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  1. Useful knots / rope tricks

    Munter with a Mule backed up with an overhand is the best setup to dock a haulbag and lower out.
  2. Need to hit the ice this season either locally or up North. Have gear (screws + rope) but need belayer (lead WI3-4) or ropegun. Tentative plans to drive up to Lilooet Jan 25-27 to test out Sychronicity and Canadian beer. Email if interested.
  3. Garden Wall

    Is there any climbs on the Garden Wall at Index? I was thinking of pounding up the crack that runs up the middle. Seems like a nice place to practice aid if nobody minds.
  4. Garden Wall

    Cool. It doesn't hurt to ask. Anyways, does anybody ever climb or plan on climbing that mossy rock?
  5. Bent Stoppers & RP's

    About a quarter of my small stoppers and RP's have bent wires. No strands are broken, just bent all funky-like. While they sometimes allow for good placements, I would like to straighten them out. I was just going to take some pliers to them unless someone has a better option. Some have a looped cable while others are fixed to the head.
  6. Yosemite Partner

    Going to Yosemite in September looking to do long, moderate freeclimbs and a few walls(5.10 A2+). Also looking to gain keg-hauling experience on one of the classic faces. Email if you're going to be in the area.