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  1. Smartwool?

    Bridgedale socks are the best socks to buy. They dry fast and feel great on the feet, also they do not fall apart after a moderate trip. The model that is similar to the Mountaineering is the Summit................
  2. white water boat and gear

    Is the boat and gear still available???????? I have tns of gear to trade, AT, Tele, Packs, Climbing gear. Just let me know. Thanks
  3. I'm heading to Montebelluna Italy and was wondering if anyone has any info about Via Ferrata routes in the area. I have seen about 5 books on the subject, any suggestions on books??? Looking for any info I can get. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm super excited to get out over to Italy. I have about 4 days to see as much as possible around Montebelluna, after my work requirments. I do have access to a car so I might make the drive to some better areas. Keep the info comming, if anyone else has any. Thanks again mvs and jlamo.......... Cheers I will drink a liter for the cc.com crowd..........
  5. Naxo A.T. Bindings

    I've skied two hard days on the Pure at a lift area and found them to half a good boot to binding to ski feel. I do agree that the Pure wouldn't be the best for day in day out hammering. But an excellent choice for lightweight ski mountaineering and comfortable pivot point for touring. I definatly find the Dyanfit system has the best boot to binding interface. The freerides are bomber, but heavy and the fact that when you flex the ski past a point the heel lock down releases. As I have found all of the bindings have pros and cons, you just need to decide what works for you.
  6. Naxo A.T. Bindings

    We were at Red Mtn a couple weeks ago and the conditions were not the best. New snow a few days prior then it warmed up and then it froze again. Conditions were basically funky. The Naxo broke just below the toe piece, were it connects to the main binding. The whole toe piece started with a small crack then it completly fell off after we tried to see if we could secure it better. The other binding had a small crack forming also. My friend had to walk all the way down the mtn. Sucks to be him. Also I would be worried because the part the binding screws go through to mount to the ski are plastic, another possible week point. THe Naxo is also a tank, look at the new Silvretta Pure, 1200g and has a great pivot point. The pivot point is 30mm back from the toe where the Naxo is about 50mm forward of the toe.
  7. Naxo A.T. Bindings

    I have used them a couple of times. The second time the toe piece broke off completly. We had to jerry rig the boot to the binding with some bailing wire and p-cord. I'm not a big fan, too heavy and it doesn't tour all that well. Look at the new Silvretta Pure, light (1200g) and tours great.
  8. Wanted - Down Jacket

    Looking to pick up a FF Volant or Frontpoint jacket. Anyone have one they want to get rid of??? I have a ton of climbing and ski gear I could trade or we can discus a price. Drop me a PM or post a pic. Thanks
  9. Wanted One Piece Climbing Suit

    I have an orange Patagonia Ice Nine size m and a yellow TNF Kichatna size xl. The PAtagonia is in OK shape and the TNF has never been used. Drop me a PM and we can discus price or a trade for something intersting.
  10. Winter Vashon

    Very excited for the race. Hopefully it will not be a floater like last year. Is your O30's name "Wild Turkey"?
  11. For Sale: Split Decision

    I'll buy it for $25..................
  12. garmont sucks

    Thats not a nice thing to say about the best tele/AT boot company out there. I'm a bit biased because I am a rep for Garmont. What size are your feet??????????
  13. access questions

    Tod, I don't think I ever showed you any of my Alaska photos. You would get a kick out of the ski tracks left on the top of the Rooster Comb. Paul and a couple of pilots had, at the time, a little game of putting the most interesting ski tracks on peaks in the range. We did a touch and go on the top of the Rooster Comb. A very eye opening experience when you here the stall warning going off touching the top of the peak and then gliding off the north side. Fun Fun.............
  14. access questions

    $450 american (not a cheap flight) Time in air was about 1hr 30min.
  15. access questions

    The company that flies to Waddington is Glacier Air out of Squamish. There is an airstrip about a mile north of town. I used them about 7 years ago. The cost per person was roughly $450. There were three of us that flew into the Tiedaman Glacier in April to climb The Wadd, Combatant, Tiedeman, and do a ton of skiing. The pilot flew a Cessna 210, if my memory serves me right. It took one trip in and two trips out because the glacier was a bit sloppy. On the way out we had a very interesting flight as the engine sputtered because we were running on empty. The pilot didn't take in account that he would have to fly half of the gear and group down to a hard runway at Scar Creek and go back for the other person and gear. Other than that we had a great climbing trip. We climb everything we intended on to during the trip, weather was great.
  16. snowin brah!

    Where??? Looks like Alpental...........
  17. Would you trade gear for the volant??? Anything particular you want??? Send me a PM if interested.......
  18. Wanted: Hobie Cat

    I sail out of Shilshole in Seattle and have noticed many Hobie 18 and 21 sitting on the dingy dock, located at the north end of the marina. The registration stickes are dated 2000. There is a nice 21 that the rudders have not been pulled out of the water for at least 2 years, a bit green. You might want to contact the harbor office at Shilshole and see if you can get any info regarding the owners. If you live in the area I have a key to get on the dock. Good Luck.
  19. Wanted - Down Jacket

    Does anyone have a down jacket, in good shape, they would like to sell or trade??? I have tons of gear to trade, just let me know what you want. I'm looking for a medium or large. Models, FF volant, TNF Summit, or any good mid-weight down. Cheers, thanks PC
  20. Wanted - Down Jacket

    Thanks Cheers
  21. Found another box with a bunch of gear: Moss Little Dipper, 4 season, 3 man, used once, 2 years old, Made here in Seattle. $350 1 pair, hammer/adze, Carbon Fiber Black Prophets, both straight shaft, cobra picks, robo leashes. Excellent shape $400 for pair
  22. Doing a bit of cleaning and found some extra items that have not been used in awhile: XL yellow Kitchatna one piece gore-tex suit never used. A gift from a TNF rep. $350 OBO Charlet Moser S-12 Rapid/strap set up in good shape. $75 OBO Marmot Bastille 4 season 2+ man tent around 9 lbs. $275 OBO Rossi 193cm Black Widow tele ski w/ pitbulls, cap model. excellent cond $250 OBO Pulsar ice tool bent shaft hammer w/ leash $100 OBO Grivel Rambo ice tool bent shaft adze w/ leash $100 OBO North Face VE-25 4 season 2-3 man tent 3 years old used 4 times in AK fly and body in great shape $325 OBO Charlet Moser Blackice crampons Rapid/strap setup good shape $90 OBO Karhu 10th Mtn tour ski w/ fishscale base and Rotefella super tele binding 207cm $150 OBO