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  1. FS: Grivel Light Machines

    Been used but in good shape. Cascade picks have plenty of life left. Cut some BD ice clippers for a trigger finger grip.. can be used leashless. May have some mixed picks around if interested. Asking $200 o.b.o.
  2. FS: Lowa Civetta Extremes

    Like new, used on just 1 short trip. Doesn't have the original laces, replaced them with some white waxed hockey laces (don't ice up in winter). Mens size 9UK (10US). $225 or best offer! http://www.lowaboots.com/catalog/ShowBoot.cfm?StockNum=1134003099&Category=1&Type=M cheers, Tim
  3. Found at the Newhalem sport climbing area (North Cascades/Ross Lake Rec Area). Let me know what size/style. Tim
  4. Zero SARC

    I have 2 McHale packs and love them. On a 0-SARC I would stay as simple as possible. One layer of lenomesh, 3/4'' musical compression straps (they're removeable), no zip access, summit flap (which I use 75% of the time), single layer bottom?, climbing belt (works great with a harness). You may also want to think about getting the standard SARC size. It's just more versitle (ie: winter gear). You can always have him make it a bit smaller in circumference so the volume is betten the two models. I'd also think about not getting an 'extension skirt.' These always annoyed me on other packs. It's a great way to save weight and get into your pack faster. I had him extend the main body of the pack a few inches to compensate for the slight loss in pack hight/volume. Tim
  5. For Sale: Skis- Karhu Bardini - Used one season, Great shape. Material: Cap construction, Single camber, Fullmetal edge. Weight: 3700 grams Dimension: 170 - 180 - 190 - 200cm Sidecut: 94-72-84 Retail: $385 Named after the late and great Allan Bardini. More info at: http://www.bardini.org/Archives/Backside2.PDF Bindings - BD 03, Mid-Stiff (New version after cartridge fix). Used ONE trip, New Condition. Mounted to the Skis. Skins - BD Ascension, Used one season, Great Shape. Cut to fit skis. Selling Skis, Bindings, Skins for $400. Boots - Scarpa T2s - New '04 model with Thermo Liners. Used one season, Great Shape. Mens Size 9.5 US (8.5 UK). Selling for $250. Email me at khumbu99@aol.com with any questions. Cheers - Tim
  6. WTB: Big Wall Harness

    Looking for a big wall harness, size Medium. Intereseted in Yates, Misty, WildThings, or the likes. Please get me at Khumbu99@aol.com Cheers- Tim
  7. Belay Parka

    Ok, ice season is here... and you know you need this... Marmot Primaloft Belay Parka New with Tags Size M, Red Retails for 230... Will Let go for 130 khumbu99@aol.com
  8. FS: MARMOT Belay Parka

    New with Tags! Size Medium, Red. Primaloft. Only 100 bucks.. Come 'On! Khumbu99@aol.com
  9. Marmot Belay Parka

    Trying to sell a brand new (even has tags) Marmot Belay Parka. Size Medium, Red. Headed to Maui so won't get any use. Retails 230, selling for 140. Khumbu99@aol.com http://www.marmot.com/products/cloth/ins_3024_belay_parka.html
  10. Light Machines

    Got a question for you light machine users out there... Tried contacting Grivel NA about this, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. My cascade and mixed picks on my tools 'give' about 1/8 of an inch when seated in the head of the tool. I've noticed this with other people's machines as well, so I don't think it's a defect. Even when I crank down the bolt as tight as possible it still gives a bit when i hang from the tool or weight it. I noticed this problem is corrected in their new line as they redid the new pick/head interference set up. I know the pick isn't going anywhere, but it just bugs me how it moves like that. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Simmond Najas

    Anyone else had any experience with the Najas? How do the picks measure up against bd/grivel... Anyone had cold hand problems with the partly ruberized handle?
  12. Filing Horizontal Front Points

    I asked the guys at BD this once, they suggested to follow their original file on the sabertooths. So I just file lightly to keep a nice horizontal edge. Top to bottom, back to front. Of course they do get more trapezoidal as you file them more and more, so I do try to hit the sides to square it off slightly..
  13. Yeah, good call Wills... Went with these babies as well, and the best thing, They look like vintage 80s MJs and chicks in the 80s clubs totally dig 'em.
  14. Columbia WP/B Full side zip pants

    How dare you post Columbia shit on this website. By the way... is Omnitec like Gore-Tex?
  15. Ice Gear

    For Sale, -Moonstone Uber Savage Bibs, Mens Med-Asolo Otamillas (8000 Meters) 44.5 Both are in great condition. 200 Each, obo.Email if interested. TimKhumbu99@aol.com