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  1. Down Parka Kit

    Cleaning out the Surplus climbing gear. Uncovered a ALTRA Down Parka Kit. Green ripstop, size Medium, partially assembled. Features double handwarmer pockets, no sewn through shoulder seams, raglan sleeves for a better fit, inside pocket, waist draw string, high down filled collar, two way zipper. (Medium is chest 38-40, sleeve 35, length-30) Seems like a lot of down in the box (prepackaged for distribution in the parka. Selling for something plus postage.
  2. tower rock

    Mike Helms and Wendell Holmes did a winter climb of the big face back in the late 70s or early 80s.
  3. new rock shoes

    Got two pair of Scarpa "Parnoia" rock shoes, size 42.5 and DAMN, they are too tight! Selling them for the paltry sum of $40 a pair. That includes shipping to you! Go to a shop and try on a scarpa 42.5 to get an idea of fit. Let me know soon! They are the "cats ass".
  4. Beckey on TVW at 9PM tonight

    You can catch the interview today on TVW at 12:30 or listen to it anytime on authors
  5. Great Double boots!

    Cleaning out the gear! Technica 7 leather double boots! Used three times up Denali. W. Ridge, W. rib and Cassin. Each time with super gaiters so the boots are in New condition! Beautiful one piece leather uppers with a full rubber rand for those steep jam cracks and heel hooks Removable leather inner boot is still in excellant condition. Very comfortable for those long, cold artic conditions. A rare boot, size 10.5. Molitar Mtn. boots. Very serious boots! Hand made, custom boots. Stiff with very protective heel and toe areas. Made for very rugged mountain routes, can take the worst abuse! Not light weight but your feet will not suffer from the rocks. Approx. size 9.5. Actually a collectors item too. Make offers! PM me. Make offers, PM me.

    My wife is cleaning out the gear room! She has decided to get rid of two pair of hiking boot. 1.Raichle "Spirit" size 6m Great hikers! Never worn! Semi-stiff with rubber rand all around, vibram sole, very light. She wore her first pair for hundreds of miles but this pair doesn't fit her... 2.Technia - A rare pair of boots. Very light weight but lots of sole support, stiff; perfect for backpacking with heavy loads on rough terrain. Used on one hike. One piece leather uppers with lacing down to the toes for perfect fitting. Leather lined. Size is approx. 51/2 Make offers, PM me.
  7. Non smoking Pub club

    What about the Harmon in T-town? Great beer, good food, and supports the climbing and skiing community and has pictures of Mtns on the walls.
  8. Scarpa Frenney - How they rate???

    You ask about a spring/summer boot good for crampons and glaciers and thn alpine rock. My recommendation is the regular Trango, no insulation needed. Insulation just adds bulk, weight and something else to dry out. I've used the Trango a lot, very comfortable for approach trails, supportive for steep dirt, heather, scree and a great edging, jamming and friction boot. I love it.
  9. Illusions

    the elephant is great!
  10. Sportiva Trangos sz 44

    Alex, What is the deal with your e address. Undeliverable... I'll take the boots
  11. Gapin' at the Ranger Station

    I have known JY since the seventies when he and I and a few others worked long and hard on the construction of SPIRE rock. Actually it might have been the early 80s. So easy to slip a decade... JY was and is a very talented climber and is always looking for new rts. You may only hear BS coming from JY because of your lack of knowledge of climbing history. Just the same way I thought Walter Bonatti was a BS master until I knew the full story. His exploits were a full measure beyond the accepted limits of climbing. I'm not sayin JY is another WB, but don't be so quick to dismiss JY as a BS master.
  12. Sportiva Trangos sz 44

    Trango (light weight alpine shoe) sz 44? right? If so, I'll take them! PM me.
  13. Another Rescue

    We went into the South side of Augusta in the early 70s and got a couple thousand feet up before the lack if good rock (tons of loose stuff everywhere) dictated a retreat. Of coarse, the avalanche sweeping our gear and ourselves away sped the descent up. Or is it sped our descent down? Very happy that JT is down and recovering!
  14. Name This Sucker!

    keyes pk?
  15. You know what would be cool?

    Name those peaks! Or, is the one on the right a new Moss tent design? Do I spot a new route up the shinny ice face on the left? Avy territory in the rift between the peaks.