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  1. sling at base of GM p2

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!! you pussys stay away from index or you will get hurt. go to the rei and climb there, it is more safer.
  2. Interested In building a climbing wall under I-5?

    not nice unlesss....maybe if you got the bums drunk first so it doent hurt too bad and you wuld have alots of bums that would play. if you got me drunk, i wuld play all day.
  3. Weekend Plans

    yeah buddy!
  4. Germans prove yet again....

  5. Weekend Plans

    i'm dringin a sixpack of schmidies and see what happen next!
  6. sling at base of GM p2

    maybe someone like eric and gary had a epic and bailed from there cause it was hard climbing above that point duh!
  7. quit following me jerky