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    Ditto on trask's version of religion and war. I agree, let Israel fend for themselves. As for Iraq, pull out of occupation and instead guard booty of war: oil. What a mess.
  2. Snowcaves

    Three girls in a VE-24? Tell us more!
  3. Dare to dream big Fricking awesome what this couple did. What a way to get the hell off a mountain too.
  4. Race Car Ya-Yas

    "Reluctantly crouched at the starting line, Engines pumping and thumping in time..."
  5. First deaths in an M1 tank - needlessly

    Maybe why nobody replies to your remf comments is because nobody knows what a remf is. It took me a while to figure that one and the bfv out. Yeah, it's pointless for anyone in an M1 to wear body armor as would be the case for a fighter pilot. Anything that gets through either vehicle isn't gonna care too much about any body armor, ceramic plate or not. Plus, I don't know where the heck they'd store it except outside with all their other gear. I agree with what you're saying about this type of equipment being more suitable for fao's, mp's, 12b's and the like... I just don't think many folks here have much of a clue on your argument. Ditto with the skid plate, although gregm might be able to offer a more qualified opinion there. I'd be happy if you told me the army got rid of those stupid black berets for the masses.
  6. Some thoughts on risk and injury

    Hi Muffy, I read all these posts and it looks like you were saying the same thing here so ditto on the 'well said.' True enough on getting complacent at lower grades, I've done it myself.
  7. Found crampons on Mt. Shasta

    This story sounds too peachy-keen to be true, IMO.
  8. Lost #1 (red) Camalot at Beacon

    Booty...that's how I'd see it. Good luck getting it back.
  9. Enchantments Oct. 8

    Going light, eh Norm? I brought some thin plastic for a lightweight bivy and a light bag to a frozen Lake Vivianne once upon a time in June, years back. Nice to hear the enchantments have bit us all in the ass with cold weather! Good writeup!
  10. We saw a couple guys on it Sunday, was that you Scooby Do? We went up the ramp route which is a fun one. Some loose rock, but plenty of good rock too. The traverse with the pitons was intimidating, big air under feet. We were all kicking off rock so it was nice they were on a different route and nobody was above or below us. Maybe that was the last hot day for the season? Twas too hot for me to climb in jeans, so boxers it was
  11. Red Rocks, NV

    I was thinking 'hookers' would be on Jason_Martin's list, for things to do in Nevada. Well do they at least have a Shotgun Willies?
  12. Some thoughts on risk and injury

    While ignorance may prevail for newcomers to the sport, complacency is more amongst the experienced. That you've climbed a tree or rock hundreds of times in all sorts of variation and nothing bad yet has happened is what leads to shortcuts and the like. The tough part is being able to recognize this complacency in yourself and find some balance between being too anal or too carefree. For soloists I have no idea, that is the ultimate mind game, I think. I guess the law of natural selection will take care of the rest.
  13. Any GoLite Trek users?

    I guess I'm late asking, I've already bought one. I read a couple of reviews online but was wondering if anyone else had one? A search of prior posts yielded good info on the GoLite products and mindset in general... It's something like two pounds five ounces for a 5500ish ci frameless pack. The Gust was half the weight but no frills. The Trek only has one ice axe loop, but then I'm not the ice man so one is fine. They're a good deal at Second Ascent, they're selling for $70 which is way cheaper than anywhere else, even online. Even the Gust was selling for $70... whoops, I mean both packs were $69.95 The small ones were selling for $35. The good, bad and ugly, por favor?
  14. gun control does NOT reduce crime

    My that's small... (Beavis and Butthead laugh, "Uh, he said one inch groups at 100 yards.")
  15. Trad Climbers Land The Babes!

    Nice crotch, uh, crotch rocket
  16. Beginner AT gear?

    I'm sure the offering of a hot meal and beer would bring out all the dirtbag skiers for AT specific instruction. Just make sure they get it after the lessons. Didn't Beck get the boot from Marmot? Maybe he'd have some time to teach for grub.
  17. Trad Climbers Land The Babes!

    A fitting place for my 500th post. Yeah, I see so many more chiquitas doing trad than sport
  18. gun control does NOT reduce crime

    Dang! I wanted to play devil's advocate... That Chris Rock bit was hilarious, I can just hear him the way you typed it! So true too. But for "worrying" about those "few" who are coming-up criminals... why? Criminals have zero problem getting guns and don't give a rat's ass about concealed weapons permits. They pack anyway... duh! As peachy as it sounds, making the world a less violent place by banning firearms, I don't see it happening. Not in America at least. The Canucks and Brits are close to no guns for the citizens. Actually, I bet if you're rich enough there you can have people with guns protect you
  19. 5 reasons to tie in...

    I'll throw something into the foray. I did read something about some SAR deputy sheriff pulling off some tests in the southwest or Utah, on the clove hitch. That 1000lbs sounds like the same number. However, I saw a slide show by Miles Smart where the dude did some sick and twisted route down in South America. These two were simul-aiding to some extent. Anyhow, his buddy took a 110ft whipper on a clove hitch when his first aid piece failed. What's 1000lbs? Something like 5kn? A 110ft factor 1 fall has got to generate more force than that. Maybe there was more to the story, but I feel pretty confident using them (not to tie in with). I know one person who had a bowline come off while on lead. Not just off, but completely off as in the rope fell to the ground. This person is very safe and level headed. Maybe a contributing factor was the belayer did not know how to check the knot. Most people use the 8 and know how to check it. Like caveman said, use whatever you want, it's your ass. 200 pounders unite! Edited for math... thankfully no one noticed
  20. Stoves!!!

    "Light and Compact With the diameter of a Nalgene® bottle and less height, Jetboil stows in places standard cooksets won’t go, like your fanny pack or side pocket." I got this off that jetboil website. So how does this thing have a one liter capacity? Diameter of nalgene with less height, and it looks like the stove takes up a good chunk of that height...??? That does look pretty nifty though, wonder how many clams they'll be wanting? I've got the SP Gigapower and have used the Primus and SP cartridges. The Primus ones are nice because of their capacity. I used to sing praise about the Pietzo igniter, but that thing has become less reliable to the point of non-functional as of late. Like was said, it is very wind resistant. I wouldn't take one of those small cartridges on a winter trip though. It's not enough fuel to melt snow/ice for water, even just for a weekend trip. For a cooking platform (for stove or pot), you can also use the flat sides of your pickets trying to make sure the edges aren't so close to the flame.
  21. Ski Helmets?

    I'd feel pretty damned stupid if I had to wear one of those ski helmets. I think they look pretty stupid on others at the ski resort. They've only recently come into "popularity", I don't recall seeing them in the 90's.
  22. mt. huntington

    Peakware website George Bell's trip report Excellent references and some beta for Huntington Great links, good luck.
  23. Comcast cable or DSL?

    Anyone have thoughts/experiences on dsl versus cable? Do both "suck donkey dick" and should I just hit up Walmart for their $9.94/month dial-up? My six month free ride on MSN ends soon.
  24. Comcast cable or DSL?

    Boy when I can afford that $100/month, maybe then I can ditch this monitor that takes up over half my desk in favor of one of those slim monitors or... a plasma tv... that'd be HUGE opportunity for cheap anonymous porn, eh?
  25. Comcast cable or DSL?

    For me it's about price. DSL requires a phone line and I just got the paperwork for the Verizon phone which makes it look like I can ditch my landline. So the phone service is $20/month basic and then maybe DSL can be had for $20 or so extra a month. I could justify some variation there. Comcast offers (or used to) free modem and $30/month for three months. Then it's $53/month. People without cable get charged $10/month extra, go figure. Earthlink DSL offers $30/month for three months but only on a one year commitment with the remaining nine months at $50/month. Now if I had a job where work had this T2 cable connection, then I could spray all day Otherwise I fear it's way too expensive for my cheap ass.