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  1. 1 hammer, 1 adze, used only once, one climb. They come equipped with stock leashes,(which have a very nice quick release setup), and dampener heads. I took the heads off for the one climb, but have read of people that swear by them. These tools worked great. I am selling them because my interests and hobbies have changed, and I need $ to support the new stuff. These sell new for $275 each. I'm letting them go for $340! (obo) reltubnairb@yahoo.com 530-581-4996
  2. Grivel/Koflac ice gear for sale

    Grivel "Machines" Ice axes. Used once! With dampeners and leashes. Sell new for $275 each.Yours for $350 for the pair(hammer and adze) Grivel Rambo crampons. Used once! Sell new for $159. Yours for $90 Koflac Degre boots(the red and silver ones) Size 9. Worn 5 times! I Really want to hold on to these, but if someone wants to pay $600 for the whole package, including these boots, I'll let them go. But only with the complete package!*Package includes a Metolius cordura bag/sack/holder thingy for the axes. All this gear worked killer(the boots fit like slippers!) but, I'm just getting in to other things, so that's why I'm selling it all.I'm going to hold out for a few weeks to see if anyone wants the whole package, then sell the axes and crampons seperately, if needed.Thanks, and climb safe.reltubnairb@yahoo.comH-530-581-4996W-530-582-7400 (west coast)