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  1. I am a climber.

    You have a serious problem. But only 1, so please work on it.
  2. Biggest Whipper!!!

    Quinn story helps explain the Pre-Memorial route, I guess. At 5.9 that was the hardest route I ever got my climbing mentor to accompany me on - he was old school 5.4 when he got me started in the Gunks back in '67. I'm not much of a faller, myself. The longest I recall happened just a couple years ago on Great Game at Squamish, running a long second pitch. You wouldn't expect to fall far with that much rope drag. I was just about nose level with a bolt near the belay when I popped. Usually I don't even bother to call 'falling' cause its so obvious anyway, but the belayer was out of sight so I did. Don't now how far I went but I do know I got to say 'falling' 2 and 1/2 times with increasing emphasis.
  3. Photos of unclimbed or obscure routes...

    Here's one. So far only 1 problem with only 1 ascent: Caliban V5. Story Needs re-cleaning. Caliban is now under this future grow-op: Unintended irony or realtor stoning 2 birds with 1 killing:
  4. name this climber

    Not necessarily in order of difficulty: 1. Who is the climber? 2. What is the climb? 3. Have you done the climb?
  5. name this climber

    Josh's partner light Right, Left dark
  6. ice cubes

    I seena buncha ice cubes, but none like see below. I expect you're gonna tell me, ya, those are just xxxx, same as you did with the Tree Kangaroo and the Naked Mole Rat, we seenum buncha time, nothing new. I won't believe it unless someone comes up with some really good story, and if I don't believe it the experiment is over and the reality you create for me collapses. My wife said they were convenient for getting the cubes out of the tray.
  7. ice cubes

    OMG I can't believe you fail to see the import. The continuum trembles. If I turn my head real quick NOW, yes, there is no sky up that way, just gray. I have discovered the truth and am no longer a naive subject of your studies. I would have put it in Spray but I had lost track of the whereabouts of that venerable forum.
  8. ice cubes

    "...a large return of speculation from a small investment of fact." That is not my ice cream. The dogs prefer it to ice cubes, though.
  9. ice cubes

    We have 3 identical trays. Usually the 2 on the left are stacked while #3 sits by itself on the right. The water droplets are because I am not small enough to climb inside the freezer to take the pictures so we have learned that ice melts in 25 C room temp and approx 1 atm. Water is not dripping on the tray while in the freezer. The one next to it is just a little more out of the way of the warm air introduced when I open the freezer door. I am going to install a window in the freezer so i don't have to open it every time I go by.
  10. name this climber

    the name is Jammin' Offwidth Shirtless Hardman
  11. ice cubes

    and this from cc.com's resident "expert" on physics/chem too! Hey, here is an experiment. Put some water in your ice cube tray and wait for it to partially freeze (unfrozen water trapped inside an ice shell). Then get a needle and poke a hole into the free water. Put it back in the freezer. Thank you for allow ScienceFox to post. And post pictures. Another hatch:
  12. name this climber

    You are more uncanny than the priapic ice cube.
  13. name this climber

    optical zoom, one-handed as other needed for belay (don't climb with me), climber in shadow
  14. ice cubes

    I guess the mental center of braininess of cc.com is out for the weekend. TGFG. Thank God For Google. Search for 'weird ice cubes' or 'ice spikes'. It doesn't look like these formed instantly.
  15. ice cubes

    So you are saying these would be rare in homes where the women are sexually satisfied?
  16. ice cubes

    Then why aren't ice cube projections more common?
  17. Another vote of thanks. Please post photo of Andy Durie with distinguishing marks for inclusion in the Field Guide to Andys of the PNW. We were missing an Andy D, but now we have Atraslin, Boyd, Cairns, Durie, and many more. Also, for those who don't know, Fluffy Kitten is usually too wet until August because of snow melting above it. It is a great piece of rock but has a limited window, being either too cold (personal view) or too wet most of the year.
  18. photos of davis peak n.f.

    For your purposes, the looking-across-at-it shots may work better, but here is the least foreshortened fullface view I have:
  19. Stereo photography

    Long ago in Chicago I saw slides taken with a real stereo camera. From the Bugaboos. I just wonder why a climbing magazine hasn't tried that approach. Probably for an excellent reason. My stuff looked okay when there was a subject with a hand and arm buried in a crack and a big drop underneath. You should really get a specialist camera with good lenses, though. Or find a friend with a camera like enough to yours who will let you lash them together.
  20. Chasing the moment

    Some put-downs of Evelyn Waugh, an approach to N. side of Everest, some amusing anecdotes, for example: As a university student, Greene buys a car from someone who tells him, "All the necessary tools are in the boot[trunk]." When the car has trouble, Greene goes for the tools and finds only a corkscrew and condoms.
  21. Chasing the moment

    Ha. I see people on night shift all the time who have no past and no future. A nice place to visit, but Graham Greene's brother Raymond was a climber and wrote an autobiography called Moments of Being. He claims he was asked to kill Aleister Crowley but when he found him it was a big disappointment: all the satanic one would talk about was climbing.
  22. Upper Black Dyke - Squish

    Anyone done On Tilt?
  23. Most Repeated Routes

    Can't name it 'cause it's a secret route in a secret area, but I've done it >60 times in the past two years, since I don't have any more effective med. So calming. The gulls, the waves, the breezes, the AUGGGH WHACK! rare spider. And further on the subject of repeated routes: just over a week ago Thursday evening I defied common sense and a likely curse placed on me and for the first time in 2 years got up Rock On, but only just.
  24. BOOKS

    The Thirteen Clocks is by James Thurber. It's prolly the best fairytale ever. Hark, hark, the dogs do bark, The Duke is fond of kittens, He likes to take their insides out, And use their fur for mittens.