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  1. Boealps Membership?

    You do. However, you can take part in many events and classes as a guest. If you haven't already, look over our web site www.boealps.org. Contact one of us directly for additional info.
  2. Sky Valley Rock - Index Guide and the WCC

    ajp and BootsandPants- Alex can cover you guys, if you haven't gotten a note yet. She'll try and get by EW today. How soon you forget yer T-town connection. I effed up my arm-I didn't check out.
  3. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 12/21/2011

    You youngsters will have to haul my aging carcass up there one of these days. AP-get over that cold!
  4. neoprene lacing for snowshoe repair

    I have a pair of Sherpas, same vintage, I use for loaners. Needed tail repairs, coudn't find the real stuff, either. Used strips cut from heavy duty inner tube. Also used strips cut from a length of Coverlight Neoprene from Seattle Fabric, similar to the decking-may have some left I can share-will look tomorrow. http://www.seattlefabrics.com/vinyl.html#Coverlight%20Neoprene
  5. Resoling Climbing Shoes

    Also had one week service from Ramuta this spring. Sent in Monday, back Thursday.
  6. music you are embarrassed to admit you like

    I thought I was the only geezer out here. Even named my dog Tarkus.
  7. NOVA Denali show coming up

    "Women of K2" follows on KCTS for Araceli Segarra fans