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  1. Deception Crag exit 38 car prowlers

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: Lucky, if you ever see this fucker out there and I am around let me know so I can smash his face in Then I can hire Mattp to get me out of trouble! Or you can teach him how to climb (whether he wants it or not) and...
  2. Stealing fixed gear in the Alpine

    Well, I saw a cam on the Tooth and even went back to retrieve it. The cam was left on the South Face at least 1.5 months ago. It does need some work, cleaning and lubrication, possibly replacing the sling. If You still want it back, describe the piece and the exact place.
  3. How to properly install a bolt...?

    Is it faster to hand-drill with 1/4" bit? What is best put in such a hole for emergency bailing or new routes? Thanks.
  4. Who Climbed What this Weekend?

    quote: Originally posted by Mr. Blister: Tim: I hate you. You'll never get a job at Expedia!!! Think about that next time you flash a long alpine rock route while I'm at home with the kids!!! XOXOXO, Blisterin' Goodtime [This message has been edited by Mr. Blister (edited 08-28-2001).] Can I get one? I didn't flash any alpine routes, just climbed at Index, so boooring, and was thinking about the computers all the time...
  5. Oval-shaped Rap Rings

    quote: Originally posted by Colin: On some rap anchors I have seen rap rings which are oval shaped rather than the normal circular shape. I would really like to get my hands on some of these, but in stores I have never seen anything but the normal circular rap rings. Does anyone know where they can be found? Same aluminum or titanium kind? Never seen one... I suppose you liked it because of the knot not passing it? I feel it could be some Kong item.
  6. Extreme Alpinism

    Will, right on! Dwayner, there is still some dark colour there, get over it, people. We a l l have to bend over. Why is more Java code or counting somebody's money or whatever any more "dignifying" than writing a good actually book? Actors/artist are often bitches, I love their work! Or Bill Gates has too much money... Yeah, yeah, yawn.