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  1. 4 [ 09-05-2002, 10:59 AM: Message edited by: Thrasher ]
  2. mr bobonmynobbin, Nobody cares about you and your friend's secret little crags. There are endless crags in WA if you just look around a little. To come on the internet and talk about bolting in such the manner you have will only bring out people spraying everywhere. You should know that by now. Happy fishing.
  3. Brass Balls is da shiznit! MR Clean is good too. Still cant do Crack of Doom.
  4. That's my snafflehound soup. It's not swimming under it's own accord.
  5. I'll trade thrasher for enourmous johnson
  6. I tell you what, I spray wherever the heck I want. So get back in your cubicle.
  7. Just a lurker lookin in from afar but the way I see it allison deserves all the spray she gets. I am with sayjay.
  8. Another thumbs down for that group. I can't belive what idiots some of those people are. They like to drag their entire packs full of garbage up climbs. No wonder they have such a hard time. Someone should tell them to leave the kitchen sink at home and to stop kicking rocks around. Or better yet maybe some of them should take up a new hobby like basketweaving.
  9. Nothing personal but I dont think making monrey off the poor REI folks for a guide to a bunch of climbs that may not form is good style.
  10. I like bolts. They are sooo cool to clip. I am putting some in soon at Rifle.
  11. Um fatboyclimber@hotmail.com
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