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  1. Packin' heat...

    Smith and Wesson makes a nice airweight 38 revolver that holds five cartridges and takes +P ammo. ~$300 I don't pack heat, be careful if you do.
  2. Suicide, is it an option?

    Interesting question there. Hmm... is it yours or someone else's. Back to your topic. Yes, I think suicide is an option for some people. There's more to it, but it's lengthy philosophy stuff. Suicide has never been an option for me, I think there's too much to live for in my life. But I had an uncle that chose that route and I think he was brave for making that decision. A good book to read on death is: "Death, The Trip of a Lifetime" by Greg Palmer, ISBN 0062508032
  3. altitude

    No mtn bike ideas here. Do stop by Beaver Liquors while you're in Vail! Also, there's a cool cave call Fulford Cave, just outside of Eagle. Or Hanging Lake headed towards Glennwood Springs and the hotspring pools as well in that town. Colorado rocks. Oh yeah, take the "short tour" at the Coors Brewery in Golden. All visitors enter a main area to wait in groups for their tour guide. BUT it's also right next to the entrance for the bar there so guess what...? Yep, three free beers from Coors, your choice. Hence the short tour. If you enter the main waiting area, just continue on to the end of the room and go through the double doors on your right, into the bar area. It's a totally acceptable tour, just not one they advertise (the regular tour ends at the bar and it's sorta on the honor system whether you've had your three-beer limit or not). The Colorado Mountain Club is nearby the Coors factory and might offer some mountain bike tips although I'd bet you could get some good beta from the local bikeshop wherever you're going. Dare I say 'have fun' for this 100 mile bike ride?
  4. GPS or Cell Phone?

    Take the cell phone, it does double duty thereby allowing you to skip bringing the GPS. You can call and ask for directions if you get lost.
  5. Tickets at Stuart lake trail head

    [Title 36, Volume 2] [Revised as of July 1, 2002] From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access [CITE: 36CFR261.15] [Page 336] TITLE 36--PARKS, FORESTS, AND PUBLIC PROPERTY CHAPTER II--FOREST SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PART 261--PROHIBITIONS--Table of Contents Subpart A--General Prohibitions Sec. 261.15 Admission, recreation use and special recreation permit fees. Failing to pay any fee established for admission or entrance to or use of a site, facility, equipment or service furnished by the United States is prohibited. The maximum fine shall not exceed $100. (Sec. 2, 78 Stat. 897, as amended; 16 U.S.C. 460l-6(e)) -------------------------------------------------------- I couldn't find any definitions for the above terms and the revisions appeared all the same since 1998, so it doesn't appear they revised this to incorporate the parking pass. It's a very broad law...
  6. What boots for Forbidden, Goode, Torment?

    N Face Buckner with Sundowners and SMC crampons cinched tight. I don't know about Trangos but if you've already got the Sundowners, they'll do.
  7. Giardia

    Thank you for that lovely example.
  8. Cho Oyu, how does one start planning...?

    What you can do as sort of a compromise on price, is pay $4000 and the guide service takes care of all the logistics. However, you'll need a climbing partner as they strictly insist you be roped up past a certain point. Also, you're pretty much on your own as far as cooking/routefinding/and such. Check out the guide service website, it will give you more info. I think the expensive part of this is that oxygen is not part of this package and would probably be a significant additional expense. But then I just saw a slideshow by a woman who's climbed all over the dang place and her first 8km peak was Broad. She didn't use oxygen and pretty much said to go to 7km and see how you feel. She said alot of people on Cho Oyu didn't use oxygen... I think for $16k you can get the same type of deal for an Everest ascent. A relatively economical alternative if you have faith in your judgement and capabilities. Check with mikebell, another cc.commie. He went up Cho Oyu two years ago, to the summit using this $4k option. But that dude is in insanely good shape...
  9. Chad Kellogg, Denali Speed Ascent

    Wow, that's impressive. Gosh, I can't even imagine it with my lazy-ass sitting here typing away. It would seem like one could shave a few more hours off the time by parapenting off the summit... I can't imagine the trip to the landing strip taking any longer than an hour, provided you don't crash and the winds don't take you to the North Pole. I'll be up for when Chad himself posts this trip report (why do others report for these people?).
  10. Tickets at Stuart lake trail head

    Hey Beck, check out the Mountaineers monthly newsletter from two or three months ago. They had an article which stated something about x million dollars from the trail park pass program being spent on... total guess here because I don't remember, fighting fires. BTW, I'm sure everyone was very pleased to see Marymoor Park charging a $1/day parking fee. I think there's a summer pass available for $25.
  11. Trip Report: European Styled Ascent of The Toothie

    Was up there Sunday, saw some dude FLYING with nothing more than a water bottle and rock shoes and a helluva lot of speed to go up the Tooth. I wouldn't be surprised if he went roundtrip from the TH in an hour or hour and a half. There's a booty cam up near the summit, along that little ridge after the catwalk and before you top out. A .75 Camalot, I think. Fully retracted and in apparently good condition. Also, there is a rap anchor midway down the dirty/wet gully at the base of the climb thereby avoiding the Pineapple Pass traverse... with a single rope. The summit was great (shorts and tshirts all day), 45 minutes of kicking back in the warm sun, no wind, and a Miller High Life between us.
  12. Volunteer organizations for climber-type stuff?

    I don't have ropes course experience, I just pulled that phrase out of my head somewhere, I think. What does this entail? I'm not much interested in a long-term commitment with any org right now, I just figured it'd be nice to help out a little. Squid, thanks for the goldmine of info.
  13. New Mexico

    "Rock Climbing New Mexico & Texas" Dennis Jackson, Falcon Publishing ISBN 1560444835 Cochita Mesa looks pretty damned hard, the easiest line is 5.9. The book is pretty informative and descriptive and has all the areas mentioned so far (plus more).
  14. Small Digital Camera Suggestions?

    I bought a 3.3mp from walmart.com for $157 brand new. Vivitar 3715 though I don't think it has optical zoom, just something like 3.2 digital. For supersmall though, I saw a Casio 2mp that makes the Elph look big. Don't remember the name, but it is on their website.
  15. Walmart.com

    Where's all this love for Walmart coming from? There's some good, cheap stuff in there. It is interesting how people associate quality with price when the consumer doesn't really have much else to go on in comparing similar products. It's just a fact of life that people blindly equate one with another.
  16. How much snow near Source Lake?

    So if you don't want these new "climbs" to get attention, why mention them?
  17. Unclimbed Washington Ice

    what i don't get is that since conditions vary by year and the ice melts off anyhow, isn't most wa ice unclimbed on a yearly basis?
  18. lustworthy women!

    Man, it's hard to make any kind of argument for a real woman while looking at that eye candy. Yeppers, that is a lustworthy woman alright. Still, I'd take a real woman before any of these avon-queens or anorexic Maxim twigs. Although that Pat with a bra/bro above is a whole lot more woman than I wanna be lovin.
  19. Alpine climb(s) 6/16-18

    Hey if you're still looking, I just sent you a pm. I've got a whopping week off before school starts up again.
  20. Guided Mt. Olympus.

    eternalX, hey, it's all cool. i think you just caught a different tune than the one i was singing. i wasn't making any cracks and agree with what you just said. still though, it would've been kinda nice if i could've been a client of, say, Marty Hoey. nevermind she could've probably squeezed the life out of me with those powerful legs of hers but damn if it wouldn't of been awesome to have said, "Gimme some sugar, baby," while way up high on some remote peak. There's just something about a woman in damned good shape... and then if she'll do some leading too :Homer-Simpson-drool:
  21. Potential Goldmine?

    Put it in Federal Way, there's tons of apartments down there and it's located close enough to Renton and Tacoma. There's tons of youth down there and I can't imagine the startup costs being too high although the legal/liability side might be a bitch. But then you could always talk with someone who works at VW or Stone Gardens, over a few beers, and find out the inside info rather than paying a consultant. I know quite a few climbers that live down south and why not? Housing is cheaper down there.
  22. My new website

    I actually enjoyed my mullet from 1993-1995. It seemed like something every white male now in his thirties did at one point or other in his earlier years. Well, for those of us that had the hair to grow it...
  23. Headlamps?

    Of the Myo3, How long is the battery life, what kind of batteries, how much does it cost and does it come with a spare bulb inside (or is there a place in the headlamp to store an extra)? I've always wanted one of those regular/led combo lights. On a separate note, what a trip it must have been for those SAR folks to rappel from a chopper with night vision goggles on to rescue Stefan...
  24. Glacier Glasses

    Campmor was my pro-dealing source and I got ahold of some schnazzy Julbos there. Man I had so many problems with those glasses! Thank goodness I didn't pay full price. I've got the $39 Julbo Sherpas now and they seem to take abuse well. Extremodude does look good in those goggles though; maybe I should get some of those goggles, a tan, and learn how to ski on this Washington cement.
  25. portable table

    What was your question again, Lummox? I don't know why I get distracted every time I read one of your posts.