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  1. [TR] leavenworth - pencil 1/19/2007

    that's a sweet flick
  2. LanChile to P.A. http://plane.lan.com/reservas_y_servicios/index-en-us.html Here are affiliates: http://www.oneworld.com/
  3. Hi, Random post but maybe you know someone: The company I work for in Seattle is seeking a physician and a PA to fill postings on a remote island in the North Pacific. Applicants must be currently certified and US licensed (preferred MD license in Hawaii), preferably w/experience in remote area care (evac can take days. Physician posting from present to Sept 30; PA from Oct 1 for 1 year. Can be pieced together, but preferable to get 1 person for each. Population of 200 on island, ample opportunities for snorkeling, fishing etc. No climbing that I know of! Competitive pay commensurate w/experience, benefits, etc. If you know anyone, pls. pm me and I'll get in touch, or call my cell, 206-396-2059. Cheers!
  4. Seeking Physician and PA for postings in N Pacific

    Now we're getting somewhere... JayB, thx for the note. Essentially we're looking for candidates who have more remote etc. experience than urban care providers, so it can be a tough fit. We need people who can handle the realities of managing and stabilizing patients for longer periods, dealing w/ stressful situations when there's not an ER or ICU to hand off to directly etc. That's why I reckoned people here might be a good resource. The location is pretty idyllic, tropical, amazing diving etc. Probably not too many serious cases, but when there is one, the buck stops with you. Do appreciate the quality spray though!
  5. Seeking Physician and PA for postings in N Pacific

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  6. Quality, that's good stuff. I've sampled that lifestyle on routes on the "Rotwand" in Eldo, less committing but similar in that any move or placement can be psychological, and it just accumulates as you go higher. A true "House of Cards" except it would be your ass! Awesome TR, cheers!
  7. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 5/4/2008

    Sick axe, nice session too
  8. Beta on Fuhrer Finger

    This seems to be a nice recent report, eh? Looks like someone hit it ) http://www.turns-all-year.com/skiing_snowboarding/trip_reports/index.php?topic=9776.0
  9. [TR] North Cascades - Scurlock's Backyard 4/12/20

    Perhaps, as a fan and fellow pilot, such conjecture is best made between you two, and not so public? Just an uninformed's assessment...
  10. SOLD- Feathered Friends -40 Sleeping Bag

    Check pm pls
  11. jealous?

    This has to be a winner in the next CC photo contest
  12. Life is good for you eh? Felicidades!
  13. epochal. well sent! temerity, tempered with vision, wins the day again.
  14. Patellar Subluxation

    you like to hear yourself talk lls.
  15. trollman, eh... "beginner routes"? facts are out there is this a joke?
  16. [TR] Tumalo - Back to the Basics 1/22/2008

    Nice tr. I have made that life transition twice in the last 3 years. Hasn't been easy, there's been a lot of change, but tots are amazing. Now I am taking my daughter out on skis, and she just laughs about it and dives into the snow. She told me "I'm not as good as you, but I am getting better" and "today I'm going to ski more than I did yesterday". It's sick, serious fun. And the rare personal sessions I get are majorly cherished, as you are clearly dialed in to already. Cheers! Nice pics too! It's true, you always deliver with the pics.
  17. Spent a killer day in the mountain thanks to North Cascades Heli on Sunday (1-13). Thanks to Paul Butler for a very well run show, and Seamus for impeccable flying. Check out their site; a very worthy endeavor for a special occasion, and they have heli lifts to yurts etc. that are reasonable (and no, I don't work for them, just was quite impressed). We were too busy having fun most of the time to shoot photos while we were making runs unfortunately. There is some video, getting edited etc. and if it's worthy I'll put some up later. We got a "Westside pickup" meaning they flew over the park to Marblemount to begin and end our day. Here are a few shots that might be of interest to anyone considering going to the North Cascades during the good weather spell coming up. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the chopper for the good light on Forbidden, Buckner etc. on the way back but hopefully those of you who know the area well will find the pics useful. Another note, as of Sunday there were no visible snowmobile tracks on the road since the last storm cycle.
  18. k2 pontoons

    Mind blowing. Highly recommended
  19. k2 pontoons

    Tried them sunday washington pass area (heli). Pretty deep, not epic deep or light. It felt a lot like surfing on snow (snowboarding? wouldn't know), good power as well as responsiveness. I'd limit use to deeper snow to be sure, can't really see myself skinning with them though.