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  1. Fall factor

    Really? I would think rapid deceleration as a result of decking or hitting a ledge is more of a concern.
  2. Free (used) gear in Seattle

  3. Climbing 11/23-11/24

    If anyone's down for Index on Sunday send a PM
  4. kaliforkneea

    How about Ouray Dec. 26-31?
  5. iNdEx

    Sunday works for me. You driving up Sunday morning?
  6. Idea for a new forum - Speed!

    quote: Originally posted by freeclimb9: By all means, update speedclimb.com's info so that self-promoting spraylord and freeloader Hans can tick off the easy ones to add more meaningless records to his list. All climbing records are meaningless. If speed's not your cup'o tea order another drink.
  7. Adjustable fifi works good when jumping from aid to free. Hang off your last piece, wrap up your daisy/aiders, and take off. Stop dorking around with cloves and get a gri gri.
  8. In search of.....

    INDEX PARTNER All day Saturday. Maybe Sunday. Got rack, rope, ride.
  9. Revenge

    Green Dragon: 1) Followed the crack halfway up the second pitch to the ledge on TC. Got lit & lazy. 2) Got lit & lazy at the base and again climbed over to the ledge on TC to have a picnic. 3) Got lit & lazy before I left my house. Never made it to the base. 4) Went in style up to the roof with radio, 2 lbs. of snack food, and ledge. Forgot stash so I had to finish the climb the next day.
  10. Swagadelic!

    Anyone have access to a swaging tool? I would like to swag some RURPS but my dentist said not to use my teeth anymore.
  11. Swagadelic!

    Much appreciated
  12. Dis Weekend

    Only have one day this weekend to climb. Up for anything as long as it involves massive amounts of freeclimbing at Index. Wankers welcome as long as you don't talk too much
  13. Adding Cams to Trad Rack

    If you need to save money for more important things (women & beer), pick up a rack of cheapo cams from acmeclimbing, rockempire, etc. Not as smooth but just as durable and they'll catch ya if you fall.
  14. For Sale or Trade

    FS or Trade: New (Sealed) PMI Rope(10.5,60m,Dry,Bicolor)
  15. For Sale or Trade

    Here is some additional info on the rope: PMI Cirque 10.6 UltraDry. Retails for $216.00 Take a look: http://www.pmirope.com/sport/pmiropes/dynamic/single-10_6cirque.html $140 OBO (or trade for gear)
  16. Davis-Holland

    Anyone want to give this route a go this weekend to see what all the fuss is about?
  17. partner for rainier liberty ridge

    Just send the climb permit be damned! If you're willing to accept the objective dangers of the route to summit, you should have no problem going w/o a permit. The word "permit" and "mountain" only belong in the same sentence if we're talking ski resorts.
  18. Rock Partner Wanted

    quote: Originally posted by thelawgoddess: what for climbing? Yes, for climbing. But if you want we can try to capture baby falcons.
  19. Rock Partner Wanted

    How 'bout a wall at Index or Squamish?
  20. Isn't a 3:1 ratio is the same as a 6:2?
  21. 5.10 Ascents

    I had the Huecos until they wore through and switched to the Ascents. Use 'em on everything. Never had a problem with the velcro in cracks. This place is having a special if you're interested: http://www.rockrun.com/ sid=4f15069d26d8c0f82b1978ca53fddb4a
  22. Barrabes restrictions

    Anyone order through jumarnet.com and can vouch for their legitimacy?
  23. Index partners? Weekdays too!

    Anyone up for The Golden Arch (not Ronald McDonald) or have any beta?
  24. Climbing 6/1-2?

    Also looking to get outside this weekend. Rock, Alpine, Whatever... Have gear and car. Email maswanicke@hotmail.com
  25. Town Crier clean?

    quote: Originally posted by ScottP: