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  1. Hey Guys, Heading up to Mt Baker this weekend. Plan on doing the Coleman/Deming route, but first I have a few questions that I can't seem to find answers on: 1) What is the approach and where do you park? 2) Is the Hogback the same thing as Heliotrope Ridge? 3) Anyone have any current route conditions for recent climbs? Thanks as always!
  2. The mountaineering potato is returning to the Cascades this weekend - this time to spend some time on Mount Adams. This is my first time on Adams, and I'm planning the South Spur...any advice out there as to what to look out for? what to expect? Is it practical to tent it at the lunch counter or make the mad push and descent in one day? Your wisdom is relished...
  3. Mount Adams in September?

    Will the glissades be in shape?
  4. Hey guys, I'll be returning to Mount Rainier in September (mid) this year and was thinking about taking on Adams while I'm in the area. Anyone know what conditions are usually like on the South Spur at that time of year? Muchas Gracias Spud's Travels - the home of the mountaineering Potato head
  5. The new adventure is now posted!

    Is George K leading the expedition?
  6. That's right kids! Here's the link for the full adventure: http://www.interlog.com/~chapman/returnto.htm
  7. The potato has conquered

    Yes comrade, potatoes are a crucial ingredient in fine wodkas as they are in all fine wood grain alcohols
  8. The potato has conquered

    Naah, I'm a bit more of a classic buff myself... now Lawrence welk...there's a performer!
  9. The potato has conquered

    I did the Andes back in 1999. Kiliminjaro is a cake walk - nothing technical about it...let's try something a little meatier...meat and potatoes always go well together...
  10. The potato has conquered

    Some climbing partners you guys are...cannibals and terrorist mongers. You'd be lucky to climb with a powerhouse like me...a burgeoning, bundle of carbohydrates...I'd have to drag your sorry ass hypoxic butts up the mountain.
  11. The potato has conquered

    That's right - Spud Potato Head returned to the mountain in late September and conquered the elusive summit on September 27, 2001. There was much rejoicing... It was a tough slog, but the touring tater scraped his way to the top The adventure will be featured soon on www.spudstravels.com ------------------ Drop by and visit Spud's Travels at http://www.spudstravels.com
  12. The potato has conquered

    Sacrilege! That black band of mine is holding my cracked cranium together (car accident at Grand Canyon 1990) I am an atheist and as such am not a muslim or child of Islam. In fact the only things I worship are bacon bits.
  13. Thanks Canada

    That's it! We're taking 'em back. You guys are ruthless! Perhaps we'll send chihuahuas instead. ------------------ Drop by and visit Spud's Travels at http://www.spudstravels.com
  14. What is the best beer on Earth

    Guinness is a stout, so that doesn't really count as a beer. Thus, my choice would have to be McNally's Extra Ale by Big Rock Brewery. 7% alcohol per volume and a great rich taste. I'm salivating... ------------------ Drop by and visit Spud's Travels at http://www.spudstravels.com