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  1. Because sleep scorns her suitors, but woos her scorners this evening finds me listening to Wilco, skimming the screenplay for Tarkovsky's 'Solaris', drinking from an insufficient supply of warm Mexican beer...Ahh, that is right, just another wasted trip to the heart of Saturday night. But my ennui may be your gain. University Used and Rare Books is closing. They slashed prices by 70%, so go sift through what remains. There are still things to be had though, today I picked up 'eat a bowl of tea', some obscure SF, and some nonfiction by Will Kennedy. So you shrewd budget savvy literati go, go, go. And dude when was the last time you came across a book store that let's you smoke on the premises? My recomendation is take your time; start up the block and drink your way on down stopping to pick up some smokes. Unfiltered Old Gold straights are good but so are Camel Wides. The most engaging form of climbing is alpinism and the women and men who practice it should be engaging. So read a book man. below the mine shaft roads it will all unfold there's a world going on underground T Waits
  2. Rainier in the month of May

    Essential emendation: Before this thread is overwhelmed with climbing oriented replies I will add that my intended routes are: The Sunset ridge and the Liberty Ridge. So if this sounds good, please respond ASAP. Hoo wee! We're gonna climb this bad ass momma! I'm gonna get my alpine fix. -Jim Donini
  3. Rainier in the month of May

    I bet you're just like me. You wanna climb the mountain. Looking for partners to climb Rainier on the first (1st and 2nd) and third (15th and 16th) weekend of May. just drink more beer/more and more beer/there's time./and if there's not/that's all right/too. -Buk
  4. Roping soloing

    Who can give me info on rope soloing? ------------------