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  1. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    Touchy! [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-11-2001).]
  2. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    quote: Originally posted by nolanr: Sexual Chocolate, It's a mixed bag around here. There's some serious and intelligent dialogue, there's lots of sarcasm and sophomoric potty mouth humor, there's even some open hostilities from time to time. That's unfortunate if you've been offended by the detour onto moondancing on this thread, but if you'd taken a look around you might have expected as much here. Also, at the same time you're defending the legitimacy of what you do and insulting certain posters as being too small minded to understand it, you haven't really made any attempt to explain it beyond vagueries. I think people are probably going to keep spoofing it if they have no idea what it is, and you seem to be the only one who knows what it is. Just my $.02, got to this discussion a little late, but I laughed out loud several times while reading the thread and I am kinda curious what moondancing is. Right on, nolan! I think 'spoofing' is a key word there. I don't think we were criticizing sexy - just making fun of him. Yeah, I know it isn't always pretty, but when an easy target comes into range, well... I like this board not only for its information and dialogue, but for its entertainment value as well. Yeah, the humor is often sophomoric, but I enjoy it, and take part from time to time. And I still can't tell if sexy is really serious or just a genius troller!
  3. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    I can't help but think that some day things are going to pendulum in the other direction. Years from now people will be looking for bolt-free climbing areas to give themselves a chance to really test their climbing skills. (Sort of fits in with what will s. said.)
  4. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    quote: Originally posted by lambone: Suck My little Pony!hhehehehehehehe 'bone- Don't criticize things you don't know about! You're sooooo insensitive! Now give sexy a nice hug.
  5. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    sexual tension- How much would you charge for a moondance for Drul and Cavey?
  6. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    ...and the 10 year reference...I was refering to the recent proliferation of bolting. Bolting has become very trendy (as opposed to "traditional") over the last few years.
  7. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    One more little thing... Anderson used rudimentary pitons - not bolts. And in 1875, I don't think he had cams as an option. Cams actually became popular as an alternative to pitons because of concern over permanent damage and scarring from...you guessed it...pitons.
  8. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    freeclimb9- You missed my point entirely, free... -Does the fact that someone did something before you make something "traditional"? I mentioned clearcutting as an example....that's all it was - an example. I could have used anything else. Placing bolts is a tradition...that's cute. And it's a great justification! (Sigh....)
  9. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    freeclimb9 - Tradition? For 10 years? Clearcutting is a tradition - does that justify clearcutting? ("But people have been doing it for years - it must be right!")
  10. Oct 9th Pub Club

    Had a great time last night. Wasn't as intimidated as I thought I might be (being a lover of EASY climbs!). Now that I've lost my anonymity, I feel like I've got to be more careful of what I say here!
  11. The numbers game

  12. Oct 9th Pub Club

    Cave - That depends on wether you're talking about the latex helmet or the polycarb one...
  13. Oct 9th Pub Club

    Good. I'll look for the helmets. (I just wear mine while I'm driving under the influence.)
  14. Oct 9th Pub Club

    I haven't been to one of these before...who/what do I look for besides a bunch of broke net-surfin' climber-types?
  15. Trying to lighten the Load...

    Ditch the stove in summer; ditch the tent. How much does your empty pack weigh? Tikkas are good, but I think the batteries only last about 17 hours - if that's what the manufacturer says, I give it 10. Use iodine instead of a filter.
  16. Oct 9th Pub Club

    74th Street Ale House is in my 'hood. I'll probably be there. Anybody wanna buy some wired hexes and tricams?
  17. Mazamas give $500 for Smith bolt replacement

    Brilliant, tex! Wish I'd thought of it.
  18. Oct 9th Pub Club

    I might be tempted to go to Ballard to meet the cast of characters....
  19. Aim for the bottle

    How much are they used?
  20. old school climbers vs. sport climbers

    "So I clip bolts because I'd rather see the environmental damage of having some drilled holes then give up my love for climbing." Your love of climbing outweighs environmental damage. How noble.
  21. New Forum!

    I'm all for chopping all bolts!
  22. New Forum!

    Damn! Beat me by minutes!
  23. New Forum!

    I'm against people who post for the sake of posting!
  24. Steady diet of junkfood umm errr Health food

    Salt cooked in grease....Mmmmmmmm! Good during AND after climbs. I usually take a can of pringles on a trip - they don't get pulverized like chips in bags do, but the cans do sometimes burst when you get up to higher elevations, so eat them on the ascent!
  25. Piton Replacement

    If you need bolts to climb it, then you don't belong on that route.