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  1. Climbing Report Gib Ledges

    Hey Mike, we're checking out your book for the Kautz later on. For now though, do regular folks do running belays through the Gibraltar Ledges on that route? The solo dude didn't make any mention of this... 'cause he was solo I guess. Anyone have any route specific info that Van Steen or Beckey don't point out in their books? This would be for a winter ascent.
  2. What's the word on that? Is that usual? It was kinda weird, I thought.
  3. Tele Ski Gear

    What color are they?
  4. anyone going for the summit?????

  5. mt buckner

    rperitore It's only illegal if you get caught. Survive and send some photos.
  6. Colorado Ice conditions

    Hey all, here's what I found on my trip to CO: I drove through Boulder Canyon, Golden Gates Canyon and Clear Creek Canyon on December 27th. There wasn't squat in the way of ice there. Boulder Falls wasn't in and the only ice I did see was just west of Tunnel 3 on Highway 6. Thanks to whomever pointed out climbingboulder.com. Driving to the ski resort, I spotted killer falls on the south side of I-70 in Idaho Springs. Maybe 1 1/2 to 2 pitches and, I think some three flows. Then there's Silver Plume that I found out about through the website mentioned above. I saw climbers heading up it on my second day of skiing. It looks great and the website had conditions of 12/24 stating the same. There's also some ice just east of Silver Plume and also just south of the interstate, across from the Silver Plume flow. Snow was dumping down during the weekend although I don't think it was enough to feed anything in the canyons I drove through. The ice I spotted west of Tunnel 3 is only 20 feet high (Boulder Falls isn't much higher). Silver Plume is low-angled ice up to the falls area, climbingboulder rates it for beginning to intermediate. And, after the Coors factory tour, I stopped by the Colorado Mountain Club in Golden and they didn't know squat about current ice conditions or any way to find out such. They must've acquired a helluva lot of money lately as their building is looking pretty darned spiffy nowadays with new construction and spanky-clean floors. Observations of a looker.
  7. I'm curious if anyone knows whether car access is restricted for the south ridge route, due to weather or seasonly closures. The weather forecast isn't looking too good either. Lemme know.Thanks. [ 12-04-2001: Message edited by: Pencil Pusher ]
  8. Does that waterproof spray work?

    So my wonderful goretex jacket and pants have been soaking up water for sometime now. They're three years old which doesn't sound old to me. Does that stuff in a spray can work?
  9. Called the ranger station and they reported huge amounts of snow and, of course, did not recommend any attempts.Anyone been up there within the past week? Also, maybe this has been passed around as well, but the annual pass price for Mt Rainier is increasing to $30 as of January 1st.
  10. Snow and Ice climbing near Denver

    So I'll be headed down there in a bit and was wondering if anyone had any info on some moderate, one-day outings there? Moderate to the normal man, not Jens or Loren moderate. I'm sure there's tons there. Perhaps you know of an area that offers different routes up water ice of varying degrees of difficulty? All I'm looking for is a day trip from Denver. Estes Park maybe? I dunno. E-mail pencil_pusher@hotmail.com if you don't want to leave a post. Thanks for any info.
  11. How is skiing at Muir?

    Anyone been up there recently?
  12. Snoqualmie Pass/Kendall Peak

    No great tales to tell, just reporting there's abput eight plus inches of relatively new snow up there. Just enough to butt slide down some slopes. The rocky/scree slopes needed a few more inches to slide down. It was snowing up there pretty much all Saturday. Didn't see any ice either.
  13. How is skiing at Muir?

    Yeah, 11/3/01, Saturday, the weather was great. Spindrift skiing (does that qualify as freshies?) for a while, but a whole lot of icy crust skiing. bcollins did better than me, I took off the skis at Panorama as it was just too damn rocky. Great skiing beyond that, everyone was out in force that day.
  14. Vertical World- Kitsap County

    I second that, put a VW down south for the masses.
  15. Snoqualmie Pass/Kendall Peak

    Another fan! Hey, what the heck is a big-lou? Some sort of discarded candybar? An acronym for something? What? What??????
  16. MEC and Shipping?

    Save your pennies for your next trip to Squamish/Whistler?
  17. Mtn Gear

    They've got some errors in their catalog for tech descriptions of climbing gear. While their catalog rocks for providing way more than others, the data is not entirely accurate. Take a look at the KN ratings for their perlon. Even the KN rating for the Titan cord (1700+KN) seems a bit high. The #7 tri-cam I bought is rated to 16kn (as shown on it's label), not 20 as shown in the catalog. The Wild Country hexcentrics are way off in both their range and weight specs in the catalog. Go out and grab a #9 and tell me that puppy can cover up to 149mm and only weighs 61 grams. WC sent me a reply saying they caught those errors, yet they still appear on their website. Mtn Gear was notified as well and nothing's been done in their catalog as well. Yeah, I guess I was bored. Window shopping 'cause I can't afford all that stuff.
  18. Who climbed what this past weekend?

    Everybody and their mother was there at Smith last weekend. I was pretty content just hiking around looking for my friends Saturday. Lots of sunshine and tons of climbers. Did that hiking loop and got to see the monkey face, cool. Met up with them at the Dihedrals.And that's where I saw the two pint-sized fidos humping each other on a tight leash. I didn't have a problem with any of the fidos there. I was super-impressed with those two guys heading up that 5.12 wall right next to Karate Krack. It was insane watching these guys go all the way up that without hanging, several times a piece. If anyone saw some momo going up Cinammon Slab in the dark, that was me. I went back during the day and it was much easier. Friends took me up Cry Baby, Pack Animal, and a few others in that area. I did like seeing those two guys heading up that 5.12 wall. One of them went on litter patrol and I thought that was pretty cool. So I picked up all the trash and cigarette butts I saw on my way out Sunday. Smith Rocks is awesome, too bad it's such a long drive.
  19. Mtn Gear

    I don't swing that way, sorry to disappoint you. You're still my hero, though.
  20. Message Board Upgrade Problems

    What kind of solution can I give, Jon? Computers and that tech language ain't my gig.It's just PM stuff, I don't really care. I told you I appreciate your efforts.
  21. Mtn Gear

    Retro, you're my hero.
  22. Message Board Upgrade Problems

    I found some of my PM's accessible, others were inaccessible. Very funny. I think these graemlins are a pain in the ass. The rating thing is bogus too. I admire your efforts into this website, but my opinion is I prefer the old.
  23. Message Board Upgrade Problems

    Jon/Tim, I miss my old PM's too. Any way we can recapture them?
  24. 870 Express Magnum

    Hey, so you're wondering why this is here, right? Well, I'd be willing to bet a few of you are into guns. The good stuff: Remington 870 Express Magnum (takes 2 3/4 &3"). 18" barrel, two shot extension (6+1), barrel shroud, side saddle, SureFire tactical light (this is the real charmer, for those in the know). The thing's been sitting around for years, not doing me any good. Short of a pre-ban Bennelli, this is one helluva weapon that could be yours for the low, low price of $450. No Ginsu knives included.
  25. Proper use of belay/rap harness loops

    Do the manufacturer's have a money-back guarantee? I mean, you know... just in case something breaks on that really long rappel? That would really suck if a biner or harness failed. Caveat emptor.