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  1. Alpine 2/16-2/19

    more like Blackie Lawless
  2. Goat Wall / Mazama Ice

    PM Sent to dbconlin.
  3. ice anone?

    Hi. I am in the same boat but seems like cam go to Lillooet this coming weekend. There will be ice there I would think for the next 2 weekends or more. If interested in going for the full w-end let me know: rafael.public@comcast.net Rafael.
  4. WA Ice This Sat/Sun

    Hi, I am going to go check Columbia Basin and/or Strobach ice out and climb one or both days this weekend. If anybody wants to join in let me know as late as Fri evening. I might also walk to Colchuk Lake on one of the days... Regards, Rafael
  5. WA Ice This Sat/Sun

    Working the entire weekend...
  6. WA Ice This Sat/Sun

    Hi, I am going to go check Columbia Basin and/or Strobach ice out and climb one or both days this weekend. If anybody wants to join in let me know as late as Fri evening. I might also walk to Colchuk Lake on one of the days... Regards, Rafael
  7. Drury Falls

    A few questions: I have not seen a single pic that looks a hair more dificult than WI3. I can understand if it is hard to take a pic with proper angle, so please somebody clarify (no need to write if this is the hardest you've done ). How does it compare to say Polar Circus technically? What about the Pencil, pic in WA Ice definitely looks mostly low angle, WI4 max. What kind of time is it approximately from the base for Drury? Every guidebook says cross the damn lake... Where the heck do you get a boat, is it possible to rent in L-worth on a weekend? What about foot crossing, any beta? Thanks in advance, I'd appreciate the help - burried in work.
  8. Hi everybody. Skis, bindings, boots. All in excellent shape! Buy together or separately. Skins free if more than one item is bought. Fischer Hitrax 183cm - $50, come with BD skins ($20) Silvretta 500 - $150 Scarpa Laser 12.5 - $180 Nordica TR-12 24.0-24.5 - %$150 A pair of Dynastar skis with Diamir bindings is sold.
  9. Local gyms need one of these

    Mon, local gyms need above anything else some strong competition...
  10. WTB: Old Static Rope

    Will pay $5 for an old, decomissioned static rope of 30 or more meters. Need for some back yard projects. Thank you.
  11. WTB: Old Static Rope

    OK, $10.
  12. Hey Mattp & Rafael

    Good seeing you finally. Did you get the farmer dude?
  13. Index this Saturday

    Hi. Looking for a partner to climb easy routes at the Lower Town Wall this Saturday. Only easy ones - 5.8-10a/b (Godzilla, GM, etc), just recovered from injuries. I have all the gear and a truck. Also open for midweek climbs, any day.
  14. Index this Saturday

    Hey, RuMR, thank you so much! Well, if I am still alone by Sat morning, might come flail on whatever crazy stuff you'll be doing. Hope all is well!
  15. Shoulder problem survey

    I started to have shoulder problems in 2003 which gradually became quite painful, with limited motion range. Interestingly it never interfered with climbing vertical and somewhat overanging routes, although I think it was only a matter of time to develop something debilitating. Rubber band did not help, even done regularly for months. But, recently I started doing regular strength training, including shoulder dumbell exercises, in supersets with other upper body, and after two months I suddenly noticed that the pain was gone, and the full range of motion is back (yeah!!!). With everything else being the same, the obvious difference was made by shoulder strengthening, note - NOT injury prevention-type, but full on strengthening routine.
  16. nicros H.I.T. strip training system

    What are the board's dimensions?
  17. nicros H.I.T. strip training system

    Hey, Lucky! So is this the old version of strips? When did you buy it? Thank you.
  18. WTB: Free Weights - Dumbbells

    15lb to 55lb Thanks, Rafael
  19. WTB: Free Weights - Dumbbells

    I would like to buy some dumbbells, in pairs. R
  20. I understand, for many it IS $25, full weekend's gas. Also the crags are poison ivy infested crap, even Trundle Dome is not worth the hike to me. Now if it was Index then it'd be a different story... Not! I believe it is a matter of precedent. Who knows, when the time comes for Index (and it will) the choice might not even be there: "...Phase One goes here, Two - there...granite boulevard... What? Climbing? Phase Three will have an indoor climbing gym..." Secondly, I don't want to see more housing there, with more f-ed up rules, speed traps ("watch for baaaabies"), parking limitations. Who knows, loose the land and the trend will be more and more limitations, preserve - and that might be a seed for further ownership possibilities in our state. Check's in the mail
  21. "Yellow Pad" vs. RidgeRest

    The Evazote yellow pads are mentioned quite often here. Because the RidgeRest has been around for a while I am going to assume that quite a few of you have switched from it to the "yellow pad". Why? Thank you!
  22. "Yellow Pad" vs. RidgeRest

    Sorry to revive this, but here: http://www.nunatakusa.com/lunapad.htm Might ask Jim Nelson to check them out, or shall myself on the way back from WA Pass.
  23. La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX Question

    Juan, Use NIKWAX waterproofing paste, comes in a tube. "Seamgrip" the seams beforehand. Wash the boot before applying Nikwax. Just slap the thing all over the leather and synth parts, including the tongue, remove the laces. I have not used the boot crossing creeks, but in slush, snow and rain they have only got wet around the ankles when w/o gaiters. Same w/Trango ICE, similar construction - stepped into water under ice and had it for a while w/o realizing. To my great surprise did not get wet at all. Just use the paste, not the liquid stuff.
  24. "Yellow Pad" vs. RidgeRest

    Great, thank you all! Ade and Marko: makes total sense, yes brushing snow (or crumbs) off blue pad is frustrating as it just bounces around. Same for Z-Rest. Thanks NOLSe: Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest 183 x 51 x 1.5 R=2.6 W=400g Zotefoams Evazote Winter 150 x 50 x 1.5 R=2.06 W=525g according to MEC site Yes, seems like the thin one would be great along with the pack's pad, I now think mine is Evazote, although white. (I still like the RidgeRest but it is bulky which so far has been more pain than extra ounces)