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  1. Are you a clucker?

    Not this again...
  2. Hiking the Muir snowfield "protocols"?

    When I am running down the Muir Snowfield, I make a point of hooting and hollering in high glee as I run past any RMI groups I might see gasping and groaning on their way up.
  3. road cycling

    I call bull on that. I can bike for 4-5 hours and run 3 hours the next day no problem. Try running that amount of time. It would be like running a marathon 2 days in a row.
  4. Tired of spray in the climbing forums?

    Yeah, I've probably lowered everyone's quality of life by deleting your brilliant pearl of humor, laughing at tony.henley's spelling. Aren't you the guy who also made the lame snappy comeback to Jon when he pointed out that there's no spray in that forum? For the record, it appears that tony.henley is who he says he is, and is definitely not Arc/Divot/Crampon/Icefall. It wasn't his spelling I was laughing at. I didn't even SAY what I was laughing at. I wouldn't bother trying to explain it to you. (Like explaining ANY joke someone doesn't get will then somehow make it funny.) You didn't even understand my post. I just said his post made me laugh, you made an incorrect assumption about what I was laughing at, and deleted my post. Nice job. And I did make that 'snappy comeback' on some other thread, but that had NOTHING to do with laughing at what Tony said, Herr Moderator.
  5. OH NOES!!!

    Move along. Nothing to see here.
  6. must see avalanche education video

    They showed this in the Avy 1 class I just took. It was the last thing they showed us after 3 evenings of lectures, before the field trip.
  7. looking for people to climb rainer

    BTW: HIGH avalanche danger = WILL avalance, just needs trigger. Trigger = person.
  8. Use for old wrappers

    Fill each of them with down and make a belay jacket.
  9. looking for people to climb rainer

    That guy that died there a month or so ago - I walked right past the spot just two days before that happened. He was an 'experienced climber', and bit it just a few hundred yards from the Paradise parking lot. It looked safe to them. We looked at the same slopes and said "Maybe not". We heard the "WHUMPS" under our feet. The slope that avalanched on them was only a hundred feet or so. (Right next to Myrtle Falls, below Pan Point.) In late season that's a popular route down. Lots of people go running down that slope - after it has consolidated. Not in early season just 2 days after a rain and after 2 days of snow... What I'm getting at is this weather ain't exactly ideal conditins for a jaunt up to Muir. And this time of year requires a little more than the right equipment and guts to get you up there. Some kowledge and experience helps - either your own or that of those with you. It's not just snow. There's a little more to it than that. I'm sure many have made it up there with little or no experience, just out of luck or strength and drive. It's somewhat arrogant to think that only 'experienced' climbers can make it, or that they are safe because they are experienced. I assume more experienced people die climbing just because they spend more time out there and take more chances. Yeah, I've been pretty glib so far, assuming you'd do what you want no matter what anyway, so here's my real opinion: Wait until spring or summer. Not only will it be vastly safer, but you will enjoy it a lot more. I get the impression that you want an epic to brag about. But personally I'd rather come home alive, having had a good time than have my body dug out and flown off by helicopter from 'death by misadventure', caused by avalanche or hypothermia or falling in a crevasse or whatever. Like I said, I've tried to climb Rainier 5 times in the last couple of years in the winter, and conditions turned me back each time. I'll keep trying, but I'll still turn back if I think that my life is in danger.
  10. Tired of spray in the climbing forums?

    Yeah, that place is just one big hopper, and you'll find vicious political infighting cheek by jowl with a first person account of the FFA of Astroman. As a moderator, I'm less tightly wrapped about spray in this forum, unless you're being an asshole. I'm pretty intolerant of it in Climbing Partners, Newbies, and anyone's TR of anything. I'll occasional bunt some thread from here in the Climber's Forum down to Spray where it really wants to be anyway. Like, say, maybe a thread featuring nudie pics of your wife dangling from the lighting valence? You're not kidding. I just commented about how something someone said in a Patners thread made me LAUGH, and it got deleted by this tightass.
  11. Cough up your lung

    Had it last week. Had to go a week without running. Went snowshoeing last weekend as the sinus funk was tapering off. I'm fine this week, but have to get back up to my previous running distance & mileage. I was lucky - got over it fast. It was all over my office this last month or so, and I was one of the last ones to succumb to it's deadly grip.
  12. looking for people to climb rainer

    I might just drag my snowboard up to Muir sometime in Feb. Sure not gonna go this weekend, though. March 9 I have a half marathon to run.
  13. looking for people to climb rainer

    exactly! so why miss out on seeing da history 1st hand?!? Why just see history when you can make history?
  14. looking for people to climb rainer

    Ask at the ranger at the gate what the avalanche danger is wherever you are going. And check it out a few days in a row here before you go... Avy Linky NWAC Linky Stay home this week instead and read Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Tremper
  15. looking for people to climb rainer

    The guy gives the appearance of being really naive. If he really knows what he's getting in to, and is prepared to hunker down for several days in a snow cave, well, hey, all the more power to him. A cornucopia of sage advice from a guy who's barely out of the Mounties Climbing course himself. I love this site. Choose your weather window carefully Tony and have fun. You're no fun. (I love this site too!)
  16. looking for people to climb rainer

    The guy gives the appearance of being really naive. If he really knows what he's getting in to, and is prepared to hunker down for several days in a snow cave, well, hey, all the more power to him. He says he has gear.
  17. looking for people to climb rainer

    Oh come on - even I'VE been up there. I've tried several winter ascents in the last couple of years too, but the weather never cooperated. Haven't made it in the winter yet. I'll keep trying. But I digress. Are you saying this guy can't climb? What makes you think he's guarunteed to die up there? Just because he's never been up there before, and is making his first ascent in winter? That doesn't mean certain death! The guy's a vet for god's sake! He's a big boy! He can make his own decisions, and I'm sure he will!
  18. looking ti get a Mt. Rainer summit team together

    Exactly that's a long haul just to smoke a doobie Yeah, but then there's the ski down...
  19. looking for people to climb rainer

    generally people don't do their first ascent in Winter, and, if they do, they actually know what they are getting into. Gotta start somewhere... Give they guy some credit - he has all the gear he needs. He obviously has guts. I say go for it.
  20. looking ti get a Mt. Rainer summit team together

    "Have you climbed ...RAINIER...?"
  21. looking for people to climb rainer

    What the hell... Hundreds of people climb it each year, no problem. Just be careful, and have fun. Let us know how it goes.
  22. How would you feel?

    Some people are into that.
  23. How would you feel?

    They should just 'disappear' you during your lunch break. "Where'd he go?" "I dunno." Gone.
  24. How would you feel?

    I got called to the HR managers office of a company I worked for. I was told I was being laid off. I went back to my desk and told my co-workers about it. Then I said "Today is my birthday." One of my co-workers was hysterical. She was dying to tell the HR person. That HR person was so damn PC. I snuck by there to try to listen but she was already coming out of there. The HR chick was in there banging her head on the desk. I was laughing my arse off. She called me back later and said the made some sort of mistake, and gave me two extra day's pay.
  25. Breathing?

    What type of exercise? Climbing? Running? Depends on what you're doing...