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  1. Glucosamine / Chondroitin pills

    Just a note - I said I've been taking glucosamine and chondroitin for years - I stopped taking it a couple of days ago just because I ran out and don't go to Costco until this evening, and my joints are starting to HURT, especially the bad ones... Interesting.
  2. Final word - Bolting Controversies

    I disagree wholeheartedly with everyone here.
  3. Collapsable Pole Recommendations?

    Flicklock. Also, if you get three-section poles instead of two, they collapse smaller and don't hang up on things as much when you wear them on your pack and are bush-whacking and such. Powder baskets are optional for about $5.
  4. Tatoosh advice please

    Park at Reflection Lakes.
  5. CC.com T-shirts

    What's the cut-off date? I can't buy until next week...
  6. CC.com T-shirts

    Oh. My. God. I'm gonna buy one of each, when I have money.
  7. Glucosamine / Chondroitin pills

    I use Triple Flex brand glucosamine and chondroitin and MSM. I get them at Costco. Sometimes they're on sale and I stock up. Used them for 10+ years as a preventative. To tell the truth, I really don't know if they work. Never had joint problems.
  8. My old Koflack Degres are SHOT. I had them for years, and liked them a lot. They fit perfectly, and were comfortable on approaches. I went looking for a new pair, but it looks like they are not making them anymore. Can't find them anywhere. Anything else comperable in a hard-shell boot? My feet get cold easily (Reynaud's), so I use them a lot for both glacer and snowshoeing. Better wide than narrow. Anybody...?

    Yer either married or female.
  10. I am gonna go postal!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry I've been stalking your mom.
  11. I am gonna go postal!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the one with a screw loose is your mom.
  12. Seattle Half or Full Marathon

    Damn, that's good. I did 2:17 in the half. Wasn't used to the hills. Great weather!
  13. Seattle Half or Full Marathon

    How'd it go?
  14. Plastic Boots - Suggestions? Faves?

    Is that a brand, or a type of cement? (Yup, the rubber rand around the sole.)
  15. Plastic Boots - Suggestions? Faves?

    I was just at PMS and they have replacement liners - I think I'll give the shells a look over and decide if that's the way to go. There's a bit of de-lam around the edges, but I think some super glue will take care of that. 2 more seasons...
  16. Seattle Half or Full Marathon

    Just the half. I was too busy climbing to train for the full. I'll catch a full one in June (North Olympic).
  17. Overtraining

    Yeah, besides, I'm not about to start eating more meat just to get more protein. I'm too lazy to cook it more than anything else. (I eat just about everything raw these days.) I'm gonna give my doc's suggestion a try and give the protein powders a shot for a few weeks. And in the summer, I will be stopping by those highway diners a couple of times a month on my way home from climbs and chowing down on those bacon cheeseburgers! ...
  18. Overtraining

    I'm not vegetarian, but I rarely eat meat. A couple of times a month. I avoid it, usually eat it on special occasions (meaning "when someone else is paying for it").
  19. Plastic Boots - Suggestions? Faves?

    ...One more season of duct tape and super glue.
  20. Plastic Boots - Suggestions? Faves?

    Thanks - that's the common problem. Not many left that aren't either size 5 or 12 at most places.
  21. Football Sucks

    Boo. 5 yard penalty.
  22. Book Recommendations Sought

    The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
  23. "Bush not a war criminal"

    The sky is blue.
  24. Ten Days That Shook Olympia

    i hate to spoil the story, but we all die and the sun goes super nova. Awwww... You ruined the end for me!
  25. need avy gear advice

    I'll second the big-blade shovel. They're big to carry, but do you want to dig someone out with a teaspoon, or a snowshovel? I've seen the plastic ones break. The longer telescoping handles are good, too. And the D-grip is easier to handle than the T-grip.