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  1. Stuart Range next weekend

    Sorry, not me
  2. If your using ski just to get up the glacier I would would switch to silvretta 500 and use your Koflachs. But on the other hand, your dragging a slad up the 14k so you could take anything want.
  3. Washing Gore-Tex

    I haven't notice a change in breathability after applying scotchgard. What I have noticied is that my jacket is lighter and dryer because its not wetting out. If you really want to know whats in scotchgard here, is a link to pdf file from 3M. scotchgard
  4. Washing Gore-Tex

    Have you tried it? It beads up the water just all the others.
  5. Washing Gore-Tex

    Use a sideload washing machine more gentler on jacket. To restores the water-repellent finish, i'm now using 3M Scotchgard. Works well on everything, jacket, backpacks even fleece. Erick
  6. Give your $.02 on Altimeters

    Right on Robert, thanks for the tip!
  7. Give your $.02 on Altimeters

    I have been using Avocet altimeter for about 6 years. Couple of things I don't like about it is. You need to send it back to the company for battery replacement $20 + shipping. The other is like many of altimeter watches, they are big and easily snagged. A better setup might be using lanyard (around your neck). Erick
  8. I'm looking for a new base/wind blocking layer. Has anyone tried Transition top or bottom? Erick
  9. Mountain Hardwear Transition Top & Bottom

    Thanks for the input. Sounds like durability is an issue. Anyone have an ideas on a better product? Erick
  10. Mystery Photo

    Here is a classic that many of us have been to.
  11. Mystery Photo

    Maude almost looks like this mountain.
  12. Mystery Photo

    Your right Proper - dragontail
  13. Mystery Photo

    Three Dicks
  14. Mystery Photo

  15. More I looked better the prices are. Example: La Sportiva Trango Ice $369 + shipping at Mountain Gear at Cham 242.19 Euro including shipping to US. Which is $263.01 US. Exchange rates I posted before were old. As of 1/30/2003 1 USD = 1.086 EURO 1 USD = .656 CAD
  16. Exchange Rates 1.00 Canadian dollars = 0.66 US dollars 1.00 European euros = 1.09 US dollars
  17. Frostbite Ridge or something in North Cascades Erick
  18. Looking for Climbing Partner(s)

    I'm going to Glacier Pk Friday - Frostbite Ridge Anyone want to come along Erick
  19. How much gas for Denali? Part II

    Well, 2272 divided by 300 miles per tank or so is 7.5. 17 gallon tank is around $25, So thats $187.50 one way. $400 round trip, you buy a plane ticket for that. Erick

    2 weeks ago, me and my girlfriend did via Eldorado Creek. Classic North Cascade approach straight up to tree line. Spent the first night around 5600 ft in the basin. In the morning we moved camp to the rock island at the base of east ridge around 7700ft. Great camp site incredible view. Room for 2 person tent and there is three other bivy sites on that island too. Running water below the bivy sites. The east ridge was a lot of fun/technical easy. We did use a running belay on the snow arete. We also did a tour of Inspiration Glacier and messed around on the rock spires. The next day we return to our first camp site and walk out the following day. Very enjoyable trip.