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  1. Question: moderators and spray

    quote: Originally posted by allison: I missed that one, because I'm guessing, it's in 'Spray.' Where I rarely go. Yer missin' out.
  2. Question: moderators and spray

    ...and people wonder why I like this site! [ 03-14-2002: Message totally unedited by: lizard brain ] [ 03-14-2002: Message still unedited by: lizard brain ] [ 03-14-2002: Message has yet too be edited by: lizard brain ] [ 03-14-2002: Message will not be edited by: lizard brain ] [ 03-14-2002: Message credited by: lizard brain ]
  3. Question: moderators and spray

    quote: Originally posted by erik: nothing wrong with newbies....it is the stupid ones that have the issues and they are new and old........ Good point.
  4. Question: moderators and spray

    Virtual gentrification.
  5. Question: moderators and spray

    quote: Originally posted by allison: In my work, if I am noodling around online it's because I am in between working--nothing wrong with that. It's OK to use the computers at work to surf the Net during times like that, and on breaks, but when I go to check the board and see the aforementioned 100 JPEGs, likely of kind of embarassing stuff, well, I hate that. Plus I don't want to look at that myself. No one's asking for 'no levity' or lots of rules or anything like that, but a little bit of common sense could go a long way. Come on, Sprayers, is the rest of your life so repressed that you MUST spray over every square inch of cc.com in order to effectively jettison your pent-up agression? I seriously doubt that....and if it's the case, maybe we could take up a collection for some nice medication or therapy sessions...hey, worked for Trask! Hmmm....I see that you've only been registered here for a few weeks. Are you moving in here and telling everyone to change the long established environment of the site? Just curious.
  6. Question: moderators and spray

    quote: Originally posted by trask: Bout' time you bastards started following the rules. I've been trying to set an example since last year. No one listens to me. ...did somebody say something...? [ 03-15-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  7. Question: moderators and spray

    I think we should have a rigid set of rules, and that anyone that does not strictly adhere to these rules should be permanently banned from cc.c. I for one promise to be deadly serious at all times from now on.
  8. REI Garage Sale this weekend...

    I've heard that REI is tightening it's return policy, too. That would mean not as much stuff available at the Garbage Sale.
  9. Question: moderators and spray

    One of the things I like most about this site is that people can (and do) say whatever they want, and I often get a good laugh out of it.
  10. Employment

    I knew there would be some dumbass that wouldn't get the joke. That was a poke at REI, you fool, not Jim. It's called irony. Figure it out. BTW, I only buy at REI if I can't find it at Jim's. SO there. [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ] [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ] [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  11. Employment

    By the way, I hear that Pro Mountain Sports is coming out with a line of designer polypro for toddlers. How cute! Really worth the extra cost! And Jim's new designer gift samplers of Northwest coffees and salmon! The greatest! And he promises he won't jack up the price too high before he offers a discount.
  12. Employment

    They sell gear at REI???? I thought it was a clothing store... Can I buy 'biners at the Gap, too?
  13. size matters

    I see...I saw that thin belt on the 30, and it kind of worried me. But someone else pointed out that if you're carrying a light load, you won't need a hefty hipbelt anyway. I'm still a BIT leery of it, though. [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  14. Pub Club is the shit!

    Rule book? Who needs a rule book to drink?!?!?
  15. size matters

    mattp - which Khamshin? I'm lookin' at the 30 and the 32. Over two pounds lighter than my Dana Big Horn. I like the Big Horn, but it's too big (a notch bigger than the Bomb Pack), and kinda heavy. [ 03-14-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  16. Pub Club is the shit!

    I want to thank you all too, for a great pub club. ...Wait a minute - I wan't there. Nevermind.
  17. all around Ice axe

    Anyone have experience with the Ushba?
  18. UV Helmet Damage?

    I have a plain ol' Edelrid, and when I bought it the person that sold it to me told me I should replace it after at least five years. But I did buy it at REI, and I've often found that their salespeople don't know what the fuck they're talking about.
  19. Pub Club 3/12/02!

    Right on. My big fear is getting pulled over for that missing headlight while driving between towns and getting arrested for DUI, evading and eluding, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer...you know the rest.
  20. Cordellette size?

    Yeah, Bug, it's another damn thing to carry, but I tried it and liked it. I leave the triple sling home now.
  21. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    quote: Originally posted by vegetablebelay: WTF!! I'm the only poster on this thread for this entire day!!! Could this thread really be dead? Not quite. And not quite.
  22. Pub Club: why do we do it?

    "...exchange of ideas?...sense of community?..." I just wanna drink beer with obnoxious climbers.
  23. Pub Club 3/12/02!

    allison - what's the location of this place in north seattle that noone will be drinking at tonite?
  24. Pub Club 3/12/02!

    Seattle anytime! Especially near Greenlake! Which place are you talking about, icegirl? (I haven't been to a pub club in months!)
  25. Pub Club 3/12/02!

    ...or someplace by greenlake - just say where...