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  1. Whodgman... Planning a trip up the same route this weekend. Not sure how the whole permitting thing will work out for us though. I know that they allow about 5 permits (good for a party of 6?) a day. We're planning on staying Sat. night in B. basin & would prefer to avoid not getting a permit &/or poaching a camp spot. Anyway, depending on the size of your party & if/when you plan to overnight in B. basin, any chance you could tack on 2 or 3 additional members to your party (only for permit reasons) when you go to register? My concern is that by the time we show up to register when the ranger station opens Sat. morning, all permits will already be gone.
  2. Was in the area last wkend. Snow from just below summit rocks to timberline (if you cut to right side of ridge before it levels out). Might have to walk over exposed rocks on ridge for a bit in order to continue right & then ski around grassy patches into the larger snowfield that will take you into the trees. Might not be totally worth it though...
  3. Did it wkend of June 1/2. It was possible to almost drive up to the end of the Brohm ridge jeep road (4200ft), though a more direct ascent route appears to head straight up through the forest from the logging operation @ the last switchback. Lots of snow/slush to the edge of the warren glacier. Crevasses posed little problems & the 'shrund crossing was a non-issue.
  4. Looking for a ski/board partner for Sat.
  5. Any word as to the current snow stability, say in the slot colouir on Snoq mtn? Am mulling over hiking up & skiing down this Sat. Also, how obvious/easy is it to gain the ridge in order to return back down into the Alp valley? Cornices?
  6. Any word on if South mtn. Loop hwy is driveable to Barlow pass??
  7. I rented a Burton Split 66 not too long ago & have absolutely nothing bad to say about the way it rode in either soft or hard snow conditions. Duh! It's a Burton. However, futsing around with the binding setup can be a royal pain in the ass...especially in freezing temps w/ limited fingertip feel. Also, the Burton setup allows for only one stance width. The Voiles & Priors on the other hand are adjustable. I've seen a friend use his Voile setup, & although it is possible to lose or break the pin it seems less of a hassle to convert from skis to board. If it's jammed with snow, you can kick the damn thing into place...not so w/ the Burton setup. Then again, on the plus side for Burton, there is no pin to lose as all parts are integrated into the binding system. I would personally go for the Prior boards ( www.priorsnowboards.com )which might be slightly heavier but are torsionally stiffer than the Voile's. Priors use the Voile binding system. They are also a heck of a lot cheaper than Burton. Splitters tend to be a drag when numerous ups & downs are involved. It is also impossible to ski w/ soft boots & bindings...though it may be possible w/ plate bindings & touring boots. Can't lock the heel down though.
  8. I encountered the same problem trying to get over the ridge. It was next to impossible to hike (forget skinning) up to the col as the final 20ft or so are too steep in all the fresh pow. I was swimming up to my arm pits when I finally gave up. Ended up returning the way I came. Shitty.
  9. Mr. Scott Harder. I was cold, wet & tired & without a change of clothes the down was a welcome luxury. Go drink some bong-water dude!
  10. How was the 'shrund crossing? Seems like you had no problems getting over on it on the 14th.
  11. I doubt Tom has issues with the devil weed!
  12. Ha ha...twas most enjoyable to see you & Scott run for dear life when that small slab let loose. I look fwd to the photo of Scott going upside-down-style on the wall.
  13. ...and then smoke a phatty just to calm my nerves.
  14. uhhh...huh huh uhhh...you said ball.
  15. If shit happens Bronco can dig me out.
  16. Oh no...nothing top secret. Just want to explore the ice climbing out there.
  17. Does anyone have an update on road conditions for mtn loop hwy? Is is possible to drive to the Big4 parking area? Apparently the RS is closed.
  18. With improving weather I am once again entertaining the prospect of climbing Shuksan this Saturday. Considering the Sulphide GL route. Looking for interested parties...
  19. I'm interested. Been up Rainier via DC, Emmons, & Tahoma routes...most recently this past August. I'm fit & handle altitude well. Email me at sergio@gocougs.wsu.edu.
  20. Was up in Vancouver(BC) this weekend & was treated to crisp sunset views of Mt. Baker. There were several other peaks North-ish of Baker, & I imagine the one to the immediate left was probably Shuksan. There were others further left however that I'm not sure about...especially one prominent all-white triangular peak. Ideas? Also, there was a very apparent complex of peaks South-ish of Baker...Whitehorse/3Fingers?
  21. Ditto to what fleblebleb said. I was up there this past Sat. The glacier is in pretty good condition...not terribly direct though easily navigable. We made it to about 7500ft & turned back thanks to some less than desireable weather. From what I could tell from my vantage point this past Sun/Mon, Shuksan was out in all its glory again...that's just how it goes I guess. Anyway, 'am looking for someone to go back up there this Thursday with.
  22. I'm not sure what condition it's in, though I doubt it would pose much of a problem. Are you going solo? I had intended to do Shuksan this wkend...but plans fell through. Need a partner?
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