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  1. A story in the works

    Penis Puller is in, it's always nice to know folks think so fondly of me. Pun city, baby.
  2. Negativity is bad for our sport

    Selective hearing/reading comes with age, use it. Asking folks to hold hands and sing We are the World sounds great, but is not reality. Just like the TV, if you don't like what's on, turn it off or switch the channel. Land of the free, home of the brave.
  3. I agree that twelve bucks is a bit much to go climb. Marymoor and UW rock. Pun intended. No disrespect there cavey, but you're not exactly the easiest person to get along with so folks need to take that into consideration before they start sending you flowers and cards.
  4. Running Groups?

    No doubt, sandbag prevention calls for you defining "fast".
  5. Where did you start?

    Pretty much the same as everyone else. Started out as a kid, did the stupid stuff as an adult. Took climbing class and kept on doing more stupid stuff, just now in a different format ...Experience. And fun. Mt Sopris is best viewed from CMC in Glenwood Springs or Carbondale, if my memory serves me right.

    KISS All caps was a bit much. Gee, I wonder where YOU stand on this issue, cookie monster.
  7. Tally- who'd GO to drink beer in the moonlite?

    Sounds good to me.
  8. Anybody done NW Arete of Argonaut?

    I've heard of four guys going up there recently. They know who they are, the 6:30am Monday crew. Don't know anything beyond that.
  9. Change of location

    HAH!!! CC.com is becoming quite diversified. Next thing you know, Martha Stewart will be answering questions on the fine art of home-making. Stay tuned. Oh, good luck finding a job.
  10. Maude & 7 Fingered Jack

    Leave the rope at home if you're headed up the walk-ups. Light scrambling at best (worst, depending on your view) but both routes can be done in your jogging shoes. Plenty of running water for 7, out of 6000ft camp follow trail to stream crossing with disappearing footpath going upstream and then take that (main trail heads towards Icicle Lake) once up on top of hump (big one, you'll see it) traverse on scree to left shoulder on up. Maude was drier for ascent and beats me where the heck the route is. We did hear from a group not to follow the cairns and this is true a little after you cross this big ravine with yellow/orange dirt. Either go up towards shoulder (8100+ feet) once reaching other side of ditch or follow cairns to path going under 25 foot tall cliff band. Then hang a left up big scree gully. We scrambled a bit when we went to the right of the big scree gully and even coming down didn't know where the route was. Fast descent skiing on scree. Both routes were three hours each from camp unless you're CascadeClimber. The route descriptions I've given were because we spent a significant amount of time discussing such for each climb and met two climbers coming off wrong finger of Jack, looking for actual summit.
  11. Miss Me?

    Yeah, that was funny how Two-Step stopped posting and then another picked up where he left off.
  12. The wrong Path

    Ha! I'd laugh my ass off if they went up DDD on preplaced gear! Have fun, guys.
  13. Solo to top of Baker

    An aluminum ladder is better than two shower rods, a-la John Krakauer style. I wonder if there is an international standard for the force necessary to bend an aluminum ladder? Back to the topic, doesn't Smoot list a way to get up Baker that is non-crevassed? Don't ask Pencil Pusher, he's never been on top of Baker
  14. Dan's Dreadful Direct restored

    Retro, What post was it that announced your intention to chop DDD? Cavey gave me one html, but it turned out to be a semi-announcement hidden in the second or third page of an Outer Space post. Y'all have a good day... and do let us all know what I missed, you know, where that DDD post is.
  15. Cutting away the B.S. - A mini-rant

    I gave up TV a year ago, don't own a computer, don't own or use a cell phone, don't use plastic. But my life does not revolve around climbing. Climbing is an integral part of my life, but I have other dreams in this short bit of time we're given called life. That's my story. Good ramble, Will. Can't say I'd go to that extent, but good story nonetheless. It's interesting to see how many of the posters here have computer (IT, IS) related jobs.
  16. Instant Humor

    Rockrat, That was some good morning humor browsing through those. Especially the Purge of the Adrenal Glands and to kill a roadrunner.
  17. Keeping fingers warm

    Throw one or two of those little heat packs in that mitten or sock. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, it help keeps you warm.
  18. Baker, North Ridge

    Great TR, CascadeClimber. Good photos too and the beta will be great for anyone else that happens upon it. Same with the Ice Cliff trip.
  19. Dan's Dreadful Direct restored

    Retro, Did you ask for the bolter's identities prior to chopping? Did I miss that post? Yeah, I didn't think so. Instead it was vigilante justice. Would it have been more appropriate to question them first as in: ---------------------------------- New Post DDD Retro> "What the f_in hell, who put those bolts up there?" or "Duuude, that's a crock of shit, who put those bolts up there?" "If nobody answers we're going to chop them." ----------------------------------- ?????? Instead it was shoot first, ask questions later. Granted, the bolters didn't do the same for the bolting. However, and maybe I'm in the minority here, some folks don't have computers. I'm only typing now because I'm stuck behind a computer all day at work. At home I have neither a computer nor a TV and don't miss or want either. Assuming they do have computers though, it would've been a helluva lot more civilized to push the topic first, then announce you're going to chop, and then chop. I'd guess the reason you didn't say you were going to chop beforehand was because YOU WERE JUST AS CHICKENSHIT AS THE BOLTERS WERE. So next time y'all decide to chop, how about you push the info here, hear everybody hem and haw, and then ANNOUNCE you're going to chop? Same goes with the bolters. And if you can't do that, how can you expect the bolters to? To quote another poster, a classic line I enjoy re-reading from him "We'll see who's talking smack now bitch."
  20. Late Season Adams Glacier Trip

    Wow, sounds like one helluva trip. Glad to hear all went well. It's amazing how significantly things changed in two weeks. The folks that did it then described it nothing like you did. Good job.
  21. Anybody ever done this route? How are the conditions up there, on the north side? Thanks for any info.
  22. North Face of NW Ridge, Mt. Adams

    Heck yeah, that's alot easier to say. That's what I'll be calling it then. Maybe add a little mystery to it...
  23. Dan's Dreadful Direct restored

    Retro, If you want to make this personal, that's fine. Send a PM. To argue with every Tom, Dick and Harry that doesn't appreciate your bullshit shows just how willing you are to hear the bolter's story. I guess it's pull "warm and fuzzy" with a crowbar first, ask questions later, huh? No shit they don't step forward in front of a firing squad. They're all guilty as sin according to you, so it really wouldn't be YOU LISTENING TO THEM, now would it? Wannabe experts all over the damn place. [This message has been edited by Pencil Pusher (edited 07-23-2001).]
  24. enjoy

    It's even funnier that 60 years of piton bashing is left out of this "at one with nature" attitude.
  25. Trail Sentries?

    Nicely said, Chuck.