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  1. Stealing fixed gear in the Alpine

    Anyone that steals another guy's property is a total slimeball piece of shit. If I see someone stealing any of my gear they're gonna meet Mr. Whoopass, PDQ. And I ain't blowin no smoke up anyone's ass here either. Thieves are fuckin' scumbag lepers, and I'd shoot the fuckers if it was legal; might just do it anyway. [This message has been edited by therock (edited 08-31-2001).]
  2. Patagonia Dimension Jacket

    Teddy might. quote: Originally posted by kyagpa!: Shes not the rep for the pnw, so where does she rep? The real rep up here's name is Brian and I dont think you want to see his butt!
  3. Careful there Beck, You're gonna have all the Goth's and the Golden Shower crowd lustin for you soon.
  4. Best Pitches In The PNW

    Isn't she the trim that jumped off the bridge the other day? quote: Originally posted by Jman: Donna-Top-St... Oh, whoops! I thought I was on the "Pest Bitches in the PNW" thread. Sorry.
  5. lightweight first aid kits

    I include some heavy duty pain killer from my dentist. He says the shit is good for about 4 years even though the bottle and pharmacist says 1 year. They tell you that to sell more shit. If you can't get that then get some Ludes.
  6. Patagonia Dimension Jacket

    I know Rachel. I ate her, oops, I mean ate lunch with her once. She had the Italian Sausage as I recall.
  7. Who should you believe?

    I agree with you blakely. Read everything you can find, go online, talk to friends that may have done the route previous, but don't expect our ss#'s and references to qualify our spewage. We all are totally reliable; know why that is? Cause I just said so. lol
  8. Patagonia Dimension Jacket

    In fairness to old Beck, who's a pretty funny dude and a good story teller (what with being a pervert and all), I checked out Patagonia's website and particularly the Dimension Parka Beck spoke of. It looks tit. I'd love to have all the new trick shit, but my financial advisor steps firmly on my balls whenever the subject comes up. So anyway Beck, the above post about the "the surgery" was all in fun, and not a poke at your scrawny ass. Peace, Brudda [This message has been edited by therock (edited 08-30-2001).]
  9. Patagonia Dimension Jacket

    Heh Beck, sounds like you've had your nose surgically sewn to the Patagonia marketing rep's asshole. How is it down there Amigo?
  10. well Mr. Beck, it's pretty damn good stuff, why don't you keep going and try to get it published. You might be surprised. Seattle is "hip" to this kind of shit. You know, Kurt Kobane (sp?), Starbucks, Avant-garde stuff.
  11. Light Mountaineering Boots

    There are so many good boots now, it's like trying to buy a car. You can't go wrong with any big name brand. All important thing like someone said before is features and fit, fit, fit. Good hunting.
  12. Titanium Cook's set

    Ah come on fellas. I always use G'mas old cast iron skillet and nuttin ever sticks to it. I also smacked a coon on the noodle wit it one time when the varmint was fetchin to abscond wit my vittles.
  13. Light Mountaineering Boots

    check out scarpa. i sure like my SL3's. i also have a pair of saloman super mtn. 8's that are a bit better for alot of snow, although they're stiffer and not as comfy to walk far in. i think it boils down to fit more than anything. [This message has been edited by therock (edited 08-27-2001).] [This message has been edited by therock (edited 08-27-2001).]