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  1. Partners desired

    Lisa...my mistake...this weekend you going after Glacier.....I got that off the books a few years ago....the hike from Kennedy to Boulder Basin is a drag...but well wourth it. Have fun. More about Shasta as I just read the previous BS from the Non dog lovers...tell the to Piss off...dogs in the backcountry are great..Nothing better than a Lab/Huskey mix. Smart and Strong....That dog can run and run. David and I sat around the fire Saturday night talking about how Shasta ran up and down the valley....followed us the North Tower of Maude approach for 20 minuutes than ran back down to the basin and up the other side...all before 7 AM.....put us all to shame. Have this weekend at Glacier!!!!
  2. Partners desired

    Hi Lisa- Yep David and I took our girls back last weekend. We ended up doing Maude on Sunday. Did you get hit with that storm on Saturday night? It blew thru Leroy basin in about 45 minutes!!!!! I see you have caused quite a stir on this site! I can see the many invites for climbing partners. As for your dog Shasta. Well boys...that dog was quite enegised and I would invite it on any climb I was partaking in!!!!! Maybe Lisa you could put a pack on Shasta to shoulder your tent? Just a thought. Thanks again for the Pilsner Urquell at the parking lot and also the kind on the ridge. I would like to recipricate in the future. What route did you do on Glacier? Where are you going climbing this weekend?
  3. Partners desired

    Lisa- Is this the same Gal who was at Seven Finger Jack two weeks ago with your dog Shasta?
  4. Shuksan

    Has anyone climbed Shuksan via the Fisher Chimneys lately? Route beta and gear list would be great!!!!!
  5. Mt Stewart

    Does anyone have any beta on climbing Stewart via Longs Pass? Anyone been thier, done that? What hardware is needed for this approach?...ie...do I need to sherpa up a rope??? Thanks.
  6. Colchuck Peak

    My wife I climbed Colchuck two weeks ago..we opted to rope up...but is not necessary. The crampons are recomended. One steep section on the Colchuck Glacier...but if you were realy carefull...you should be fine. Above the Col the snow was soft and we stashed our crampons.
  7. SilverStar

    Does anyone have any info on SilverStar? Is there snow between HWY 20 and the Burgundy Col? How many people can bivy at the col?Will a rope be needed to climb this peak? Per Jim and Becky...its not required, but some recent route info would be helpful!!!! How is the glacier?