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  1. trade: bibs for gun

    You could use the handgun to get some nice new bibs...just a thought...
  2. Pub Club 3/12/02!

    74th Street Alehouse, anyone?
  3. Plastic vs Leather

    I used to always use leather until I decided to rent a pair of Koflach Degres at REI, like you did. I liked them so much that I bought a pair before my next trip. They are relatively light, they fit my feet well, they have a lot of flex in the ankles (so they are pretty tolerable on trails). I use 'em for snowshoeing and glacier climbing, and have tried ice climbing in them a couple of times (but the ice climbs were nothing dramatic). In short, I really like 'em - they stay fairly warm and dry. I've never stayed dry in leather.
  4. What gets ya really really really psyched????

    nolanr- Do you play?
  5. Wildreness First Responder Training

    I know that the Mountaineers has a 32-hour mountaineering first-aid course. If I was gonna go any farther than that, I'd either check out the Red Cross for their first responder course, or I'd go for the EMT class at North Seattle Community College. (Heard about that one while I was working for the UW. They would have paid my tuition because I was a UW employee, but I heard of it just after it started, and couldn't get in. Oh well, amybe another time.) By the way, if you take the Mutineers course, I recommend the "Lodge" classes - they are on weekends instead of weeknights, therefore it gets done a lot more quickly (3 weeks instead of 8 or whatever) and the scenarios are done outdoors up at Snoqualmie Pass instead of after work in some community center parking lot. More realistic.
  6. The coolest "I wanna" outside your given discipline

    ...Oh, yeah, and my "I wanna" is to spend some time in Nepal. (...must...follow...topic......arrrrgggghhhh....*THUD*)
  7. The coolest "I wanna" outside your given discipline

    Tried the paragliding thing last year. Was impressed when I saw three guys run off of the summit of Baker with paragliders. I met two them during one of my lessons at Tiger. "Yep, two days up - forty-five minutes down!" They landed on the heli-pad at the Baker ranger station. I didn't continue with the lessons for long, though. I actually found it quite boring. Skydiving - that's the way to go if you want some air-time thrills.
  8. What do you read...

    My recent favorites: HH The Dalai Lama "The Art of Happiness" Hunter S. Thompson "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" John Long "Climbing Anchors", "Self Rescue" Dominguez & Robin "Your Money or Your Life" Raymond Carver "Where I'm Calling From" John Grisham - Anything by John Grisham! Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse Five", "Hocus-Pocus" Po Bronson "Bombadiers" An eclectic collection, I know. But hey, variety is the spice of life.
  9. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    quote: Originally posted by Matt: Be a man and stop hiding behind your psudonymn! This goes for all of you gapers and bumblies! I would, but I'm afraid that matt would start stalking me.
  10. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    "Reality is perceived, and therefore varies."
  11. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    Krakauer is no Ed Abbey - well thank god for that! There's a writer that'll put me to sleep in no time. I laughed out loud while reading Desert Solitaire. What arrogance "...Abbey's Land...". Gimme a break.
  12. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    He's a good writer. I read "Into the Wild" before I knew much about him as a climber and before the events on Everest. Sold out? Re-read the preface. You think that writers should only stick to non-controversial topics? Maybe Krakauer should have kept his nose out and left the telling of the story to Newsweek or some other "objective" source? Krakauer: Good or Bad? Depends on what you mean. As a writer? Good. As a person? Who cares. [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-17-2001).]
  13. maintenance of crags

    If "steering committees" are formed, under whose authority would they fall? How much "enforcement power" would they have, and what agency would grant it to them?
  14. I see. Looks like I'm the one that didn't get it....Besides, I thought I was kind of pushing it with that sexual chocolate thing (no pun itnended).
  15. quote: Originally posted by jon: Uhhhh, if you play for that team I guess. By the way, jon...Sorry if you didn't get that - a lot of people probably didn't. It was based on something from another thread. You had to be there. [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-16-2001).]
  16. quote: Originally posted by jon: Hey Lizard Brain ever see a cats brain before? ????

    I think it's that game where you sit in a bar and drink beer and yell at the TV. -Or is that football. I forget...
  18. I am cooler than anyone else.

    In case noone else has told you, the topic "Spray" does not show up on the front page with the "Today's Active BB Topics". They do an even better job of hiding the porn links. To get there, you have to look under "Links", then under "Magazines" select "Couloir". Have fun.
  19. Guye Peak Accident

    I haven't looked at king5, but here's what the Times says about it... http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/134354135_dige15m.html
  20. The dance must go on!

    P.S. Stop kissing ass sexy; the damage is done. [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-12-2001).] [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-12-2001).]
  21. The dance must go on!

    See - I told yuh he was just trollin'.
  22. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    quote: Originally posted by sexual chocolate: Plus, Lizard Brain, you were quick to critique me, so I asked you what YOU did for a living. Hmmmm.... never got a response! That's strange.... I didn't respond because NOONE HERE GIVES A SHIT! But you're another story, sexy. You have us all on the edges of our chairs wondering what moandancing is. The description you gave earlier was so vague it could be applied to anything from morris dancing to the hokey-pokey. C'mon, sexy, put up or shut up! You bitch and moan about us being so ignorant, and at the same time you refuse to edify us. That's why I keep thinking you're just messing with us. [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-12-2001).] [This message has been edited by lizard brain (edited 10-12-2001).]
  23. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    What the f*ck does moonprancing have to do with climbing?
  24. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    Spare us the martyrdom, choc. Let's get back to fruitless bickering about bolts.