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  1. Cascade Climbers Fall Megafest

    Yo Spray boy it's OK to smile and enjoy life! There's a great bunch of people out here and if you are not interested, YOUR LOSS! Beck, Let's hook up soon and go for a climb.
  2. What is the best beer on Earth

    Mirror Pond Sheaf Stout Jolly Roger Sierra Nevada Pale NIGHTWATCH
  3. Cutting away the B.S. - A mini-rant

    I've commuted and travelled with my bicycle more than ten years,quit my job four months ago,gave up my rental house three months ago my cars got four flat tires and was run over by a RIDER truck last month and I've been livin on a couch! Thinking of peddling down to the wonderland for a couple weeks? Thanks to my surfin I've met this fine computer and its plethra of knowledge.
  4. Not best beer, best beer name

    MISSISSIPPI MUD and it even tastes good!
  5. Cascade Climbers Fall Megafest

    Howabout D.j. brings the turntables and spins us some funk? AlpineKthetwistedchainsawieldercanIgetalift? Maybe it should be at the end of some logging road? You know how them campground police are if we should be keeping them awake!
  6. Climbing-Beer-Tuesday the 31st!!

    As for the drinking and riding, I only got a few scratches from all them brambles on the side of the Burke Gilman as I was foraging for the ripest of the berries. It was a pleasure meeting you all as well as the pleasant surprise to see you who I'd already met. To continued fun and a lot more cervasas next week. See ya'll in Everet!
  7. Glacier Peak - Frostbite Ridge?

    AOC, There are a few cracks between Kennedy Pk. and Rabbit Ears and a very steep slope to the summit.It will probably be safer and faster to descend a standard route, though my two attempts were accompanied by a thunder storm and a snow shower.Kennedy Pk is fast and fun from your camp 1 good luck Have Fun~
  8. Rangers Lie

    Rangers are cool! September a few years ago five of us kicked a fine,fine line up the Emmons. At about 13,000 we notice two others following our track.After spending a few moments on the summit we notice the two others chillin just below the top.We wander down to say hello and they thank us for the track and invite us in to the Schurman hut for some wine moments later they are running down the mountain. After sharing two bottles from the winery we figured being dusk and all we'd better mosey.Thanks again guys for enhancing our experience.
  9. Pub Club TR

    AlpineK How about a lift for a local Ballard tree hugger?