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  1. [TR] Prusik Car-to-Car- West Ridge 3/12/2005

    Nice pictures Collin. I would like to have a party up there, everyone bring a dish to pass.
  2. [TR] Prusik Car-to-Car- West Ridge 3/12/2005

    We followed the topo in the Beckey Book. The horn picture is just after the face pitch with fixed pin. Maybe your thinking about the first white horn. Last year I went over that, there was a lodged red cam just below the block. Multiple variation can be done up there, very easy to pass slower groups.
  3. [TR] Prusik Car-to-Car- West Ridge 3/12/2005

    It was very nice up there. We lounged on the summit 30 minutes: eating, taking pictures & picking out other routes. Compared to last July we had snow flurries, high wind we started rapping immediately.
  4. Winter is back - Winter Storm Warning

    I'm thinking about high energy prices, Lucky Enron is not around to gouge price of electricity. Something else to think about, according to opensecets.org Enron contributed $1,794,154 to the Republican party in 2000. Enron also gave $741,669 to the Democrats. Cool site, kinda reminds me of factcheck.org. You can also search by organization, corporation or by donor name. Erick
  5. The Cascads in Flight Sim 2004

    They even included the clear cut.
  6. [TR] Prusik Car-to-Car- West Ridge 3/12/2005

    Pictures from last weekend, taken by Jesse Salk Snow Lake South Face Lake Viviane West Ridge 2nd Pitch Horn
  7. 3 Classic Cascade North Faces

    Nooksack Tower
  8. [TR] Prusik Car-to-Car- West Ridge 3/12/2005

    It doesn't look like winter up there. Snow Creek Wall & descent was bare and dry. All the lakes are still frozen over, but almost everything with southern exposer is melted out. The trail with slabs climbing up to Lake Viviane from Snow Lk are melted. As for car-to-car time, around 18 hours. Started around 4am and got back around 10pm, very long day. It’s so beautiful up there, we were in no hurry to leave. Many thanks to Jesse, good conversation, sharing his food and carrying the rope. Last year, mid-summer we did round trip in 12 hours. I contribute that to dry trail and summer hiking legs. Looks like winter is back. There’s a snow advisory in effect until Thursday morning with accumulations up to 11 inches above 3000 feet. Erick
  9. road to colchuck/asgard pass?

    Or Asshard
  10. road to colchuck/asgard pass?

    Come On!, its only an extra hour of hiking from Icicle to the trail head
  11. Interesting Peak Register

    I came across interesting peak register today on Putrid Pete's Peak (West Defiance) The first page was dated 6/25/01 signed by Tom Hornbein & Pete Schoening. It got me thinking about the mountaineering history that comes with those two names. Tom Horbein & Willi Unsoeld traverse of Everest. Pete Schoening ice-axe arrest on K2, saving 5 climbers in 1953 Pete just passed away September 22, 2004 I just thought it was cool to see their names on an obscure peak in the I-90 corridor.
  12. Status of Cascade River Road?

    As of the 25th the Forest Service reports its open to Eldorado gate. Forest Road Conditions Report
  13. Misty Fjiords Punchbowl Face

    Here is a picture I took couple of years ago. I too heard someone put a route up.
  14. More North Cascades trivia

    Klenke, I have been searching for two weeks for the answers to your trivia questions. I have look through Becky's books and searched the web. Then I figured the answers must be on your web site Answers to Klenke trivia questions are; Found and taken from John Roper wonderful web site. Glaciologist Dick Hubley was so impressed with the icy white blanket here that he applied the Chinook name "Kahloke" for "swan" to this glacier. Austin Post "polished" Kaloke a bit to the "more unique and attractive Klawatti ."
  15. Alpine Rock this weekend

    Looking for an alpine rock climbing partner(s) for this weekend. Routes that are on my list are; Route on Johannesberg NE Butt or East Route via over Mixup NE Ridge on Triumph East Face Direct on Chimney Rock North Ridge on Forbidden, done east and west ridge wouldn’t mind seeing the north side I’m always open to other ideas, light & fast one day push or two Email or call (206) 331-0495 Erick Johnson
  16. Climb: Redemption on Argonaut-NE Gully Date of Climb: 5/9/2004 Trip Report: Went back to Argonaut on Sunday. John was feeling real guilty about not summiting the Sunday before and wanted to make it up to me. How could I not pass up free food and gas. Anyways on the trail by 9am on the summit by 4. We had very good conditions with hard snow. Wore crampons up the gully and on the upper snowfield. Check out the summit register, it looks like we were the first party to summit this year We had a nice traverse over to Colchuck Pk, Thanks to the Sergio party for the boot path. Took this picture of the route on Argonaut from the summit of Colchuck. Erick Johnson Gear Notes: Ice axe, Crampons & rope for one short rap
  17. [TR] Redemption on Argonaut- NE Gully 5/9/2004

    I ran the Topo software again heres what I came up with.
  18. [TR] Redemption on Argonaut- NE Gully 5/9/2004

    The upper snowfield track were visible but partial filled in. Ones going to Colchuck were starting to melt out but easy to follow. According to Topo software, TH to summit to Colchuck and out via Colchuck Col is around 7400' gain 11.5 miles. Erick
  19. Lost a green 9mm rope along the Stuart Lake trail late Sat. afternoon. Thanks Erick Johnson
  20. John and I were the other party up there last weekend. John was little too freaked out with with the exposure of the upper snowfield to continue. Which is odd since we climbed much harder routes last summer. Anyways, its a cool route. I'm sure it will become real popular. Saturdays party of three, I took some pictures of you guys on the upper snowfield I will post them when I get my film back. Erick
  21. Still FS Feathered Friends Frontpoint Jacket Size - M Color - Orange Fabric - EPIC 800 fill + 2oz overfill Stuff Sack $300.00
  22. FS Silvretta 500 w/brakes

    Used about 6 times. Size - Standard $150.00
  23. FS Silvretta 500 w/brakes

    Still FS OBO
  24. Brand New - Still has tags on it. $85 obo Erick Stuff your gear and then some into the behemoth, Basecamp Duffel by the North Face - its even large enough to fit most backpacks to help protect them during travel! Features: Ruggedly constructed from a waterproof PVC Tarpaulin shell and a double layer IronFiber bottom Bar tacks and double-stitched seams offer bomber hold up to airport baggage handlers D-cut zipper with locking zips opens wide for easy access to contents Dual haul handles on ends; detachable alpine-cut shoulder harness for carrying comfort Weight: 4 lbs. 15 oz. Capacity: 9,070 cu. in. Dimensions: 19 x 32 inches Material: Coated PVC