcountry season. link: http://www.bdel.com/gear/betamid.php
  15. weather link

    just found this link, http://www.climbingweather.com/