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  1. Let's Vote off the biggest Gaper

    quote: Originally posted by Richard Pumpington: Let's all give a vote for Scott'teryx! Come on AlpineK,Trask,Will Strickland, et al; I know you guys would second this vote! Yo' Dick-Head! Anti-Pot-Smokin-Scotty is a c.c.com celebrity! Who stands up for everything wrong in the weed world of MUIR. Whats up with the three T's?
  2. gumby topic...

    I'll do it for $50 ea. And a big bag o'weed and the only sight of those suckers you'll be seen from Muir are the ones walkin through our exhales at the top! SnottyAntiPotSmokingScotty and Alike EatMyShorts [ 04-16-2002, 08:37 AM: Message edited by: oo9 ]
  3. Mark Twight Fan Club

    SnottyScottyonAcid SnottyScottyBaked
  4. Mark Twight Fan Club

  5. Cameras again, a great compromise

    I enjoy shooting with my heavy Canon A-1 w/multiple lenses. Great light meter, works well in snow. For motion picture I enjoy my Canon 514XL-S. C-8 fixed lens 9-45mm. 1:1.4 MacroThough slightly on the heavy side as well due to the metal construction both cameras are nearly BomB proof depending on the height.The 514 runs about $10.00 per minute not including editing time so try not chopping to much.Shoots amazingly well in snow for Super-8,creates sharp images if you focus well.
  6. Acclimatization - Rates and Advice?

    After cruising Av. Raimondi in Huaraz for the most enjoyable cuy (sixty million guinea pigs are eaten annually in Peru.)or perhaps the Chicharrones yum! deep fried pork fat.Enjoy some Picarones from the street corner on the way to TOMBA for a few Pisco sours or some good ol'fashion cerveza then dance the night away, but be sure to get a good nights rest, of course after drinking plenty agua.Hopefully you would have already packed for your climb.While waiting for your truck ride enjoy a banana pancake, some coffee and more water.Your truck has arrived have a great time 12 days should be just fine.I hope you remembered your coca leaves and llipta powder from the local market. yum yum!(prolonged use may be damaging to you gums.)drink tea!Good Luck oo9
  7. Stolen in Seattle

    If you need assistance ice gun, I am seeking deployment. You provide the scalpel!
  8. Pass Closures-FYI

    STEVENS PASS closed until morning.
  9. Question: moderators and spray

    Hey Anus,have you seen your priest lately? [ 03-15-2002: Message edited by: oo9 ]
  10. Question: moderators and spray

    Wow! anus cling, did ya have a bad day or did that Bobbit bitch whak off your testies?
  11. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    where's the anniversary bowl for diggen this one out.So glad to see our chron A&B smokin has led to such an entertaining thread. Let's hear it for snotty-antipotsmokin-scotty!!!
  12. Favorite cheap gear sources

    Lynchin suckas walkin outta TNF [ 03-13-2002: Message edited by: oo9 ]
  13. Pub Club is the shit!

    Be careful Y'all I've seen AlpineKickAss!!!
  14. Thanksgiving Weekend Plans

    After expressing much thanks and enjoying a fantastic meal, I will be in search for yet a couple more days of some fresh turns in MRNP. Storm chasing could always be a possibility. Happy Thanksgiving
  15. in regards to snotty anti-potsmokin' scotty...

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: 009 wassup! How did that film turn out from the Bone Fendel!? Cpt.Caveman, the "Bone" looks good and has been showing with Longboarding part 1,"dont hit the pavement" Will be on video soon. Happy Thanksgiving! [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: oo9 ]
  16. in regards to snotty anti-potsmokin' scotty...

    Comrad, sorry I missed such a stunt filled descent.
  17. How is skiing at Muir?

    Sun.18th. was quite icy on the Muir snowfield. The snowboard descent from Anvil Rock to Paradise was only a taste of some hard ice and some well earned turns. The meteor shower from Kautz creek was spectacular as it led us to a beautiful morning. SAT.10th partly cloudy at 11,000+ patches of ice above 9,000, corn like descending from about 8,000'until about6,800'above Nisqually glacier. A great run down from the snowfield to a gully above the Nisqually around maybe Pebble creek.
  18. in regards to snotty anti-potsmokin' scotty...

    If you could have seen the look on Snotty Anti-potsmokin Scotty's face when he got a whiff of the kind B, or was it the chron A? (alpine k had 2 different types of herb that we were requested to test on that beautiful day.).I'll tell you though, out of all the spectacular places I've smoked, from the summit to that little hut, and beyond, one reason for going into that place SHOULD be to smoke a big fatty!you should all well know that the glorious views are not of those freezing rock walls.We were not trying to offend anybody, tight or loose in the ass, but enjoy a nice room to share some laughs and a few puffs. Sincerely, the Scorcesean "asswipe" p.s. yo COMMIEROD, how about me filming that porn of you lickin' Snotty Anti-potsmokin Scotty's ass, seeing that YOU are the original asswipe on the mountain. [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: oo9 ]
  19. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    YO COMMIEROD!What a sight if Scorcese actually snowboarded, let alone descended down to the Nisqually glacier via the gully above Pebble creek.As for the asswipe, I could have used your tongue, seeing that you have already have so much shit spewing out of your mouth. [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: oo9 ] [ 11-20-2001: Message edited by: oo9 ]
  20. Meteor Shower Blues

    Meteor shower was great laying under the sky all night in the Kautz creek parking area. still waiting on the 10 minute exposures from the lab. I can still see all those tracers. The Muir snowfield was quite bullet proof on my decent down from Anvil rock on Sunday. What a phenomenal night though. Thanx to the Eatonville cop who let us off of the speeding ticket as we passed through town at 45.
  21. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Wow what a bunch of racket I'll be back up on Sunday the 18th hope to see you there! AlpineK How about it, another run down to the Nisqually. Who's going to watch the meteor shower tonight?
  22. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    11,10,01 Saturday The hike up to Muir was terrific,kicking fresh steps in such a fine place. Chillin in the hut smoking a quick puff with some pals was quite a pleasure. The air was cold as I set up on my snowboard and rolled another scene through the Super8. The decent of the snowfield and the gully down to the Nisqually was in shape for linkin some fine turns. It's sad and unfortunate that an individual was so upset by our actions. SUNDAY was mighty good as well. Creating a film about long boarding down a five mile two lane blacktop mountain pass road. So that was that!!! I just had to put that up before the 20th page Now I'll try and read it all. 009 0ut
  23. Member Ratings?

    Anytime "dynamite" Though I'd prefer your lead!
  24. Wouldn't want to miss the good times! Carpooling possibly?
  25. George & dragon could be fun. The Dubliner reopened and I think they even have liquor. Ballard ave is nice as well.