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  1. Cannon Mtn. Couloir

    I tried skiing the couloir last Spring under horrible conditions of shallow, rotton snowpack. Did you follow the road all the way around, or cut straight up the slopes below the couloir?
  2. Snow Types

    SP, I didn't realize there was a type of snow for boarding and a type for skiing?! BC skiers aren't skiing on toothpicks with fishscales anymore. We're actually on dimensions that handle the same kind of snow boarders rail on. Just thought your question was a little archaic given the similarities in board design these past few seasons. No disrespect meant. J.
  3. Snow Types

    SP, I don't consider myself any special kind of skier. I've been skiing on the Mtn. Surfs the past two seasons, the dimensions of which the other tele ski manufacturers are just starting to offer-110-88-105. I agree with you that my enjoyment of the Cascade crud increases with the surfs, as do the bc snowboarders. How many times have you been out in the bc on a cold, 25F morning, a foot or so of new, only for the temp. to surge to 37F by noon? I've never been snowboarding, since I'm still enjoying tele skiing too much to take the time. Besides, a friend of mine was berated by two tele-skiing senior citizens for following me up Jim Hill last year with snowshoes and a board on his back. I guess I love the mystique of tele skiing still to take the time to snowboard, even though so much is hype and hubris these days. See you in the BC east of the crest some day! j.
  4. two weeks off to climb

    The weather is looking great to climb these next two weeks. I'm in the Wenatchee area and would like to use these next two weeks to climb, you know, do something really constructive with my time! As I don't have easy access to a computer, here's my home #: 509-665-9550. Any day of the week is fine. Give me a call if ya have time. John
  5. Time off in Leavenworth

    Well... I have two weeks before a new job starts, and have had this climbing obsession this whole summer, new to the sport. My friends work mid-week, believe it or not, and so I'm looking for anyone who wants to do some climbing in the next couple weeks, preferably sunday thru friday to avoid the throngs. I've been leading 5.9 trad and sport, but just need to do more climbing to get over the mental obstacles I stuggle with sometimes in order to improve. These next two weeks would be ideal, with great weather in the Icicle (hopefully). Drop me a line if ya got time or are unemployed, self-employed, etc....and want to get in some mid-week pitches. John