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  1. Google "Failure"

    Old news. Try "Miserable Failure" (or just "miserable"). Still works ... for the last 2 years. "Waffles" use to bring up John Kerry #1.
  2. Chevy Apprentice

    Supertruck... NOT http://www.chevyapprentice.com/view.php?country=us&uniqueid=56265dd8-1401-1029-98eb-0013724ff5a7
  3. Chevy Apprentice

    Another round, only in good humor... http://www.chevyapprentice.com/view.php?country=us&uniqueid=1450ae20-13ef-1029-98eb-0013724ff5a7
  4. Chevy Apprentice

    Another attempt. Are you cool? http://www.chevyapprentice.com/view.php?country=us&uniqueid=188d7228-13e2-1029-98eb-0013724ff5a7
  5. Chevy Apprentice

    Here's my go at it... Watch it while you still can... http://www.chevyapprentice.com/view.php?country=us&uniqueid=667bc038-13cf-1029-98eb-0013724ff5a7
  6. Don't Hate The Playa!!!

    I don't hate the beach!?! Oh here is the real Playa:
  7. here's your badass

    a million times. btw. 400 meters in 4:25 would be pretty incredible
  8. 911 Truth Movement Documentary

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2023320890224991194 Found this the other day. Not sure if its been posted here or not, but imagine not, otherwise it would probably be a big topic of discussion. Pretty interesting arguments. Its an hour long, but worth watching every minute.
  9. Parkour video

    Not to support parkour at all because I certainly don't do it, but I'd have to disagree. I think its becoming much more popular than most people think, but its largely underground - like skateboarding was long ago. A recent article in the PI and a recent feature article in Ode Magazine, would beg to differ that its not the latest pop culture phenomenon. Try putting parkour into google and seeing how many results come up...
  10. Parkour video

    I can see how you could think it was lame if you didn't know anything about the parkour culture...
  11. Parkour video

    Dru you must be a "traceur" yourself, since they are they only ones that wouldn't think making fun of "parkour" is amusing.
  12. Parkour video

    Actually you should watch this one first to put it into context... www.tinyurl.com/crzt7
  13. Parkour video

    Not sure if this has been posted here or not, but this shit is fucking hilarious. Check it out... http://media.putfile.com/parkour-world-tour
  14. Hat's off to you Mike, excellent effort, and perhaps the proudest traverse done this year. I have to agree with Alpinfox, though. Since when did linking up multiple sub-6's become a grade 6? Well I realize it’s been going on for a while, but it seems a bit ridiculous. In this case (and especially in the case of the big Pickett traverse last year - linking multiple grade 3s !?!) claiming a grade 6 is bogus. There are too many points where you could walk off the "climb". It’s also pretty ostentatious to climb existing routes, throw in a couple new pitches, and then name the entire thing like it’s a complete new route. If I go to Burgandy col and bust my ass out of there for three days in a row and climb as many grade 3s and 4s as I can, is that a grade 6? I realize you had bivy gear with you, so what if I just took all my gear with me, does that count? Where do you draw the line??? Too many people climb for the numbers, and I’m afraid you’ve fell victim. I don’t want to hijack your thread, so perhaps this discussion should be moved to another thread, so you can get the untainted golden shower here.
  15. New full color Yosemite Big Wall guidebook

    Thanks for the update. A lot of us appreciate the info. It’s often hard to follow/find the high-quality, smaller print-run guides. I assume that a small grass-roots guidebook company like Supertopo doesn’t benefit from the massively funded advertising and marketing campaigns that other publishers have – as well as being pushed hard by mega-mall style outdoor retailers. It seems like Supertopo relies a lot on word of mouth as being a top-notch guidebook producer. Btw – this website is chock full of guidebook “touting”. So I’d call it anything but spam or spray. Perhaps it should go in the Events forum, where other guidebooks are being sprayed about. Or the Rock Climbing forum since it’s not a trip report. Or even the Online/Mail-Order Gear Shops forum if you prefer. Also, I tried all the links, didn’t get a single pop-up and readily found free information.