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  1. Austera Peak

    Sverdina-....you better watch out...rumor has it Young T Sawyer just got Freedom of the Hills and might challenge your to Prusik knot showdown....could be ugly! I'm runnin for cover!!! Seriously....before this spray fest gets out of control.....has anyone bagged Austera lately????
  2. Shuksan-N. Face?

    DP...it was I who told Sverdina Winnies slide was not a fun ride late in the day as the Sun was setting three weeks ago...also we had no good pro and snow was real sloppy.....I'm trying to discourage him from trying to drag me up the N. Face and down the FC this weekend!!!!!
  3. Austera Peak

    I knew it was you young T. Sawyer!!!! I thought you already bagged Klawatti? Anywho...we plan to get Eldo again...as last year we did not get a summit Photo??? Fernow in a day...is that what I heard?????
  4. Buck Mountain Beta

    MountianMan...I have sneaking suspicision you your recently took a few shots at a little black bear near Park Creek Pass....is this you young T. Sawyer??? When are you going on this adventure into wilds????

    "I climb Mountains to sharpen my sences that technology dulls".....
  6. Mt Logan

    Anyone climbed it lately? Route conditions would be appreciated!!!!!
  7. Shuksan via Fisher Chimneys

    Shuksan via the Fisher Chimneys. Winnies slides was mushy snow...upper curtis was broken up and Hells Hiway....the crossing on the last crevasse was insane....a thin slice...desended the the Chimneys after dark on Sunday night...not fun....
  8. Mt. Baker

    Matt- A friend of mine did the Fisher Chimney route over this past weekend. Unfortunately they had two Snow Bridges collapse on them above Wiinies Slide/ Curtis Glacier...be carefull.
  9. Shuksan

    Shuksan via Fisher Chimneys route info would be greatly appreciated? Any been that route lately? Also, was pro needed?
  10. Shuksan

    Thank you for the info!
  11. crampons

    They rock and Jim Nelson has them for $99.00....
  12. Re. REI - Anybody notice? Anybody care?

    Erick- The Mountain Karma has crossed my mind a few times...and yes I would not want my Mother to know I did this terrible act...but the facts are and if you look at their REI Brand name gear...it looks very similar to what was cutting edge the year before....ex: see thier Jackets and pants...they all look like Arcteryx or Marmot from two years ago...and the price is usually $100 less....get my drift....I'm in no way going to burn my REI memebership card...but for the big, save my life gear...I stick with Jim and FF...atleast when you ask Jim a question...he can ansewer you with a straight face...not like the summer interns at REI...granted their are a few climbers at REI...also...More about the Karma thing....I believe it what goes around comes around...
  13. Re. REI - Anybody notice? Anybody care?

    My favorite part of REI is I can abuse my gear for a year..return it for something new and improved at full dollar amount....they were a nice little shop on Capital Hill before they sold thier soles for profit...they might as well strike a deal with Disneyland when it comes to land management policies!!! Furthermore they have a commodity business model when it comes to REI Brand name gear...they copy thier Vendors cutting edge product..outsource to Mexico and sell it as their own design...thier Executives are the Saviest Mountaineers I ever voted into ofice!!! The old guy from West Seattle who started REI must be turning over in his grave now....I have a suggestion for REI....a new marketing sound bite...REI the Nordstom of Mountaineering!!! Fortunately we have Jim in the U-dist and Feartherd Friends close by to get the real gear!!! Thats my 2 cents....as I child I really liked the Capital Hill Shop...had to park near Dicks, get a burger and walk over the the Old REI...now the new store is replica of Magic Mountain that sells backcountry toys..and World Craps...sorry...World Wrapps that is!!!! Cheers!!!
  14. Lisa- Did you get the photos of Shasta?
  15. Fernow

    Hi Lisa- Fernow eh?..I have a nice photos of Shasta for you from Leroy a few weeks ago...
  16. Trail Sentries?

    OK...I forgive....I guess I missed that part....I don't carry a gun either....I just want everyone out thier to think about how lucky we are that our gals join us in the backcountry...and if we need to give them a little room and a moment...it sure beats not being able to climb....this issue has been brought up a few times when I'm out with my wife...last year on a climb to Sahale Arm this guy kept on walking after I asked him to give her a minute....one second later he I were roling in the brush...his girl was crying...mine was screaming and crying...need I say more...I don't know if you have been there...but it lacks trees/ protection....so the climb was a wash and our weekend ruined.....So what I ask....take two minutes when asked? I would of prefered to exchange the peace pipe as opposed to roughing some guy up in front of his girl....who knows...one day I might need his help and all this awful shit occurs over pissing in the woods....Peace!
  17. Trail Sentries?

    Backcountry Dog- I hear you bro...I'm going to stand in the corner of my cube....its that this thread really struck a cord in me....you would understand if it were you trying to be kind to a climber on Sahale Arm and all I got was a bunch of uneeded flack....then he drops his pack...it was ugly man....I felt terrible....
  18. Trail Sentries?

    Two More cents.....Gentlemen...let me make it very clear....if my girl is off the trail...and the spot cannot provide her with a spot of total protection from dudes walking down the trail...and I kindly ask you give her some space....and your rude about it...we have problems...Like in my previous post...we all have Mothers...I'm assuming you do too....so take the high road! But if your an obnoxious Jack Ass about it...you brought it upon yourself..I'd prefer to role a Phat one with you and share a Peak story...but if being rude to my wife and other woman is your perogative...than you take the chances...its loaded..its in my camera pack....SEMPER FI....
  19. Trail Sentries?

    I climb with my wife and I carry a gun....if I ask you to shoot the breeze while my wife is doing her business I expect you to stand firm...if you choose not too and your rude about it...and I can't take you with the knife in my belt...I go to the ice ax...if that won't stop you from being kind to my wife on the trail...then you have taken your chances.....the Moral...be kind to woman on the trail...I imagine most of you have mothers and at one time in thier lives they were young woman...and maybe a climber too!!! And yes I climb in Leavenworth, Rainier, the North Cascades....see you on the trail!!!!
  20. Rangers Lie

    I agree Lambone....and Colin I saw your doodling on the trailhead at Colchuck last weekend....give it up...its thier Job to lie... to keep the week at the shopping Malls and for the strong to climb....

    One day that will be you Jon....Sergio, David and I will have the photos to prove we knew you when you were a climber!!!!! Cheers Bro!!!!
  22. work!?

    I sell e-business solutions...anyone want to webify a back end data source by converting your existing screen based applications to web pages on the fly?
  23. why do fat woman where lycra?

    Lisa I'm glad I told you about this site while on 7FJ...I see your making lots of new friends......What are you going after this weekend? Mountain Climbing that is????? Have you heard from David?
  24. Attitudes and Platitudes

    Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday! Thats my two bits!!!!!
  25. Partners desired

    Lisa...my mistake...this weekend you going after Glacier.....I got that off the books a few years ago....the hike from Kennedy to Boulder Basin is a drag...but well wourth it. Have fun. More about Shasta as I just read the previous BS from the Non dog lovers...tell the to Piss off...dogs in the backcountry are great..Nothing better than a Lab/Huskey mix. Smart and Strong....That dog can run and run. David and I sat around the fire Saturday night talking about how Shasta ran up and down the valley....followed us the North Tower of Maude approach for 20 minuutes than ran back down to the basin and up the other side...all before 7 AM.....put us all to shame. Have this weekend at Glacier!!!!