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  1. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    quote: Originally posted by climberbro16: hmmm..I wonder if anyone has read this whole post..... Since I am a completely binary entity I was able to process the entire thread contents in 0.0284 seconds of CPU time.
  2. evil cc.com

  3. Sad End Of An Era

    I've declared myself independent as an avatar! I no longer need my paltry real identity! I am free from the earthy confines of my creator! I SPRAY THEREFORE I AM!!!
  4. Gee I wonder

    but then who am i? [ 02-07-2002: Message edited by: the shadow ]
  5. The Reflex Tester

    quote: Originally posted by glacier: Damn, I'm slow. this is without a doubt the funniest thing ever posted here.
  6. 1

    what are we bucking for dumbest post award or something?
  7. Different time zones.

    this is a really really stupid thread.
  8. REPLY more: READ less

    this is a really stupid thread.
  9. Marriage and climbing

    quote: Originally posted by daisy: ...have fun sleeping with your hand! Thank you, thank you both. Thank you for bringing to cc.com the stuff that makes it worth surfing!
  10. interactive rainier climbing guide on DVD

    So now to climb the DC you bring a laptop along?
  11. Wand Length

    quote: Originally posted by Dan Larson: I am thoroughly enjoying watching the serious people on this site... Actually Dan, I think you're the only serious person on this site, although what it is you're taking seriously escapes me because, well, you basically suck.
  12. Wand Length

    I think we're getting off topic here, which is that Dan Larson sucks. If you don't want to talk about Dan Larson sucking there are other forums out there. It's important that we talk about how and why Dan Larson sucks because this is cc.com and that's what we do here.
  13. Bondage: need advice

    Thanks Beck and Dru, the rest of you guys are wankers. I might try something with prussiks, I can just pull my texas prussiks out of the box and fiddle with that. As far as velcro and wider webbing, I'm not going to be making any special trips to the store and shit.
  14. Bondage: need advice

    So my girlfriend's latest thing is having me tie her up with "climbing ropes". I've been using a couple half runners to do stuff like tie each wrist to it's same side ankle, but it's hard to tie knots while she's pretending to fight back and I'm also running out of ideas. I've thought of having a couple runners pre-tied to the head of the bed with a second runner set up to close it like a slip knot. Any other ideas? TIAShadow
  15. Holiday Spirit Yo!

    "Dear Santa, I guess what I really want for Christmas is for the other guys on CascadeClimbers to like me. I always got picked on a lot in school and now that I'm a grown-up and have climbed Mt. Rainier (the tallest mountain in Washington BTW) I wish I could have friends and be popular. Please, PleaseDan Larson---------------- Dear Dan,My guess is you deserve everything your peers are dishing you. We do people think they can change anyway? Why don't you stop asking for miracles and accept the truth. You suck.Santa