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  1. NW Forest Pass Ticket

    So I got a $50 ticket down at Mt. Adams a couple of months ago for not displaying my NW forest pass. I blew it off not thinking much about it, but now i have recieved an official court summons down in vancouver. To me this is f-in ridiculous. I actually had a pass, but forgot to display it. Frankly I don't want to waste my time in driving down to fight this stupid ass ticket, but i also don't feel like I should have to pay the damn thing because I actually have a freakin pass. I figure they will require me to show a receipt for the purchase of that pass if I wanted to fight it, but I did not save the reciept. I am curious what other people have done when they have gotten these tickets and subsequent summons? Should I blow it off, fight it, or just pay it. I am pissed. This whole forest pass thing is out of f-in control.
  2. I am looking at buying a set of half ropes and was curious if people had any recommendations. I was looking at the Mammut Genesis 8.5mm or the Petzl Dragonfly 8.2mm. Not sure about these really small diameter ropes. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Benchmarks for ratings...

    Rumr's boss here! I think a benchmark for rumr would be trying to figure out how to get some work done around here. This has to be pushing 5.14 for rumr. Now get back to work!
  4. -Rossignol 4G's w/ Marker M46 Bindings. Decent Shape. -Merrel Flash leather telemark boots - Size 10 or 10.5 -Old BD Skinny Telemark Skis with Voile Three Pin Bindings (Bindings used once, in perfect shape) -Trigon Deva Backpack - Approximately 5000 cu. inch - good shape. -Futon Live on the eastside. If interested in any of the gear drop me a PM or respond to this thread. If I have no takers I will give it to goodwill.
  5. Free Gear - Seattle Area

    so true, so true. how long are those babies anyway? they are 200 cm. owning these skis makes me feel old. i think they are 15 years old or something now.
  6. Free Gear - Seattle Area

    you, my friend, could not handle the 4G's. too old school for you. MEC: someone already dropped me a PM about the futon. if they don't take it i will let you know.
  7. Free Gear - Seattle Area

    Alex the backpack is yours. drop me a PM and we can figure out how to get you the pack. Ok so all that is left is the 4G's. would make a great pair of rock skis or sand skis. come on you know you want them.
  8. Bad Style

    Chuck! What does our trip have to do with this shit? We didn't even come close to making the same mistakes as these guys. Yeah we forgot some gear, but I never once felt like the situation was out of hand, even with inclement weather rolling in. Some of the forgotten gear was unexcusable and radon and i knew it, but we talked about it at the car and made the decision to still go for it minus the gear. I had extra cold weather gear which was never taken out of my pack. So don't even start saying that we deserve a bunch of criticism. We are all grown ups and make our own decisions. In fact our summit pics looked dam near identical to alpinfox pics. So why don't you start criticizing those guys too because they didn't bring any bivy gear and rain gear? Radon already said his comment about light is right and crap was tongue and cheek. In hindsight I think this trip was the best we worked together as a team and we have been climbing together for a long time. And yes some lessons were learned as well, ie i will never leave home without crampons in late summer. It is funny you said something about this because after radon posted that TR and some people sniped back at us, I was like what is the f-in point of posting TR's anyways if everyone is going to Monday morning quarterback it. WTF! All this critiquing is so subjective, just based on the way someone writes a f-in TR. A person can just post pictures and a few words on a epic climb and because they said nothing about it people will not criticize. After following the website for so long I have come to the conclusion that less information is better, because that way everyone and their grandma won't pass judgement on me and my climbing partners for our style or lack thereof.
  9. This coming weekend

    Joshk or DMiller I would be interested in getting out on saturday and sunday for a ski descent somewhere. I cannot leave until saturday morning. Drop me a PM
  10. hyperinflation

    Because this is Bob and this is what he does. Same hashed over argument, different day. Bob why are you climbing such an easy route? For someone who is clearly such a gifted bad ass climber, who spends so much of his free time telling us how much we all suck you really shouldn't be wasting your time on such a trivial easy route. Can I have your autograph now?
  11. aggro bike messenger

    You should have just clubbed him with your bike pump. That way next time he was an ass to a fellow biker he would think twice about who he is messing with before tirading.
  12. Climb: Snoqualmie Mt-Slot Couloir Date of Climb: 4/17/2004 Trip Report: Skiied the Slot Couloir on Saturday. What a great ski. Little bit hard in the main chute, but not icy. Once it opens up the skiing gets better and better on soft avi debris. The skiing below the chute itself in the bowl was creamed corn. Worth it to take it all the way to the flat. Had so much fun the first run I had to take a 2nd. The ski back down from the notch was adventurous at best. The snowpack is going fast. Thanks to whomever I met at the top of the couloir that kicked steps. Go get some while the gettin is still good. Gear Notes: skis Approach Notes: There is nice skin track/boot track up the couloir. Nice boot track up to the notch as well.
  13. This post by Jens in the Weekend Plan thread got me thinking (sketchy at best): "on the other hand...... It is kinda nice though to get more vertical in a day than 95% of backcountry ski mountaineers get in a season. That is if you are hitting the high speed quads and skiing alone. And Blackcomb "glacier" lift skiing is kinda fun." This is probably the best advice I have read on cc.com regarding BC skiing. I may be wrong, but it seems that their are lots of people on here who believe that they are going to become better skiers by just going out and learning it in the BC. Or they badmouth ski areas for whatever reason. To me the BC is not a good place to try and improve your skiing skills. Typically you are not going to find the best conditions, on any given tour you might run into all conditions top to bottom in one run, and you are usually limited in the amount of vertical you can ski. So many times in the BC you are survival skiing. Why not take advantage of the lifts and use them for a season or two and get yourself to a level where no matter what kind of conditions are thrown at you in the BC, it will not be an issue. If the crud/pow sucks you can stick to the groomers or vice versa. There is always fine tuning to be done no matter how good of a skier one is. I find it hard to believe that any decent BC skiers have not spent a good amount of time at ski areas. I can understand the argument that it is expensive, but it is so worth the money to fork over a couple hundred bones for a midweek pass and get up there when you can. It only takes a couple of days to pay it off, and in the end you will be more than rewarded in the BC with the improved skiing, which inevitably allows you to ski harder routes (a bonus). If you are an intermediate skiier and you want to take it to the next level i am convinced you just will not get enough repetitions in the BC to really improve at a fast pace. Jens is right on when he talks about how much vertical you can put down at an area. You just have to hit it during the week and go to an area with lots of vert and high speed quads. Depending on your level you can easily put down 20k+ vert. Some areas it would be easy to put 50k vert down. Compare that to a 5k tour. I grew up skiing at areas and am now spending as much time in the BC as at the areas. I have to admit I do find BC skiing very rewarding as you are earning your turns and you can always get first tracks, but I can also have a great day inbounds. Thoughts or ideas?
  14. Performance Rock Climbing

    Are you talking about Michael Orr?
  15. Climb: Mt. Rainier-Fuhrer Finger Date of Climb: 4/11/2004 Trip Report: Climbed and skiied the Finger/upper Nisqually on Sunday. Less than desireable ski from the top down to about 13k, but after that you could find patches of good snow and the Finger itself was absolutely awesome. The snow was like butter. We were not the only ones out. I think more than 10 people skiied the route that day. The ski down the Nisqually with a full pack was a blast. I could not believe how good the snow was. Mother Nature delivered this weekend. The conditions were like July, except with plenty of snow. If it is skiing you want I would highly recommend just hiking to the top of the Finger and skiing it. Make a nice day trip. Gear Notes: Why did we bring a rope? Dead Weight. Approach Notes: Take skis. Post holing looked like it sucked on the approach.
  16. three photos of the day

    You dont climb, you boulder. Sport Climbing Alpine climbing Trad Climbing Ice climbing mixed climbing bouldering... Note no one ever calls it boulder climbing. It is just bouldering. Oh and your right Distel, I never climb, I just talk about it. Man if we could all only be half as cool as Alasdair. You are my hero dude. Why do people like you insist on raining on someone elses parade. Who cares if distel likes bouldering and is passionate about it? Does that affect you in anyway.
  17. Mt. Si - Saturday 2/28

    Hey Mountie, I am having an argument at work right now with that clownpuncher rumr and I am wondering how many people will be going and if you are going in one huge group? The reason I ask is he is convinced you are going to be taking up the whole mountain and not letting people conveniently pass, etc etc. This coming from a guy who has never hiked more than 3 miles in his life. Thanks in advance. for rumr
  18. Kind of strange response,BG. Yates could have done allot if he had gotten close to simpson's entry point and just made voice contact. Even if simpson couldn't get his end of the rope up to yates , yates could have decended to camp ,resupplied, told the guy in camp to dash for help/chopper and then returned to funnel food/water down to him til help came. If all the teams ropes were up high or in the crevasse then he could cut up a tent into strips and dropped it into the crevasse,simpson could attach the real rope and yates could then pull it up. Too wigged out,BG?...suck it up and save a life. I think yates did an amazing job,even cutting the rope but dropped the ball at the end by not checking the crevasse better or even just returning after recovering in camp. you honestly think in his condition and state of mind that the best thing for simon to do was to go prancing around a huge crevasse by himself without the protection of a rope. i am sorry but without a rope this is asking for another person to die. what good does it do for both people to die. I will give you the coming back after recovering in camp, but only if they had the proper gear to do it.
  19. TR: Touching the Void

    Where is this movie playing at in the seattle area?
  20. Scratched Skis??

    GOD created ski poles for skiers because he knew some day in the future that single plankers would come along. if you plan on dulling your edges on the backs of my skis in the lift line, be prepared for a nice beating with my ski pole.
  21. Ski Lengths?

    Long sticks are for Dinosaurs and FOPs' yeah that glen plake is a real hack.
  22. hoodoo

    it has got to be a slice of pizza. using a highly scientific method (placing a magnifying glass over my computer screen) i have come to the conclusion that you have one of those little bungy systems on your tips keeping you in the optimum pizza slice. irrefutable evidence i tell you.
  23. hoodoo

    are you snowplowing?
  24. "Tele" turns on AT gear

    You seriously date yourself Mr. Parker with the likes of Ingemar Stenmark and the Mahre brothers. I take it you used to race in the days of bamboo? Racing is a completely different ball game now. I find it hard to believe that putting on free heel gear will help out an alpine racer. Seems to me that they are very different mechanics and leaning back is a very effective recovery method if you get in trouble in the gates. If you want to put on the tele boards in the gates then stick with it. Telemark racing is big time these days. Check out the link. USTSA