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  1. best of cc.com I made an amazing geologic discovery!

    "the best response to neuter flippant people is to not respond" On the contrary, from what I've observed of spray masters is the best response is to be equally or increasingly clever and sarcastic. That's how you beat them
  2. best of cc.com I made an amazing geologic discovery!

    "I know there are many cool people here, but at times this forum reminds me of petty Jr. high school BS." If you look at the CC.Com motto, it clearly says, "Cascade Climbers: For those who really miss Middle School bullying.". So you're actually not that far off Exploder.
  3. best of cc.com I made an amazing geologic discovery!

    "Maybe you have been there before and if so we can rename it "Genepires Canyon." My vote is for Gene Pires Canyon. He's been posting on CC.Com for years now and probably has earned to have an amazing geological feature named after him.
  4. [TR] Utah-SLC - A few 1/16/2016

    Chris in LDS country. The two just don't seem to mix. But glad you had a cool trip! Repressive alcohol laws and all.
  5. 2015/2016 Washington Ice Conditions

    Across mountaineer's Creek off 8 mile road. Not sure if it's climbable but looks ok...
  6. Dragontail Peak North Face Conditiosn??

    You bet! I highly recommend a snowmobile!
  7. Dragontail Peak North Face Conditiosn??

    You mean 8 Mile Rd? You'll get about 200 yards in a high clearance 4wd, where the gate will stop you. 4 miles of skinning/hiking or snowmobile.
  8. Dragontail Peak North Face Conditiosn??

    Well I started on the Boving/Christianson route and kept moving left, ending on Dragons of Eden, which was shin deep pow.
  9. Dragontail Peak North Face Conditiosn??

    From today:
  10. Top 3 Climbing Food Items

    Smoked salmon; Wasabi almonds; Sencha Shot or Goalazo.
  11. Lowering off sport anchors

    Don't piss Tom off! Just clip, TR and lower off the fixes biners! He has a couple hundred of them to burn through amyway. So much quicker than rapping, and the second is never taken off belay. Sol's method is great too.
  12. [TR] Colchuck - NE couloir 11/29/2015

    Jake you're making me feel like a lazy ass. Nice going you guys!
  13. best of cc.com I made an amazing geologic discovery!

    I wonder if someone will be able to do any route setting on this mystery formation?
  14. [TR] Argonaut - NE couloir 11/22/2015

    Nice one Jake!
  15. First Ascents in The Cascades - Most Prolific??

    Hasn't Brian Burdo done 90% of them?
  16. Vantage Tomorrow 11/14

    Yo! Anyone looking for a partner tomorrow at Vantauge? I have plenty of gear, rope. And a ton of stoke. Like, shit loads of stoke. Insane amounts. Probably a physically unhealthy amount of stoke. For what I lack in climbing ability, which is significant, I more than make up for my level of stoke. Anyway, obviously I'd be stoked to do some climbing tomorrow. Send a PM or email: touring29@gmail.com Cheers John
  17. Found: Rock Shoes

    Found at upper castle Rock. I left them with the folks at Leavenworth Mountain Sports.
  18. Found: Rock Shoes

    I found them the same day I posted...right below the south face jello tower route.
  19. FS: Closet Cleaning, please help me recycle!

    Holy shit! Original Terminators 2's?! Superloops?! Redlining the way back dial! There's some nostalgia there. The tops of my toes hurt just looking at those terminators.
  20. Routes You Don't Onsight

    Leavenworth: Psychopath pitch of iconoclast. Hangdog and Das Muzac Castle Rock?
  21. Found: Rock Shoes

    Paying it forward my friend. Good karma. And yeah. Way too small. I didn't like the brand either.
  22. Snow Creek Trailhead Break-ins

    Jesus. Bad day if you were parked at the Snow Creek Trailhead today or last night maybe. Six cars with multiple windows smashed out, including a Subaru parked on the outside of the parking lot. Very distressing to see this level of damage. Belongings thrown all over the lot. Dammit.
  23. Snow Creek Trailhead Break-ins

    Well, bad news if they drive a: Element, Prius, Black Subaru, Toyota Tacoma pickup...those are just the ones that come to mind anyway.