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  1. The Mole

    Anybody know what kind of pro to bring for this? Anyone been up there lately? Looked snow free from Prusik, but that's a ways off.
  2. Maude, Fernow, 7FJ

    savaisuni, works for me. different perceptions between the writer and reader as to the content
  3. Maude, Fernow, 7FJ

    Sauvaisini, Do all authors climb every route they describe in their books? How could his route description get someone hurt, exactly? If the book says "Walk off cliff," are you going to do it? Rather, the book says, "Follow obvious notch/ledge/tree," and we're all left going, "Huh?" The book helps out, but it's up to you (a little personal responsibility lesson here) to make your own decisions regarding your safety. Granted, if the book says 50m rappel and it's 60m, there's good reason to complain. Which is why I want to here exactly how Nelson's description, "...could get someone hurt."