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  1. Shut the Fuck up Caveman

    sphinx your just pissed because you cant do anything about it. Too bad ya fuck. I'm gonna go drop some rocks down some climbs bitches.
  2. Shut the Fuck up Caveman

    Like I said. YOu bitches can only ban a name. You can't ban me when people are willing to give me avatars dumb asses. I don't like most of you fucks anyway. I'll be happy to drop some shitty beta when I see you out in the mountains. You idiots think everyone seeks to be part of your cool little fag group of people. See you at the pub clubs wank talkers. I'll be there to see what you have to say in person pansy bitches.
  3. Shut the Fuck up Caveman

    All you shit talkers are pussies. You can't ban me. I will persist. See you at pub club where I will spit on the likes of all you losers. I look forward to it.
  4. REI explores another user group

    REI is for lame yupees.
  5. You guys suck

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: Anyone that posts on this thread complaining is a whiner True True
  6. Health Scare at Rope Up

    Ohh what a scare. [ 10-22-2002, 08:09 AM: Message edited by: otherguy ]
  7. ice tools

    No reason to saw off the pinky guard.
  8. MF206er

    Quit sending me those annoying private messages concerning your gay pride climbing club. Maybe Sexual Chocolate is down with that gay shit but I aint
  9. MF206er

    E-rock i don't really care what gay pride climbing clubs are about. I just don't want MF206er filling my inbox with this sort of stuff. I will forward all the links to you since you seem interested in that. erik (mr. I dont like a thread I delete it ) you'll get over it some day.
  10. MF206er

    iain years later Mr. D. Sanchez was arrested and is currently serving a 40 year sentence for serving your class the tube steak sandwich. It's ok now. You can go talk to a psychiatrist about your child molestation experiences. They're not really meant to be publlic forums.
  11. Ice Cliff Glacier Route

    Wasting my time is what I am trying to avoid. I have approached there before. Thanks for the info. David Parker is correct. There is tape marking the way along the creek too.
  12. Ice Cliff Glacier Route

    Thanks.. The weatherforecast even at Snoqualmie Pass is at or within 9 degrees of freezing for the weekend. I don't think waiting is much of a necessity. I guess if nobody really knows what it's like in there I may or may not try it. Further comments on the conditions are welcomed. [ 10-08-2002, 11:56 AM: Message edited by: otherguy ]
  13. Ice Cliff Glacier Route

    An icefall is good ice climbing. Not so technical is a term I use loosely. I don't climb 5.10 WI5. I do have experience on other peaks and have climbed the mountain a few times by different routes. [ 10-08-2002, 11:22 AM: Message edited by: otherguy ]
  14. Ice Cliff Glacier Route

    Does anyone know if the shrund on the upper glacier is still passable\doable by a not so technical climber. If you have a recent photo even better. It seems as if the temperature dropping like it has been this route would be great. If one could cross the schrunds to the ridge leading up the summit.
  15. Riggers

    The rumor going around these days is that crazyjz rigged some pigs up at Index a long time ago. If this is true then he must be an expert rigger. The rest of you shut up now until you top that feat.