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  1. Leavenworth: Snakes

    Just returned from 3 full days of wonderful Leavenworth climbing. No snakes seen or heard, plenty of lizards. Start early to beat the heat. We were baking by 3 pm. Late evening climbing was nice cooler temps. Again no snakes but like others are saying keep an eye and ear out.
  2. More Squamish break-ins 7/27

    Go to Index the climbing is better there anyway. Don't bother floundering around looking for solitude and quality routes at Squamish. You can aim your weapons at criminals in the parking lot from the lower walls.
  3. Ski Psychage

    Nice, now if we could only get some snow in the mountains. Hey try skiing through the trees at night with only a headlamp.
  4. Real climbers don't have cars they bum rides or sleep at the crag like trolls.
  5. Gun Control

    Excellent! lets take the goats head to Index!!!
  6. Stoopid things done in youth

    From my MX days we set up practice track in front yard ended up touring through house only to be caught by landlord. Purchased $100 ford galaxy 500 went 4X4ing, got stuck in mud, blew up motor, left car in mud walked home, got call from state to remove car or pay fine. Learning how to make pipe bomb, blew up tree, tree fell on building, was arrested. Set up targets in tree shot with pellet gun, didn't notice neighbors home was backstop. Rolled tire down hill towards intersection, no one got hurt, however was beat silly by father. Went late night skinny dipping after drinking all day. Crawling through culverts so small that the only way out was to back out. Rolled car, drove home without windshield, got ticket from police. Trying to find out how fast we could drive in ice/snow. Racing cars on public roads. Trying to evade the police. Winter climbing without bringing a head lamp. I have many others but will not discuss them here.
  7. bouldering

    Squamish, B-Ham, Index, Leavenworth, Exit 38 and 32.
  8. Freeway Gunshow 5.10a

    Most difficult slab: Anything on Sonic slab at Index! I'm still working that damn Terminal Preppie.
  9. Revenge

    Kyes peak, 4 Winter attempts. The weather in this area is HELL. Finally made it on a pleasant wintery day. Issues: weather weather weather Success due to attitude and nice clear days.
  10. BD camalots

    Break off the heads and drill a hole through one end and thread with your choice of cordage. You will have a great and unique set of chocks!!!
  11. 11Worth 4/26/01

    Spent most of the day Friday climbing at Secret Dome. Sooty approach, rain late in the day stopped our climbing fun. No views of Stuart due to storm clouds. Rap from "Vanishing point" was a burnt little tree! Not a good idea but cold wind and more serious rain started.

    Excellent News! I'm willing to help/contribute. Thanks for the update.
  13. index

    Model WorkerSloe ChildrenCurious PosesCunning StuntPhone Calls from the deadThemGorilla my dreams I think you get the point. There is lots of stuff to experiment with.
  14. :eavenworth rock still wet or snowy?

    How far can you drive up the road? Did you do any bouldering?
  15. Worst Approach, Worst Descent

    Slesse. It poured. Looked at mountain, turned around, went home.